‘Siren’ 2×05 Review: Distress Call

Welcome back, Siren fans! Hope this week has treated you better than Glen, who is dead thanks to Ryn who snapped his neck last week when he tried to attack Maddie. I am not sorry he’s dead. He was Maddie’s mom drug dealer and he was up to no good lurking in the dark corners of Bristol Cove. I also think Maddie’s dad is grateful Ryn was there, he knows Ryn is a “shapeshifter” and that Maddie could not have defended herself; he agrees to cover up the murder to save the girls. Maddie’s dad sets up the hotel room to look like Glen overdosed and then broke his neck on the tub. He’s watched a lot of Rizzoli and Isles! Ha! It’s an inside joke, guys.

Okay resident mean girl mermaid Katrina escapes Xander’s lair and sends out a distress call to her fellow mermaid sister to help her. Xander is so fucked! As a character I do not like Xander, I really really, don’t, and I would not have shed a single tear if they had killed him, but they didn’t, and instead I was pissed. Xander is a waste of a character. He’s like dumb Chris from last year. You can’t kidnap women, Xander  and threaten them and beat up their brothers. This guy… Katrina lets him live in order to find who she is really after, her brother Levi.

Helen has a younger man, sorta… Helen definitely has an admirer and she could rule this mermaid clan if she wanted to, this dude tells her wherever she is, is where he wants to be! I love it! I need a deeper backstory on Helen! These writers are boring me to death with Maddie’s mom, and Xander and bitchy Katrina! Helen is much more interesting if you ask me and I’m honestly getting bored at watching everyone else at this point. Levi tries to apologize to Xander for killing his dad, which is a lot more than Xander ever did for killing Ryn’s sister. Xander doesn’t care however, and he attacks Levi and with Levi being so weak it’s not a fair fight. Xander needs to go, he should probably go find Chris and leave the show too.

Ryn and her mermaid sisters are really having a hard time adjusting to living life on land and they don’t understand all the rules we have as humans. For example, Ryn wants to know why you can’t kill someone who is bad? In the ocean she is a predator and she has no remorse for that, but on land she should? She doesn’t understand any of it, she does know Katrina has to be stopped before she causes any more chaos and divisiveness within the group. Ryn, Ben and Maddie decide to take her to “Hallowed Ground” which is a cemetery, in order to cause her powers to weaken and the create a truce. Their plan works and for now Katrina seems to be on board with Ryn being the leader and she agrees to play by Ryn’s rules, for now…

Ben’s dad is always up to no good and is taking money from the government in return for letting them destroy the ocean and upset the natural order of things. Ben witnesses him negotiating a contract and confronts him about all the oil drilling and how it’s causing the fish and the ocean life to dwindle. It’s also putting the fisherman out of work and obviously he’s got like 5 mermaids living with him because they can’t go back in the water, BUT he doesn’t mention that. Ben’s dad doesn’t really care, though, he likes money and he likes being able to provide for his wife. The episode ends with a dead body being drug up from the ocean floor. Not sure who’s though, as so many people on this show have died. Is it Xander’s dad? A random stranger? Or is it Glen? I mean the body didn’t look that decomposed to me, so it has to be a freshly dead citizen of Bristol Cove right? I guess we’ll know soon. Ah well until next time guys!

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