Grownish- Season 2, Episode 9 “Body Count”

Would you want to know how many other girls your boyfriend had slept with before you? Would your boyfriend want to know your “body count?” That is the question Zoey poses to Luca on this week’s Grownish.  Zoey sees a painting Luca presents at the Cal-U art festival, and the half-naked chick in the painting is so NOT Zoey! It’s Luca’s ex, Juliet. This really bums Zoey out, and puts her in an awkward position with both her friends and Luca. Clearly Luca has a type though, because from behind, she and Zoey have a lot in common.

Art festivals are supposed to be fun, right? There’s food, art pieces to look at, and vendors trying to sell you essential oils and goat milk soap. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING, if you’re Zoey. Homegirl brings the entire crew to support Luca and his artwork at his latest exhibition. Little does Zoey know, the piece Luca is most proud of is the drawing of his ex girlfriend; who everyone notices is half naked, and looks eerily like Zoey, from behind anyway, minus the tattoos. Zoey is flabbergasted, as is Ana, who gives her some keen advice: “It’s time for a deep dive, Zoey!”

Nomi is in agreement but checks out of the drama early to explore a LGBTQ+ open mic night at the local bar. Nomi is still struggling at coming out to her parents but her women’s studies professor insists she go this event and learn how to be more open with herself. It’s loud and she doesn’t know anyone, her experience isn’t everyone else’s… I applaud her for going by herself and doing something positive for herself. Nomi’s experience is truly her own journey as no one else in their friend circle is gay or bisexual. I think as brass as Nomi’s exterior can be, she is really struggling deep within. Later she has a heart to heart with her professor who sends her a playlist to listen to. Something is up here. I called it about four episodes back. I don’t know if Nomi has a girl crush on her or if the crush is mutual? Gah! I need to know now! Is her professor being more than a mentor? Is it inappropriate? If the professor were a man would be calling her actions inappropriate?  Probably!!

Meanwhile, Zoey takes Ana up on her advice and does a “deep dive” on Luca’s IG account and his past life and loves. She finds out he and Juliet are still “friends” on IG and still follow each other. She also finds out what Juliet actually looks like. To me, she kinda looks like Zoey, curly hair and everything, and Luca is drawn to bohemian type chicks. Ana assures Zoey that she needs to do this in order to have some peace of mind. No matter how crazy Ana is, her advice is spot on, and her knowledge of how to stalk someone’s IG account is pretty scary. Zoey doesn’t care though, because she needs to know what she is getting into with Luca. Zoey goes all in, accidently liking an older post of Luca’s she didn’t mean too, which will alert him that she has been deep diving. Haha! Uh Oh Zoey!

Luca asks Zoey if she is really prepared to hear how many girls he has been with before her? Zoey says, “Yes, she needs to know.” Luca tells her, and they block it out for the audience but I’m guessing it’s in hundreds and that is not an exaggeration. Zoey looks like she is gonna be sick, as she tells him, she has only been with two people. Now she knows more than she ever wanted to know about his past, and she regrets that. Luca is very open with her and Zoey cannot be mad because she asked to know. I’m not sure if not sure if her insecurities are going to boil over into next week or play out for the remainder of the season. Will we ever meet Juliet? Does she really matter? Luca tells Zoey, he is with her now and that is all that MATTERS. She pretends to accept that, but deep down she is feeling some kind of way. Ana and Aaron finally hook up once Zoey tells Ana she and Aaron were never intimate, they just kissed, once. Luca does not see Aaron as a threat because, he is not one. Ana rushes over to Aaron’s dorm room and tells him she doesn’t want to hide their relationship anymore or her feelings for him, they start to have sex and the camera fades to black. Okay a couple of things, Aaron has a NICE body, like tattoo’s and all. Other thing, I need him to lose that rat tail he has, complete with the bead work.

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