‘Siren’ 2×05 Review: “Primal Instinct”

Siren had may different stories to tell this week. Helen had a story arc, and Ryn, Maddie and Ben had a thropple. Xander needed Katrina’s help, and he reached out to Ben and the other mermaids grew restless of being on land. I’m hoping they dial it back next week and stick to two story-lines, as trying to concentrate of 5 different character developments is difficult and had me lost at times. As usual Helen always amazes me with her compassion and empathy for people and Ryn demands more than just “kissing” from Ben and Maddie… Say what now?? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Helen has a long talk with her fellow mermaid cousin, and learns he has a sister! Helen is super excited to hear this but she soon learns that the siblings are estranged because of his past addiction problems. Helen encourages him to reach out to her and to let her know that someone else exists in the world who is just like her. Okay, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the mermaids we currently have, I don’t need another one! Please, Siren writers, flesh out Helen’s story more before you introduce more new characters. Remember that mer fellow who bowed to Helen in episode two? Well he has really taken a liking to her and she feels a kinship towards him as well. If Helen stayed in the water long enough, would she revert back to her original mermaid self? She needs to research that ASAP, there is not point in her owning a library if she is not using it. .

Don’t get me started on the relationship between Ryn, Ben and Maddie. What should I call them now? They share everything including Ben’s ding a ling! Well, Ryn wants to share that, but Maddie is all like hold up girl, I like where this is going but I’ve never actually been involved in a 3-way so I don’t know if every morning I want to wake up solo or with you and Ben at my side. You know what I think? They need to figure it out quick before it gets more complicated and messy than it already is. In the water Ryn is dominant, but on land its different for her, she tries to explain to Maddie that the mermaids are in control always in the water, it is a matriarchy. Pretty cool! But humans, she see’s, are not wired that way. A lot is left unsaid as no one seems to know what the future holds, Ryn is the vulnerable one here in my opinion and she is dependent on Ben and Maddie to take care of her in the interim.

Ryn’s niece is starting to get cabin fever and when she learns her mother was killed by a human she wants to break free. It’s hard understanding human nature and she is still learning how to be human but keep her own identity. I think at some point she will be the one to find Katrina and kill Xander, or at least try to kill him. Xander and Ben teamed up this week to get to the bottom of the drilling, it turns out that the navy has no plans of stopping anytime soon and this puts both Ben and Xander in a predicament about what to do with their mermaid refugees. Ben and Xander spy on Ben’s dad and catch him doing some shady business on the pier, Ben come one son! The government is probably paying him a hefty fee to drill. We’ll see what happens next week when Xander’s informant has more information, I thought Katrina would have found a way to kill him by now, but alas he’s still alive. Until next week, guys!

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