Siren, Season 2, Episode 3 “Natural Order”

This week Siren dives into everyone’s life, not just the usual suspects. Everyone’s business is put on blast and some secrets start to come out into the light. I loved it. Helen gets some important news, Ben’s mom is still a bitch, Ryn sings the siren song again so that Ben and Maddie can analyze it. Xander is still a moron and Ryn has an epic mermaid Battle Royale with Katrina. As usual more questions were raised than answered but that’s part of the show’s charm.

Ben really needs to get his life together. His mind being messed up because of the siren song Ryn sang to him to last season is starting to wear on my nerves. I get the mythology surrounding the song, I really do, but I don’t think 8 episodes later with no resolution as to why it is effecting him the way it is has solved anything or tied up any plot points. Really, the writers could have answered this in two episodes, LAST season, and in season two just did an entire episode dedicated to the mythology of the siren song and set the episode in the past, like hundreds of years in past, Bristol Cove’s founding or something. Maybe I should pitch this to the writers? I digress. The siren song messing with Ben is getting very old and it’s like either kill yourself or fucking get over it already Ben! Damn! He even enlists Maddie’s help and has her listen to the song with noise canceling headphones? What’s weird is that even though Maddie can’t hear Ryn sing to her, she is still in a trance. Please hit me up if you have any thoughts on why this happened? I’m out of theories right now. I thought Maddie was immune to the song, but I guess now she isn’t? Also who was Maddie’s mom calling? I’m still waiting for it to come out that Maddie, and her mom are part mermaid too. That’s why Maddie’s mom turned to drugs… Just my theory though.

Ben’s mom is oh so messy. She got wind of Ben’s dad giving Helen that large sum of money and questions what Helen is doing with all that money? Is she using it to buy drugs? Or is she blackmailing them? Elaine is all like, how are you even related to us? Your family is trash and that’s why we don’t claim you. Elaine, has a meeting with Helen to tell her all of this and Helen is like go to Hell Bitch! Haha! Ben tells his mom to back off, Helen is not a criminal, and she has an auto-immune disorder and needs the money for her treatment. Elaine swipes Helen’s glass for a DNA sample to finally get some of her burning questions answered or so she thinks. Basically the DNA results come back and it proves Helen is their relative and she has a cousin that lives in the next town over… Who knew? Helen didn’t! Elaine calms the fuck down, but vows to get to the bottom of it all. Elaine is like a Prime soap opera villain. What the test doesn’t show is that Helen is part mermaid…. Helen goes to meet her new found cousin (thanks Elaine) because she thought she had no one left on this earth “like” her. He cousin is a guy (sorta interesting) and his skin is scaling like Ryn and the other merfolk… WTF!! VERY INTERESTING!!

Finally we get to the Battle Royale! Ryn and Katrina battle it out, in fish tank Ben designed for the mermaids to use when their skin starts to get irritated from being on land to long. The ocean is no longer safe with the oil companies drilling constantly and expanding their reach closer and closer to Bristol Cove. Ryn is grateful for the tank because she is needing to go back into the water. Katrina is the biggest bitch as usual and sees Ryn’s weakness as her opportunity to take over the group. Wrong move, Katrina. This girl does not learn lessons very well. She is like the 2 year old of the group. Anyway she and Ryn fight, supposedly to the death, but Ben hears the damn song and intervenes in the fight saving Katrina from being killed. Ryn is PISSED at him. She tells him that he should not interfere with their ways. He agrees but is shell shocked by the song. Ben. I’ve said it before. Get your shit together with this song! Someone help him. I’m over it. You know who else I’m over? Katrina. Homegirl has 9 lives! I really wanted her character to be killed off, because she has no speaking lines, like, ever and I don’t care about her backstory. Ugh.

My hit list:
Elaine, Or is she more useful alive?

Let me know what you thought about the episode down below. Do you agree with my hit list?

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