‘A Million Little Things’ 1×14 Review: “Someday”

The fourteenth episode of A Million Little Things had me going through the emotions faster than a menopause hot flash! We finally reached the opening of Regina’s long awaited restaurant and what should have been a joyous night was quickly tainted with traumas from her past. We saw Gary’s “Mr. Positive” mask start to slip and Delilah…don’t even get me started. (You’ll see my rant below) And we finally, FINALLY met Barbara Morgan. Granted, none of the characters know it’s her and we, the viewers, still don’t know her entire story, though I have my theories.

With stellar episodes and twists and turns that we never see coming, it’s no surprise that this sensational drama was renewed for a second season. But with that renewal, comes the realization that as more questions are answered, even more mysteries are sure to arise!


Regina…my beautiful, amazing, strong, sensational, fiery, badass Regina. First off, I need to give props to the insanely talented Christina Moses and that brilliant performance! Hands down, this was the most emotional moment for me of the series to date and that speaks volumes considering how emotionally draining the pilot was. You could see the moment when Regina realized that what her uncle had done to her was wrong. You could see it on her face, hear it in her voice and tears when she realized that she had been blaming herself all this time. It was so raw and so vulnerable and it completely broke me in every single way.

Regina is no longer a victim, she is a survivor. In light of the recent #MeToo movement, this episode not only shed a light on being strong and speaking your truth, but it also highlighted the need to help others come to term with what they have experienced. Her mother was so quick to place blame on a young Regina and it had been a point of contention between the two of them for years. But to see that her mother was a victim as well? My goodness, I can’t even put into words the pain that moment brought me.

I know far too many people who have endured what Regina and her mother did. This is something no one should ever have to experience, no one. I don’t care who you are, there is never a reason that makes putting your hands on someone against their will or forcing/coercing them into something they don’t want okay or acceptable. I’ve been in the military for almost 17 years and every year, we have a mandatory Sexual Assault Prevention Training and every year, the number of sexual assault or harassment events rises and it truly disgusts me. I just cannot wrap my mind around something like that.

I think that’s why this moment in the episode touched me so deeply. We see it on Twitter and Facebook, on the news, in the media and we sometimes desensitize ourselves to it but we can’t. We can’t let something this important become something we just accept. We can’t get used to this and think it’s okay or turn a blind eye to it because it’s “not my problem” or not happening to me/people we know. We have to fight every single day with everything we have to continue to raise our voices and speak up. Regina wasn’t afraid anymore and she helped her mother to be brave and THAT is what we need. That is beautiful!


Okay, rant time. I’m getting really tired of everyone feeling sorry for Delilah and babying her. I’m sorry, but last I checked, it wasn’t just Eddie who had an affair, it was DELILAH as well. But it seems that everyone gave her free pass and Eddie was the only one who caught flack and was held responsible. Is it because her husband died that she’s resolved of all guilt because, I call bullshit! A big, giant, stinky pile of BULLSHIT!

The look on Jon’s face when he saw Eddie and DELILAH at dinner…he was crushed. He looked like his world had truly ended. But the worst part? He looked like he blamed himself and if you ask Delilah, it WAS his fault and that has never sat right with me. She even used his not showing up for dinner, a dinner that she was going to tell him she was leaving him at (which he eventually did), as even more of a reason to leave him. Like who the hell does that?!?!? Call me old-fashioned, a prude, whatever, but marriage is marriage. If you’re married to someone and you no longer want to be with that person, tell them. Divorce them BEFORE you start a relationship with someone else.

From what we saw, Delilah wasn’t being held against her will. Jon wasn’t abusing her mentally or physically and making her feel as if she’s trapped and can’t leave. Did they have children? Yes, but as a child of divorce (and some might disagree with me), I can honestly say I’d rather see my parents happy apart than miserable together. This has been eating at me for weeks because with each passing episode, I feel like Eddie is thrown to the dogs and Delilah is raised up on a pedestal and its crap. And then she was so in love with Eddie, ready to run away with him and live happily ever after at the beginning of the series, yet now she’s flirting it up with Mr. Gas-Station-Hottie? Sure, sure. Sounds great, Delilah. *insert eye-roll emoji* And don’t think I’m letting Eddie off the hook either. He was two seconds away from hooking up with a groupie but pulled back last minute, I’m sure out of some loyalty to Delilah. UGH!

At the end of the day, Eddie needs to make things right with Katherine and be there for her and Theo and let Delilah live her life however she seems fit. Any time it seems that Eddie is moving on or getting closer to Katherine, Delilah does something that pulls him back in. It’s like she wants to have her cake and eat it to and I’m over it! Over her always pulling him back in and playing the victim card. Yes, she suffered an immense tragedy and maybe she’s taking a deeper look at her life because of it but Jon’s death, nor his secrets, do not resolve her of HER guilt. At the end of the day, she still cheated on her husband with one of his best friends and that’s the ugly truth.


We finally met the infamous Barbara Morgan! Well, almost finally. Ha-ha At least we know what she looks like and where she lives. The next mystery is why is she lying about who she is and what is her importance in regards to Jon? I have a theory and it seems to be a common one from what I’ve seen on the Twitter tag. She’s his college sweetheart and things didn’t work out and they parted ways. I believe the kid at the end of the episode is either Jon’s and he didn’t know or he found out shortly before he passed that he existed and that played some part in his decisions leading up to his death. Either way, we’re making headway and I can’t wait to see what the actual story is because dammit, I need to know!!

Sidenote, Drea De Matteo who is playing the infamous Barbara Morgan also played a mysterious character on Desperate Housewives. Anyone else getting hardcore deja vu?


  • Gary, stop making excuses for Delilah and let her continue to screw up on her own. You don’t have to take care of her.
  • Also, when he came to the realization that he truly can’t lose Maggie?! Stahp! My heart can’t take it! If something happens to Maggie, I’m done. You hear me? D. O. N. E!
  • Seriously, Eddie, go be with Katherine! And she better not die if next in an accident or I am once again, done. Ha-ha
  • Rome continues to be the greatest husband/man/friend ever.
  • Where are Delilah’s kids during the restaurant opening or did I just miss them?
  • I’m living for Maggie’s wigs. She is killing it!

A Million Little Things airs Thursday’s on ABC.

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