FEELS OF THE WEEK – February 3rd – February 9th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: I know One Day At A Time literally just came out, but as someone who got up early and didn’t move from the couch till she was done watching, Penelope Alvarez is and will forever be my badass female of the forever. I won’t even go into details, in case you haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but trust me …Penelope is the type of character we can all learn a thing or twenty five from.

Lariel: Iris West-Allen, The Flash. Barry and Ralph both marveled that they managed to beat a bunch of bad guys despite not having their powers. But Iris has been doing it without powers for a LONG time, and did it again in fighting off Cicada. I’m also pleased to see her acting as a journalist more. But just one note for the future: Handbags are not appropriate accessories for breaking and entering!

Naomi: Have to agree with Lariel here on The Flash. Iris was the badass this week. Getting close enough for hand to hand combat with Cicada was pretty thrilling to see. Though she probably should have kept her purse on her person, she found Cicada’s weakness after one encounter. How many takes has Team Flash had with zero luck?

Kayla: Nic Nevin, The Resident. Nic was strong this week. She made a decision to no longer enable her opioid addicted sister, Jessie, after finding out Jessie isn’t sober anymore. It was a hard decision for Nic to make, and one she didn’t want to make. I believe she stood her ground and did the right thing. She’s done all she can to help Jessie. So, now she stands up for herself. Realizing that she can’t keep on with the way things are was a hard pill for Nic to swallow, but I believe it will make her stronger. That’s what puts Nic here this week.

Jasmine: Olivia Baker, All American. On Olivia’s one year anniversary of being sober, she found a bottle of pills in her room. Instead of succumbing and taking them, she went to see her sponsor and did a retracing of steps so to speak by looking at the root of what triggered her addiction in the first place and ultimately an overdose. Olivia spent the day being ignored by her family and she felt like she was back to that feeling that led to her lashing out one year ago. She finally gathered the strength to call her family together so that she could tell them just how much she was struggling. She was brave and told them she felt like nobody was concerned about her. That moment was so brave of her because she chose to do what she should have done before, and tell her family that she needed them to see her too.

Charles: I agree with everyone who picked Iris West-Allen on The Flash. I mean, she did more damage to Cicada in this episode than the whole team has the entire season. It was a very intense scene that showed the tenacity and toughness of Iris.

OTP of the Week


Jasmine: I’m going with Marcus and Saya, Deadly Class. In this week’s episode, they had the chance to bond a little bit more. Granted, the circumstances were not ideal but they came together in such a tender way at the end. I want these two together because “Maya” is EVERYTHING!

Gretchen: I realize I’m behind on this show, but I just started A Discovery of Witches last week and can I just say how much I love Diana and Matthew? His determination/need to protect her is beyond swoon-worthy and while I know this series was released to the US viewing public on January 17, I think they are definitely worth a mention as my particular OTP of the week.

Gillian: This is a bit of a silly one but I love TV Land’s Teachers and I am really invested in the relationship between Mary Louise and James (known as Hot Dad). She is extremely religious but they make it work until this week when her parents visited for the engagement party and she reverted back to her old self, only caring what her parents think. They managed to get through this issue and I can’t wait to see their wedding (which should be the series finale, I’m guessing) because they’re perfect for each other.

Lizzie: Elena and Syd, on One Day at A Time. I was afraid this was going to be a well, first love and then bye kinda thing, but the show has taken the time to develop them, to grow them together, and they’ve done so in such a real way and tackling so many subjects we hardly ever see because lesbian couples, especially YOUNG lesbian couples never get this kind of development.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Lyra: Every moment between Schneider and the rest of the Alvarez family when the former slipped and broke his sobriety on One Day at a Time. I’d especially like to point you to the scene above that turned me into a blubbering mess. Penelope could’ve left him, could’ve pushed him away and been like every other stereotypical show out there that is only there for drama. But she decided to stay, to go with Schneider to his meetings, and help him because this tall Canadian goofball is their family and family never gets left behind.

Lariel: The walk of honor for a 14-year-old soon-to-be organ donor on The Good Doctor. The sight of so many hospital personnel lined up to salute the sacrifice being made by the girl’s mother made me tear up, and I’m still tearing up about it a few days later. The cast and crew’s social media indicates they were also deeply affected.

