‘Grownish’ 2×10 Review: Wild’n Cuz I’m Young

Okay, so this week’s Grownish has been my favorite of the season. I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic about college or if Zoey’s predicament incited a fond memory of many parties and many failed attempts at studying for finals. Whatever the case, I was into it and I even wanted to hug Zoey at the end of the episode because she has gotten herself into a lot of trouble. More on that later… Let’s recap, guys, because there was a lot to unpack. Ana and Aaron are “official,” Jazz and Doug broke up, and Nomi kissed her teacher! I am so glad this is not a season finale because I have never been as anxious to find out what happens to these kids as I was tonight. Lets discuss, shall we?

First off, I am going to applaud Zoey’s so-called fool-proof plan for getting out of the party in a timely manner. This girl had a breathlizer, a bottle of water, and set a timer on her phone every ten minutes. Just WOW, was all I could say. Also, like, having a breathlizer in your purse is very smart, if you’re going to party and then driving? But Zoey lives on campus so hers was mainly so she could see how intoxicated she was before she attempted to study. None of this works, btw, Zoey’s timer goes off multiple times and each time she gives herself 20 more minutes to party. Been there, Zoey! Meanwhile, Ana and Aaron continue to hook up discreetly because it might mess up the vibe of their friend circle. I, for one, think it’s weird and nope, they still have not grown on me as a couple. You know who has grown on me? Jazz and Doug, but they are still upset with each other over the photos Jazz released on IG promoting her “brand.” Jazz goes on IG live and blasts Doug for not supporting her and Doug not being able to dance and partying with his mama. You know who has to save her from self destruction? Zoey. It’s hard being the glue of the group Zoey laments, and I have to agree with her.

Nomi is nowhere to be found at this party, and Zoey is steady blowing her phone up, and getting ignored because she is in deep with her professor. I told you guys last week this was going to happen. I’m going to ask this question again: if Nomi’s professor was male and they were secretly dating or hooking up, would we be calling the professor to the table? Yes, we would. However, this professor is a lesbian and Nomi is bisexual and both are consenting adults, but somehow I feel like Nomi is going to be hurt and at the end of the day. She is 19, and her professor is in her 40’s, that’s a huge age difference and life experience difference… This can only end in heartache for Nomi and I’m not looking forward to that happening. I really hope her friends will be there for her, because it’s going to crush her.

Zoey thinks she is going to do “great” on this chemistry final because she had four solid hours of study time. Haha Zoey, good one! Aaron already told her she was no Vivek, who already aced that final and is also a engineer major/drug dealer so like, he’s basically a chemist. Zoey is seriously starting to doubt her answers and panics when her professor tells her she has 10 minutes left to take the exam. What would you do? Answer “C” for everything? Yeah, well Zoey whips out her smartphone and takes a picture of the nerd in front her who she is sure will be acing the test. Little does she know her teacher or someone in class probably caught her doing this because at the end of the episode, instead of her grade being posted, she receives an email from her teacher asking her to come by her office to discuss the test. Uh Oh, Zoey! You are in major trouble and like I’m sure it can be worked out because we already have a season 3 in the works but like I’m still really nervous for you. Gah! See told you it was a really good episode! Tune in next week, because there is a “blackish” crossover happening.

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