FEELS OF THE WEEK – January 27th – February 2nd

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lyra: Once again, Maria and Saya are my dream team on Deadly Class. They’re smart, cunning, silly, heartwarming, and lethal badasses who have each others backs. We don’t see relationships like these, especially for women, as often as we should on TV. So, these two, are quite special and we’re only on episode 3! Imagine down the line?!

Kayla: Mina Okafor, The Resident. This woman is amazing, and when she has a goal she works to accomplish it. This week, she did just that. She proved that the heart valve placed in Bradley by AJ was faulty, and that it was not AJ’s arrogance that killed Bradley. Mina did all she could to prove that AJ did not cause Bradley’s death. She believes that AJ belongs in the OR, and set out to make him believe it too. Also, she supported him as he told his mentor off about the faulty heart valve.

Erin: For me, my Badass Female Character of the week is Liz from Roswell, New Mexico. Why? Because that woman is so detail oriented, so laser focused, so strong and so vulnerable and I admire that. I feel like she is relatable and I feel like she reminds us all that it’s okay to be strong, it is okay to be vulnerable, it is okay to be yourself. But what made me really think she was badass this week was that she confronted Max immediately when she thought he was sleeping with her sister when she was alive. That takes courage. I am all about it.

Lizzie: Netflix’s Siempre Bruja came out 0.2 seconds ago, and yet Carmen still earns a spot on this list because she was literally almost burned alive, then transported hundreds of years into the future, and somehow she didn’t just go crazy? Everything else is icing on the cake, just SURVIVING in those circumstances is bad-ass.

Mimi: Nadia, Russian Doll. Go and watch this show, you will understand, I can’t even put it into words right now because I’m still trying to process this show. Intriguing right?

OTP of the Week


Lariel: My pick is not a canon couple, and it’s certainly not a healthy relationship. But for me this week, it’s got to be Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma, AKA the Penguin and the Riddler. In “Pena Dura,” they promised they’d never stab each other in the back — if either turned on the other, it would be right out in the open so there could be no mistake. What better way to say, “I love you?” Okay, there are LOTS of better ways to say it. But still, Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith have done such an amazing job with the hate/friendship/unrequited love (at least on Oswald’s part) between two of Batman’s most famous enemies. There’s a good reason this ship is the top-rated one in AO3’s Gotham section. I usually rail against this kind of treatment of partners. But in this case it’s probably the least problematic thing going between these two very problematic villains.

Jasmine: My pick for this week is definitely Petra and Billy in Deadly class. In “Snake pit” episode three of the show, Petra attends the school dance with “Legacy” Viktor. Billy who is a fellow “Rat” is pretty bummed by this because in last week’s episode he professed his feelings to her and was sadly rejected. During the dance, Viktor and a few of the other Legacies play a mean prank on Petra in front of everyone. Billy being the sweetheart he is, shows up later and they share the most heartwarming dance ever! “Betra” is alive and well!

Kayla: AJ & Mina, The Resident. They aren’t together. Mina has a boyfriend, who I love. However, this episode made me see how they could work as a couple. Supportive and able to see the worth in the other. Able to help the other when they are down. I’m all in on the AJ & Mina ship. It’s inevitable. Also, AJ knows when to give Mina her credit when it’s due. The professional lines will blur to personal eventually. I’ll be sitting here waiting for it.

Charles: Isaac and Claire from The Orville. It’s odd having your OTP be a robot and a human but when it’s done as well as this was, you have admit how beautiful it is. Seeing them go through the ups and downs and break-ups and make-ups of a relationship made it feel like we were seeing two souls come together. And what else could you ask for in a OTP?

Erin: Liz and Max from Roswell, New Mexico. Look, I know they aren’t together right now, but I am holding out. Totally team Echo here, and part of what solidified that for me was when Liz confronted Max at the drive in and the conversation that they had. I loved that they were both able to be strong, but also vulnerable. I love watching the growth of these characters and we are only in the third episode. I think that what is so great with Roswell is that they aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations, they aren’t dragging shit out, they are making it real. Real characters (yes, even the aliens), real growth, and making us feel a real connection.

McKenzie: Betty and Jughead (Bughead) from Riverdale. While this show is all kinds of crazy these two aren’t in regards to each other. They treat each other with respect and are very supportive. In the crazy ass town of Riverdale, it’s nice to see normal moments between the two of them when they occur.

