‘A Million Little Things’ 1×13 Review: “Twelve Seconds”

“When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second, your whole life could change.”
– Annette Funicello

Twelve seconds. That’s all the time it took to change the lives of eleven people forever. Let that sink in for a moment…twelve seconds. Twelve heartbeats, twelve breaths. That amount of time will leave anyone wondering “what if?” What if I had stayed or asked more questions? What if I had forgotten something and had to run back real quick? But would that truly change things and would it even make a difference?

It’s so easy to wonder what could or might have happened but if we spend our lives focusing on the possible variations, we wouldn’t spend it like we should and that’s truly living. Each week, A Million Little Things proves that life is all about choices and that no matter the outcome, we need to continue to move forward and never look back.


I’m going to start this review with Ashley so that I can get it out of the way and then never have to speak her name again. From the moment Ashley took the folder labeled “Delilah” in episode 1, I was on the fence about her. It seemed that she had good intentions for Jon’s family and was trying to do right by them. It seemed that she was trying to make sure they didn’t get any more hurt than they already were. Then 1×10, “Christmas Wishlist” aired and the episode ended with her kissing Jon and Delilah being served with an eviction notice. I went into the winter hiatus loathing Ashley. It wasn’t that she had kissed Jon and that they were possibly having an affair that bothered me. After all, Delilah and Eddie had been sleeping together and were fully planning on leaving their respective spouses. What bothered me is that she had been keeping secrets from Jon’s family about their future and then to find out that she was possibly sleeping with him made her actions seem more vindictive than based on good intentions. Of course, as “The Day Before…” proved, the kiss was a misunderstanding and she was not having an affair with Jon. It was clear that Ashley looked up to Jon and deeply cared for him and I thought that was wonderful. Jon was hurting and he had found someone he could confide in and when everything in your world is falling apart around you, having one ear to listen makes a huge difference.

My heart even broke for her when she confessed to Delilah that she blamed herself because it was a matter of “twelve seconds” that she could have saved Jon. To carry that kind of burden had to be crushing and in that moment, I truly felt so bad for her. Then, that moment ended when she proved what kind of person she truly was. The envelope that was meant for Delilah didn’t contain and legal documents or plans or anything of that sort which would have made sense for Ashley to keep tucked away until she could figure things out. No, it contained Jon’s suicide note, his goodbye letter to his wife, TO HIS CHILDREN and Ashley read it FIRST! She read his words of pain and his explanation of why he did what he did. For months, she sat there and watched all of these people around her; people that she considered friends (some even family) blame themselves for what happened to Jon or think that he abandoned them. She them beat themselves up wondering if maybe they could have done something different in order to help him. She saw all of that and still continued to say nothing, all the while knowing why he had taken his own life. She read his last words and continued to act stupid and keep secrets.

Ashley truly disgusted me after this episode. I get that she has a loyalty to Jon, even more so after finding out that Delilah was having an affair, but to keep something as personal as his suicide letter to his family from them is incorrigible and appalling. It’s not even about Delilah, it’s his kids. HIS CHILDREN! They partially blamed themselves and she let them think that! When Delilah yelled at her to leave and Gary seconded it, I cheered. There is no excuse that she can give that makes this okay. Keeping the financial piece a secret, I can maybe understand that but the letter, that will never be acceptable. Then she just leaves and continues to keep Jon’s college apartment a secret knowing that if the group can find the infamous Barbara Morgan, they can start to complete Jon’s final wishes. I truly wanted Ashley to be a good person deep down but her actions obliterated any hope I had for her. She needs to stay in Barcelona and never return because I for one don’t care about anything she has to say at this point.


Now that I got that out of the way, let’s move on to a moment that had me tearing up. When we first saw Katherine in the pilot, she appeared to be a workaholic who was always on the go. She came off slightly cold and closed-off except when it came to little Theo. It was that exterior that Eddie seemed to use as an excuse for finding love in another woman’s arms (never mind that woman being one of his best friend’s wife). As the series has gone on, we’ve seen the kind of person Katherine really is and that is a beautiful, strong, fierce and loving woman who had to pick up the pieces of her once broken husband and be that force her family needed. With every episode that has passed, I’ve faltered back and forth with my opinion about Eddie and I realized this week that I like Eddie more when he isn’t around Delilah. I like both of these characters but I do NOT like them together.

I love Eddie best when he and Katherine work as a team and when they have each other’s backs but especially this week. While in my previous review, I had been happy for Katherine to move on, I can’t lie and say that my heart didn’t crack a little when Eddie saw the two place settings indicating Katherine had indeed had a guest over. I don’t know if it was just me but when he said they needed to get a divorce, he looked broken as if that wasn’t what he truly wanted and Katherine seemed just as upset. I think for so long, she has been holding onto the anger of the affair and they’ve been dancing around what to do about things and now that a decision has been made, the reality of everything is hitting them both. I truly would like to see these two get back together and work things out. The flashback to a pregnant Katherine waiting in the wings as Eddie performed and hearing his song he wrote for her made me so happy (minus the fact that he was struggling with alcoholism in that moment). You could see the love they had for each other and I saw glimpses of that at the end of this episode.

So here is my plea to the writers: please let Eddie and Katherine work things out because he and Delilah are a big fat “NO” in my book.


I could go on and on about these two All. Day. Long! Gary and Maggie are the kind of people/couple that give you hope. They’re the kind of people that prove that even when you’re met with an immovable roadblock, there is always a way to move past it. I’m so happy to hear that the chemo is helping Maggie but a small part of me is worried and is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I truly hope that small part of me is wrong but you never know with TV shows. My fears aside, I love the way Gary speaks “Maggie”. He knows her so well and knows that when she’s mad at him, she’s not truly mad, she’s scared. Maggie clearly has never been one that likes to feel vulnerable and it’s apparent that Gary is the one person she can let it all out with. That is what makes this couple so amazing to me. The people they were before meeting are gone and they are left with two strong and open people who found love, even if it was in the strangest of circumstances.

While Gary is the one person Maggie can truly be herself with, this week also proved that Sophie has her way of getting this amazing woman to open up. I think Maggie sees a lot of her younger self in Sophie. She sees the pain that Sophie has had to endure at a young age and it’s the same pain Maggie has felt: losing someone that you loved and feeling like it’s your fault. It appears that Gary has been pushing for Maggie to call her parents for a while but it took Sophie to actually get her to do it and I loved it. She knew that this was what Maggie needed and she wasn’t taking no for an answer. No matter what the future holds for Maggie, she can face it head on because she has an amazing support system behind her. She has people who will always be there, even when she tries to push them away. They will not let her face this battle alone and that is absolutely inspiring.


  • Unless the trailer is fooling us, we’ll finally get to see #WhoBarbaraMorganIs
  • Rome and the wedding photographer gave me hardcore George and Frank vibes from “Father of the Bride”.
  • Speaking of Rome, I’m interested to see how much longer Regina will go without truly put her foot down in regards to his medication.
  • Yet again, Theo is the cutest kid EVER!
  • So glad I never have to mention HER name again.
  • Maggie can parallel park like a boss. I’m 34 years old and still struggle LOL
  • I hope that’s not the last we saw of Constance Zimmer. Loved her scenes this week and she had me crying in a matter of seconds with her character’s confession to Delilah. The talent on this lady, I swear!

A Million Little Things airs Thursday’s on ABC.

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