Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: All the women of The Gifted kinda deserve a shout-out this week, but especially Clarice and Caitlin, who don’t usually get to shine as much as Lorna, but who this week proved that there are many heroes in this battle, there have to be.

Gillian: Ali on Crashing. As a female comedian putting up with the normal sexist and gross jokes by male comedians, she finally decided to speak up and explain how that was wrong. It was a pointed criticism toward every man who thinks that they can’t be funny without stereotypes or being disrespectful of women. She knew that this could potentially ruin her career but she felt it was important enough to go after Jason’s disgusting set, both on stage and directly to his face.

Naomi: Roswell, New Mexico’s Liz Ortecho was my pick this week. Her dogged way of going after the truth is cool as hell to see. Not only putting herself in the line of gunfire, she was literally almost set on fire! Then, in the midst of a tender moment with Max, she reverts back to sleuth mode, figures out who killed Rosa and expertly gets Max to admit it. Boom!

Lily: Tani in Hawaii Five-0 is definitely my pick for the week. This show isn’t exactly known for its fandom but this is a character that came in as a”replacement” for fan favorite Kono and she doesn’t nearly enough appreciation. She’s a complete badass but this week, she had to save a family (that may not have deserved her help, except their little girl cause it wasn’t her fault) and herself from drug dealers during a hurricane. I’m from Miami and I know that this was no easy feat. But she did it and she was a total badass doing it.

Mimi: Maggie, Grey’s Anatomy. Maggie was selected to do a surgery on a person who had bullied her all through medical school, she hated her she said, and wished she was dead all the way through school. Meredith has her back though and together they pioneered a new way to save her life. It worked. They were the hero’s, the bully had no one on her emergency contact list in case anything happened to her. Maggie said that woman is alone because of how she treated people, looks like I got beat revenge after all.

McKenzie: Maggie from FBI. She is a badass agent nearly every week. However, in this weeks new episode she went in after armed robbers had taken hostages and disguised herself as a medic. She put her life on the line to go save someone’s life in a high stressful situation. The outcome could have very easily ended with her as another hostage or dead. But she helped save everyone and it all worked out.

OTP of the Week


Lizzie: I could care less if this is cheating, but we got that Timeless deleted scene for Valentine’s Day, and Lyatt gave me all the feels once again, so they’re going in this spot. Especially because this is what we needed after wasting so much time in Jessica drama, just a quiet, happy moment with the two of them, reaffirming that, no matter what, they are right where they want to be.

Kayla: Conic, The Resident. They not only got an amazing sex scene that opened this week’s episode, but Conrad was the most amazing and supportive boyfriend when Nic had to spend Valentine’s Day with her sister, who is in rehab. He gave up his reservations to the fanciest restaurant in Atlanta, that he got 8 months in advance, and made it up to Nic by driving to her and they had an impromptu Valentine’s dinner in the back of his car.

Lily: We celebrated Valentine’s Day this week so a lot of shows had some kind of V-Day theme to them. SWAT’s was super obvious because it aired on the holiday itself. My otp moment was definitely the end of this episode when Street and Chris had their heart to heart. She finally told him why she doesn’t date cops. Considering their flirtatious relationship and the fact that I’m pretty sure Street has liked her since day one, it’s definitely a blow to Street and fans because it’s completely justified why dating cops is off limits for Chris. I still hope she’s able to let Street in more though. He’s become her best friend in the last couple seasons but it’s obvious he can be so much more.

Mimi: Maggie and Gary, A Million Little Things. These two are always there for their friends, and their friends kids, and their friends wives.. I hope Maggie doesn’t die, I really hope her cancer battle is a red herring because I will be devastated. They are perfectly imperfect.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Gillian: Not a specific moment but a good chunk of This Is Us. I’ve never really connected to Kevin before and the baseball card signing, which showed how sensitive and caring he is, even to people he doesn’t know, was sweet. A lot of focus goes to Randall’s sensitivity but Kevin seems more empathetic and Rebecca explaining to Nicky why Kevin needs to let him “save” him hurt. Also, I really loved the Kate/Randall storyline about a memory that in Kate’s eyes was magical but Randall remembered pain. They really nail the sibling moments on this show and that was a fun reminder.

Gretchen: Piggybacking off of Lizzie’s OTP of the Week, I’m going to have to go with the Lyatt deleted scene from Timeless here. Particularly when one Wyatt Logan tells one Lucy Preston, I have everything I need. Do not watch that scene while operating heavy machinery, cooking, or really doing anything that requires your full and undivided attention. I’m pretty sure I died about 2 seconds in…and then died again a few more times before that 1 minute and 44 seconds of Lyatt goodness was up.

