‘Grownish’ 2×07 Review: “Messy”

Grownish tackled sexual assault this week, or what the campus thought was a sexual assault, EXCEPT it turns out it was actually consensual sex between two adults. Were they completely sober? No, but were they fully aware of what was happening between them? YES. Cash Mooney was brought back this week, and was put on blast for having sex with a girl at a house party. The girl says nothing happened that she didn’t want to happen, however cash is still losing NBA deals, and his college scholarship, on account of this girls story gone viral. With the #Metoo movement, and males in particular being publicly shamed for their bad sexual behavior and choices, this episode shined a light on what college campuses are doing to crack down on sexual assault and whether or not it’s actually helping the situation.

A lot of this episode was about discussions that campuses should actually be having with their students, as well as discussions Zoey and her friends should be having with their friend circle, even if they disagree with each other. The Cal-U campus goes nuts after Cash is accused of sexually assaulting a female student at a party. Thank you social media for once again giving the actual truth a lot of grey area. Everyone is quick to jump on Cash and say he’s guilty, when in fact he isn’t. The campus implements “An Enthusiastic Sober Consent Policy.”  Zoey exclaims, “What the hell does that even mean?” and I agree. Of course Ana’s on board with it, because she’s Ana, but everyone else is like STALL THE FUCKING BALL! We came to college to explore and grow, and I am not signing a policy that I think is bullshit.

To be clear, the gang thinks basically all of them have violated the policy. They are always drinking and partying or in Luca’s case smoking something. He and Zoey rarely have sex sober, but like: is that a problem since they are ok with it? They are two consenting adults? Is it okay that Ana went home with a random guy who was drunk and she was not? But she had sex with him? Nomi is totally against the policy and says no good can come from it. I’m inclined to agree with her on some level, but it’s not as simple. Vivek and Aaron have a lot to say about how the women will be protected with this new policy and they will get sent to jail. Listen, I can play devil’s advocate, okay? I was in college once, I know what I did, and what happens at college parties. I had many mornings where I was like, “Listen, there is really no need for small talk right now, find your keys, and bounce.  Coffee? with you? In daylight? Um, no that’s a hard pass from me.” Zoey makes a good point when she insists the group actually follows the policy somewhat, because they watch each other’s drinks while out partying, they never leave the party alone, they keep their GPS on at all times, and they text the group when they arrive home. All of those things show me a responsible adult, and honestly a lot of people in their 30’s still clinging to Zoey’s college lifestyle don’t do this but need to.

Some backstory: Luca gets low key jealous that Zoey was friendly to Cash at this party and he is mad that she is so upset that Cash is leaving Cal-U. Zoey tells him he is only remembering one version of the night, his own version. Cash and Zoey are friends, but that is all, and he came up to talk to her at the party to congratulate her and tell her how happy she looked with Luca. Bonus, Cash was HAPPY FOR HER. But of course Luca didn’t hear any of that because he was in his feelings. These two were on the outs with Zoey having a right to be upset because Luca accused her of not being “Loyal” to him. Dude, you really need to check yourself. Nomi comes home to find Zoey curled up on the couch watching Rizzoli and Isles reruns, and she says “Girl, there ain’t enough Rizzoli and Isles in the world that can make this better.” TRUTH Nomi, truth. Although, real talk, I watched an old episode myself after I finished Grownish. I loved Rizzoli and Isles! Damn you TNT for taking it off the air. Ya’ll sleep if you have never watched it. #rizzles

As per usual the soundtrack was on point this week. Check that out on Spotify, and you can find a listing of all the songs on Tunefind.

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