Kayla: Nic’s decision to throw her sister out of her house on The Resident after finding out that she was still using opioids. Nic has tried everything to save her sister from addiction and another overdose that could lead to her death. Even a warning that a close friend from school died of an overdose. Jessie’s already been to rehab once. Nic wants to help Jessie find a job and get back on her feet, but for Nic she felt that she could no longer be Jessie’s enabler. It sounds harsh, and Jessie thought so too, however this is the nasty side of addiction. When Nic throws Jessie’s pills on the floor and walks out telling her to not be there when she returns, it made me feel for the pain that these two sisters are going through. Once Nic gets to her car, she breaks down in tears. I was crying right there with her. It was a hard decision for Nic to make, and I’m concerned where they are taking Jessie’s arc from here. It’s a very timely storyline that I’m glad they are showing, though.

Gillian: Olivia’s storyline on All American. She is coming up on one year of sobriety and they had flashbacks to why she got into drugs and the partying lifestyle. She felt overshadowed by Jordan and felt it necessary to become a party girl in order to feel like she was being seen. With the anniversary coming up, she believes her family does not realize how big this moment is and she almost relapses. Olivia has consistently been my favorite character on this show and her journey for forgiveness and sobriety has been inspiring. I was very glad when Jordan decided to go to the meeting with her to celebrate this accomplishment.

Naomi: I’m not sure if this is a legit T.V. moment, but does the release of the Game of Thrones Season 8 photos count? Tears, smiles, more tears, mania, panic! All the feels- Yep. I have them.

Jasmine: In this week’s episode of All American, when Jordan has the flashback of finding Olivia passed out on the couch after she OD’d during their party. Seeing him struggling to get her to wake up was heartbreaking, and then when their parents came in and saw what was happening, I lost it.

Lizzie: One Day At A Time’s 9th episode of Season 3 dealt with anxiety, in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show do, and I found myself feeling all the things, but most importantly, feeling seen.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lariel: Jennifer’s protest in Black Lightning. Really, all of this week’s episode. A few weeks ago, Naomi wrote about the reasons she was signing off reviewing the show for a while. A lot of what she said then resonated with me. I’d have the show on but wasn’t paying attention to it. I’d stopped caring. Frankly, I’d fall asleep! But this week, we had to say goodbye to Khalil, the pod kids became a part of the story again, we got lots of family bonding and some movement on the Grace/Anissa relationship (granted, not positive – but something happened) and we had that very important confrontation between Jennifer and Principal Lowry. It was followed by an even more important conversation between Lowry and Jeff; a reminder not to judge anyone by the color of their skin – no matter what color – but by the content of their character. Granted, Lowry’s character is somewhere on the level of pond sludge (or below it), but I’d say the same about both Tobias Whale and Agent Odell. This was an episode that didn’t put me to sleep, and if they can keep this up it will be great.

Kayla: The triple organ transplant recipient on The Resident. She was so positive through the whole situation. It was a surgery that, in terms of the show, had not been performed in the US. It actually has been performed in both Canada and the US, though. She was determined to get the transplant and continue on with her life. To chase her dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mom suffered complications in the process of donating a lobe of her lung, however, this girl was determined they would make it through. Seeing her breathe without oxygen for the first time in years gave me hope that whatever comes my way I can conquer. If she can do it, I can handle the hurdles life has thrown at me. She and her parents survived a “Virtually Impossible” situation. It could’ve easily been a triple tragedy, but it gives me so much hope.

Jasmine: Asher and Spencer in All American, bonding over helping each other out. This showed me that maybe those two can be friends despite Asher living with Leila who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. It seems at least for the moment, they are able to put their differences aside.

Lizzie: Every second of Penelope and Schneider’s friendship on One Day at A Time. I’m not sure if I ship it or I just want them to be BFFs forever, but I do know one thing, these two belong in each other’s lives.

Gillian: Rebecca trying to figure out her dream on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. While the show has never shied away from mental health issues, getting her back on antidepressants and still feeling lost is pretty relatable. Her deciding to try out for a local musical was really satisfying and gives me hope that I’ll figure out how to achieve my dreams as well.

Quote of the Week


Kayla: “I’m done, Jess. I’m done trying to save you. I’m done enabling. I’m done worrying. That’s enough, and if you die, I won’t feel guilty because I gave you every chance. So, here! You want your pills! Take ‘em, Jess! Take ‘em! When I come home I don’t want to find you here.” – Nic to Jessie, The Resident. Nic telling Jessie she’s done enabling her addiction.