Michelle: This week’s Grey’s Anatomy brings someone from Maggie’s past, someone that bullied her throughout med school. She sees Maggie as a last resort for her failing stint, which brings Maggie to a huge predicament. Throughout the whole episode, Maggie teters on the pros and cons of treating someone she hates. And as Maggie, Meredith, and the team finish the operation with a success, Maggie notes that there isn’t anyone listed as her emergency contact. There are consequences for our actions, and in the end bullies don’t have anyone.

Mimi: I agree with Gretchen 100%. Seriously I watched it at work and squealed with delight. I forgot where I was, what I was doing! I had the Lyatt feels bad. I watched it 40 more times and begged Hulu to pick up Timeless for a 3rd season. These two are the reason I loved the show so much they had me in my feels this week ahhh the Lyatt of it all indeed.

Lily: To echo Gillian, this week’s This Is Us was so heartbreaking. Everything about it broke my heart, including the flashbacks. I’m super upset about how the episode ended because of Kevin falling off the wagon though. I’m not getting over that anytime soon but I guess it was to be expected since Jack also fell off the wagon before he got sober again.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lariel: This is going to sound really mean, and it’s not intended that way, but Curtis’ exit from Arrow gave me hope that the writers can rediscover what should always have been the focus of the show: OTA. I do like Echo Kellum, but Curtis annoyed me far too often as a smart guy who made a lot of poor decisions. Such as ditching his marriage to be a vigilante. Echo says we will see Mr. Terrific occasionally, and I’m good with that. And I hope Echo finds much joy in having more time with his family.

Lily: Wyatt and Lucy on Christmas morning in the deleted scene from the Timeless movie. Everything about that was so perfect. It really makes me hope that NBC is serious about airing a movie every year for that show if they’re not gonna give us a much deserved third season.

Mimi: I’m so glad to see everyone is on the same page about Timeless. Lily I’m here for this, but I really want a season 3, I’m selfish that way.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “My girlfriend Jocelyn has been practicing a bunch of different hairstyles on me. She’s in cosmetology school.” – Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Kayla: “Instead of focusing on resentment over what we currently do not have, let’s use today as an opportunity to celebrate what’s to come.” – AJ Austin, The Resident

Michelle: “And you have a sister now, so if that bully gives you any trouble, I got your back.” -Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Lily: “You guys were all he ever wanted.” – Nicky Pearson to Rebecca, This Is Us

Mimi: “It’s okay to be different” – Gerard, The Umbrella Academy

Lariel: “I’m pregnant.” Barbara to Jim, Gotham

WTF Moment of the Week


Naomi: So even I feel a little bad for beating up on The Flash like this, but they REALLY deserve it. Nora come on! Time traveling 52 times. Not five, not two, but 52! I get that she wanted to save everyone, but at what point does she stop and say, “I’m screwing this up even more.” I guess the 52nd time.

Gretchen: The Passage is quickly becoming my new “must-see” show. The final moments of this week’s episode were so tense, I could only speak in emojis. I knew Dr. Daniel Pet was going to meet a very bad end, (the pompous ones usually do!) but how he meets it is so gosh darn freaky, I was literally laying in the fetal position on my couch screaming into my throw pillows. Dude should have not been so damn arrogant!

Gillian: I was all ready to give the WTF to Roswell, New Mexico once again but I watched The Gifted and knew it had to be that. WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO CLARICE AND JOHN!?!? I haven’t really been as interested in this season but this was unnecessary and cruel after all those two have been through.

Michelle: This Is Us has always been a favorite. This week’s episode continues to fuel my love for the show. But in the final moments of this week’s episode, Kevin makes a decision that had me outwardly groan. That decision just undoes every single thing he has worked for in the past. It was heartbreaking and I couldn’t believe the show went there.

Kayla: I’m echoing Michelle. Like WTF, This Is Us? It’s always been a favorite show of mine, but Kevin falling off the wagon makes no sense! He’s worked so hard to be sober!!!

Lily: My first answer is Kevin falling off the wagon on This is Us. But that’s not wtf because I didn’t see it coming. It’s more wtf because I knew it would happen eventually and it still makes me angry. My confused wtf moment of the week is why the hell was Barry Allen so MIA throughout this entire episode of The Flash? Was Grant Gustin so unavailable filming the crossover episodes that they basically wrote him off for 2 episodes back to back? That was super annoying. It was still a great episode though. They’re lucky they picked the perfect actress to play Nora Allen. At this point they could just spin her off and I don’t think any of us would be that mad. She’s great!

Lariel: I’m with Gillian about Clarice on The Gifted. That was a jaw-dropping twist. A lot of fans are clinging to the “no body, no death” maxim, hoping Clarice managed to “blink” away someplace where she might be able to get healed. I share that hope. But in the meantime — poor John.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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