Grownish Season 2 Episode 11: “Face The World”

Guys! Grownish just aired their mid-season finale and it was sooooo good! Last week, Zoey got caught cheating on her mid-term chemistry final, Ana was just about to come clean to Zoey about her and Aaron hooking up, and Nomi made out with her professor in the front seat of her car. This episode tries to wrap up all these storylines, but not with a neat little bow. Zoey gets hit first with a pop up visit from her dad and granddad, who show up for parent’s weekend. Let’s get into it, because there is a lot I need to cover and a lot I’m still processing.

First up, Zoey is called to order by her family, and I for one am happy they paid her a visit. Zoey has been slowly falling out of order all season. Let’s start with her continued use of Adderall,her binge drinking, her shacking up with Luca, her horrible study habits, and her continued practice of partying like it’s 1999. I knew this semester was going to come back and bite her in the ass and it finally has. Zoey has to go before the academic committee and face her mistake. Will she be expelled? Or put on probation? Zoey gets the latter, which is a slap on the wrist if you ask me, but it’s enough to make her think about her actions and it’s enough to make her dad cut her off!

Dre meets Luca, who is lounging half naked, in a kimono, in Zoey’s apartment no less! Haha! Zoey cannot explain her way out of this one! “Zoey who are you?” Asks Dre, as the blunt Luca had tucked behind his ear falls to the floor. Dre tells Zoey that from now on she will have to make her own way, because throughout her entire life things have come too easily for her and she has never had to work for anything because her parents have given her everything. You know what this speech sounds like to me? A Different World’s Whitley Gilbert when her dad cut her off, much the same way as Zoey. I loved A Different World and I loved Whitley, much in the same way that I love Zoey. I think this bold move by Dre will be good for Zoey, she needs to get a job and earn her own way, her family is not only supporting her, but also the, four brothers and sister she has at home, plus a niece who now lives with them. Dre is tired, and Zoey knows he means it when he tells her he is DONE. Good luck next semester, Zoey! You might want to talk to Vivek about a side hustle. I need Zoey to make better choices, y’all!

Nomi feels ready to come out to her parents and her friends are happy for her. Chloe comments “I mean you’re only sorta gay, so maybe they won’t take it so bad.” I chuckled at that, and Nomi says “Not sure it works that way Chloe.”

Needless to say Nomi’s parents are totally clueless about what or who their daughter has being doing this semester, they only care whether or not she has met a nice Jewish boy yet. But you know what? Nomi actually tells them she’s gay or bi. I’m not sure which one she decided on, the point is she came clean and told them about her life and that she was seeing “a girl”. Later, Nomi goes to see her professor, who tells her they will never work out, not because she doesn’t have feelings for her, but because she is a student and the situation they are in puts them in a quandary.  “So now what?” Asks Nomi.

Meanwhile, Jazz’s IG page has been hacked and she blames it on Doug, thinking he’s being petty since they broke up. It turns out it was her dad who took down all of her photos, and she isn’t mad anymore because after confronting Doug he tells her she is too smart and too pretty to be “looking all thirsty” on IG.I heart these two and I hope they work out. It looks like they are on the road to recovery.

Ana never does get to tell Zoey about her and Aaron, because Zoey keeps interrupting her with her own issues and problems. I really don’t think Zoey will care about Aaron, but in real life it’s not cool to date someone your best friend kissed or used to be with. I’m not sure how Grownish will handle this storyline. Aaron finally spills the beans to Zoey but only because he thinks Ana has already told her. The episode ends with Zoey asking Aaron what he is talking about? Because Ana never told her anything about hooking up with him.

I can’t wait until the summer when Grownish returns with all new episode! Until then guys… Peace!

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