Mimi: Catherine And Richard on Greys Anatomy. Oh to be able to grow old and to be loved as much as those two love each other. Catherine has her surgery and not all of her cancer was removed but she was still happy because she said she could live with cancer, lots of people do, she said. Catherine and Richard are the OTP for me this week.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Lariel: The closing moment of The Good Doctor, when Shaun finds Aaron sitting on the bathroom floor, weak from nausea. I am so very afraid that they’re writing Aaron out of the show this season. My fear is compounded by the fact that Richard Schiff, who plays Aaron, was pitching an idea for a West Wing update. I’m expecting a lot of tears in the final five episodes of this season.

Jade: From the moment Nora appeared on The Flash and tension was established between her character and Iris, fans have wondered what this meant for Iris as a mother in the future. Even Iris wondered what kind of mother she would be, for her daughter to so determinedly push her away. This week, we finally learned the truth. Iris will be every bit as loving, caring, and supportive in the future as she is today, and Nora’s depiction of her as an angry, cold parent was filtered through the perception of an angry, grieving little girl. When Iris hugged her grieving little girl, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Jasmine: In this week’s episode of All American, when Olivia finds Asher sleeping in his car. That moment broke my heart because it showed how alone he is and that he can’t even count on his parents. When the series began, Asher started off seeming like he was this huge asshole when in fact he is dealing with some pretty harsh things in his life. Another moment that got me was when he got his spot back on the football team. Football really is his way out and in some ways he’s like Spencer. I hope to see more of them becoming friends since they can identify with one another.

Gillian: I have two from the Outlander finale. One was when Young Ian decides to stay behind with the Mohawks so that Roger can be free. He has grown so much this season and I’m sad he’s leaving but he did so in such a noble way. Who gets Rollo now though?! And second, though Roger sometimes is not my favorite and will never equal up to Jamie, his reunion with Bree at the end was wonderful. They have a lot to work out but it is always nice to see some happy moments on this show.

Erin: I stay on a theme it appears with Feels… so mine is going to go to Roswell, New Mexico, again. When Max explains the letter to Liz, I cried. The end of the show, when he’s in so much pain, I cried. I don’t cry. But I was a puddle of fucking feels. This show gets me. It takes courage to open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It takes courage even when you are just being vulnerable with yourself.

Mimi: Once again it’s A Million Little Things. If you are not watching it, you are asleep. The gang is still unpacking Johns secrets and they come across a new one, that leads to more secrets. From John’s family to his friends I’m constantly in my feels with this show because you just don’t know when someone is hurting. Everyone is devastated with John’s death and even more so with all the secrets he was trying to hide, in order to “protect” them.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Jasmine: Once again this goes to Deadly Class, Billy and Petra! Them dancing at the end of this week’s episode gave me hope that those two will finally begin to explore a relationship.

Kayla: On The Resident when Mina finally got through to AJ that the heart valve was defective and that it is what killed Bradley, I was so happy. AJ found his confidence again. He unbenched himself from performing surgeries and went back to the OR. He’s the most confident and arrogant character on this show. It’s time he returned to us. A lack of confidence does not look good on him.

Also, AJ confronting his mentor. BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE, HANDS DOWN! It saved the episode for me, truly. Not only did he give Mina all the credit for the discovery of the flawed heart valves, but he allowed her to have a voice if she wanted it. It gave me hope. I allowed me to like something from an episode that, otherwise, didn’t do anything for me.

Gillian: Nia’s storyline on Supergirl. They did such an incredible job of explaining her family dynamics and why she was so hesitant about her powers. To have a trans superhero is such a great step forward for representation and Nicole Maines is doing a terrific job in the role. The writing for this storyline was extremely well-done and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next with her.

Charles: Bree and Roger’s reunion in the season finale of Outlander. Now I know a lot of people have not been the biggest fans of Roger and Brianna this season but I have faith that things will get better for them on there. And hopefully fans see the spark of love in this reunion as a sign of good things to come next season

Erin: Ok, oddly enough for me it was on Legacies. OMG, I can’t even believe that I am typing this. See, here’s the thing – Hope Mikaelson has long been a source of frustration for me. Why? Cause for the first time she let her guard down and let someone in. It’s about fucking time. She’s shown such limited growth throughout this season (and I get it – it’s you know, first season and all) and it’s been annoying. But seeing her show something made me feel better about her and want to keep watching Legacies.

