Joe Goldberg’s Next Obsession Has Been Cast

There is nothing in life that has scared me about social media more than the television show, YOU. I mean it also scared me into buying curtains, but that’s a different story.

Except it’s not, cause I mean, Beck, why didn’t you have curtains? This is New York and everyone is definitely looking into your windows.

But I digress.

Have to admit, I was thrilled when YOU moved from Lifetime to Netflix, because my binge loving heart finally felt understood. I also felt like Netflix would mean we have more of an opportunity for the show to go darker and well, that could be great. Especially since the books are so dark.

The second season is currently filming and that means casting additions.

Haunting of Hill House breakout Victoria Pedretti has been cast to fill the void left by Beck’s death – Joe Goldberg’s next obsession. Run girl, RUN.

Love Quinn, is an aspiring chef who’s working as a produce manager in a grocery store. She’s not interested in social media (smart girl) and is interested in being present and living a meaningful life. She’s experienced some deep loss, and she feels that connection with Joe when she meets him.

YOU is a hit on Netflix, which is “on track to be viewed by more than 40 million members in its first four weeks” on the streaming service.

Are you excited for Season 2?

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