‘Manifest’ 1×14 Review: Upgrade

Things are getting even weirder and I am really not sure I’m here for it anymore. We got Zeke last week, who disappeared on a hike for a year, and I’m not sold on him yet. Now, this week ended with a man still alive after being in a van that was submerged underwater for four days. How does all this madness tie together and why isn’t the plane enough?

The Good

Michaela and Jared are still teasing me with a full-blown reunion, but his wife is out of the picture now. There’s hope! I feel really bad for Lourdes but she was never his first choice, and she should have known better. I can’t say she’s gone for good but her absence and clear desire to end the marriage opens up the story-line for Jachaela.

The Church of the Returned was a great angle in this weeks episode. There are so many possibilities for the passengers of 828. One of them opened a church which calls himself and the others saints. He promises miracles and it doesn’t bode well for the members or the other passengers. Poor Saanvi. I really enjoyed this aspect of the episode, because it is interesting to see what everyone does with their story.

Ben was a badass which is all I have to say about him. Olive is his little clone and she is amazing!

The Bad

The verdict is still out on Zeke in my book. I could like him if his story turns out to be a great part of this story, but I’m not convinced. I like his interactions with Cal, though. Why does the show need all these other people returning from the ‘dead’ in different scopes of time to tell the story? Is it to extend the show’s time because the story arc needs to be bigger? Or will these new people shed real light on what’s going on?

The man who I guess was the wolf vision came back to life at the end of the episode…it was a bit much. There are only two more episodes and we’re making things bigger instead of zeroing in on what’s going on. That’s my biggest issue with the second half of Manifest.

What Now?

So far the writing has been smart so I’m going to remain hopeful that this all has a purpose and in the end my mind will be blown. That’s the only thing I can do in order to continue watching, because it used to have me hooked but now I only remember the new episode is airing because I’m going to write this review. That can not be a good sign for the show. My fingers are crossed that all this additional story and new character pop-ups are coming with an amazing plot twist. Until then…I’m not sure I want the show to get renewed.

Check out the promo for next week which will take us away from the main characters, again, to focus on all the new craziness.  


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