Lizzie: Kyle’s conversation with his mom, which is such a good moment, but the indication that Roswell, New Mexico is willing to go into the divide in the Latinx community in the US about good immigrants/bad immigrants? It just …it truly gave me hope, that better days are ahead, representation wise.

Mimi: Single Parents, is my jam because I can relate to the characters. I love the friendship between Angie and Poppy. They had a heart to heart this week after being angry with each other over how Poppy can be a little deep sometimes and heavy and Angie wasn’t always down to hang with her or listen to her. I get that too. I was also full of hope when they realized that they are friends because of how much they have in common as well as their differences, this is what bonds them, and what solidifies their friendship.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “I believe in us. Why don’t you believe in us, too?” – Sam to Dean, Supernatural

Jasmine: “I can’t be friends with someone who’s ashamed of me” -Marcus, Deadly Class. Marcus telling Willie he can’t be friends with him if he’s going to pretend in front of other people that they aren’t.

Kayla: “See, when Dr. Okafor believes in something, or in this case, someone, she will swim through fire and brimstone to reach her objective. Whereas you led me to believe that my arrogance killed my patient. When, in fact, it was a company that makes defective valves that owns you. Disappointing.” – AJ, The Resident. He told off his mentor, Dr. Abe Benedict after Mina finds the real cause of Bradley’s death, and that his mentor had been paid off by Quovadis to support the valves. Also, he asked Mina if she wanted to add anything. She was just there for support, and he ends up asking her if she wants to put in her opinion, which she declined at the time. If I know Mina at all, she will have her say later on.

Mimi: “Nothing in this world is easy, except pissing in the shower.” Ruth, Russian Doll

WTF Moment of the Week


Jasmine: In Deadly Class, When Marcus and all of the other “rats” ate real rat at lunchtime after the Legacies played a messed up prank on them.

Kayla: With the exception of AJ & Mina’s story, the entirety of this week’s The Resident. From the boring virus outbreak story to Conic’s relationship issues that really shouldn’t be issues, you know, drama for drama. I was looking around wondering if this was the same show I had fallen in love with. It didn’t feel like it this week. I’m so disappointed. You have no idea.

Gillian: Pretty much all of Riverdale. While I loved the noir aspect of the episode (and Kelly Ripa’s appearance as Hiram’s mistress), there is so much going on here that makes no sense and it’s kind of annoying. Like there’s now a brothel being run by Penelope Blossom?! Archie has given up everything to go into construction?! Why do I both love and hate this show so much?

Lizzie: Can I just say everything that happened in the Outlander finale? With a SPECIAL emphasis on the writing of Roger, who has had a really bad season 4 and has behaved like an asshole way more times than you want for a guy who’s supposed to be one of your romantic leads. Did we really need that final look of doubt on his face after reuniting with Brianna? The answer is, of course, that we didn’t.

Erin: Everything Roger and Bree in the season finale of Outlander. Like Roger, let’s be real. You claim to love Bree, but you had to think about wanting to be with her? And then at the end, you still looked full of doubt. Sorry bro – thank you, NEXT.

McKenzie: Riverdale. This whole season actually. This week had a random noir 30’s feel that literally came from nowhere. All of a sudden Betty has a vendetta against Penelope Blossom for an episode and Sheriff Menita came back from the dead for like 0.2 seconds. Will we ever get back to the soul of season 1 I loved? I fear we are going down a Pretty Little Liars path that I’m not here for.

Mimi: Okay, I’m going to agree with McKenzie on Riverdale but also add a new show into the mix and that is Russian Doll on Netflix. This show is batshit crazy it’s a cross between Black Mirror and Ground Hog Day. It’s fucking nuts and I love it! Every time Nadia dies on this show is a WTF moment for me. What the fuck is going on?? I screamed this each episode. Seriously WTF is going on? Gahhhh!

Lariel: James spiking MacKenzie’s investigative piece on L Corp on Supergirl. Somebody please make this man read the ethics code from the Society of Professional Journalists! (And somebody please make Lena read an HR manual? She has no business dating HER EMPLOYEE.)

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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