Gillian: “My equilibrium is askew, my vision is partially impaired, and I’m clearly slurring my words. To put a fine point on it, your boy is turnt.” – Captain Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Drunk Holt needs to make more appearances.

Charles: “Your honor lives in your sword. And I am not leaving my honor in a closet. Next to some hot pockets.” – Saya, Deadly Class

Jasmine: “All we are is a compilation of damages.” – Marcus, Deadly Class

Lizzie: “Everyone keeps telling me I’ll be happy when I find someone. But I’m already happy.” – Penelope Alvarez, One Day At A Time

Lyra: “Invest in a treadmill desk. Don’t drink coffee. Stick to a raw food diet.” – Sam Winchester, Supernatural

WTF Moment of the Week


Lizzie: The last few seconds of Roswell, New Mexico, with Michael implying he had something to do with what happened to “those girls,” tying that to Rosa Ortecho’s death. Of course, we’re not even close to truly uncovering what happened to night Rosa Ortecho got killed, but one thing is for sure, Michael, Max and Isobel know a hell of a lot more than they’re letting on.

Lyra: Just as The Walking Dead is set to come back we get dealt with a blow that is kind of expected but disheartening. Danai Gurira will be appearing in a handful of episodes when The Walking Dead returns for a 10th season. Then she will depart and hopefully be part of the Rick Grimes movies, aka making them #Richonne movies. But it hurts. And I’m wallowing. I don’t want her to go!

Kayla: Why has it taken three episodes to continue with Julian’s cliffhanger from the midseason finale of The Resident? WHY? That’s way too long of a wait to start answering questions on a cliffhanger. This storyline is nowhere near done. WHY HASN’T DEVON BEEN LOOKING HARDER FOR JULIAN? He didn’t marry Priya for this woman. You really expect me to believe he’d just let it go and believe she’s ghosting him? Nope. Nope, if he cares for her as much he claims, he’d be doing more to find her, dead or alive.

Also, did a Conic scene get cut? Cause we go from Nic not talking to Conrad, or being very short with him, to her cuddling up with him on her couch. Where’s the conversation? I’m so confused, and I know I’m not alone. I NEED that scene! I hope they wrote another scene to make up for the cut one.

Gretchen: When Carter succumbs to the serum and becomes a “viral” in The Passage. As the first healthy candidate we were introduced to in the Pilot, you really are rooting for him to make it and not become a blood sucking vampire. He’s strong and determined and you really get a sense that he is sort of going to be this moral compass of the show. He’s not falling for Fannon’s manipulations. Also, his sweet under the door communications with Amy, the ten year old girl also at the facility for medical testing, just endear you to him more. So, when in this latest episode, you get his backstory and see him physically deteriorating there is this frantic hope that he’s going to turn it around at the very last minute..that something someone does will save him. But no. We were left seeing him leap out of the ice bath they had him in and feed on some poor no name lab technician while everyone else looked on in horror behind thick paned glass. The other WTF moment? The ONE doctor with any sort of sense or conscience is now possibly infected with the serum as his face and mouth were covered with Carter’s (?) blood…we don’t know! UGH….why is it not Monday yet???

Gillian: Agreeing with Lizzie about Roswell, New Mexico. I really did not think they were involved in Rosa’s death but had potentially tried to save her or something. And I’m most upset that it was Michael because I have such a soft spot for him. But also, Sheriff Valenti hooking up with Rosa made me go !?!?! This show has been so crazy and it’s only episode 4!

Naomi: Can I just say all things Nora West-Allen on The Flash? I don’t know if the writers are trying to give her and Eobard some great redemption arc after they have betrayed everyone, but so far it is gag worthy. Why would a daughter so desperate to meet a father she has never known stab him in the back (and hell the front) by carrying on a secret alliance with his greatest enemy? To find the secrets to meeting him, ok. But after finding him, why continue to lie? The manipulation of Sherloque to keep him away from her secret makes Nora’s character so unlikeable. I don’t see how she can come back from being so shady.

Jasmine: In this week’s episode of Good Trouble, Mariana and Callies Moms are visiting. While the girls are giving them a tour of the coterie, they run into Gael in the pool making out with Brian!!!!! Ugh! Why is Callie wasting her time on Gael when he can’t seem to make up his mind about Brian?????? I can’t!

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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