‘Siren’ 2×08 Review: “Entrapment”

Welcome back my lovelies! This is one of the finale installments of Siren before the spring finale, so they dished up a lot of story arch’s and brought back some characters I never thought I’d see again, I’m talking about you Dumb Chris! The feds are all over Bristol Cove, and no one can be trusted right now. That dead body that was caught last week, turned out to be Xander’s dad. How is his body still preserved? Don’t fish like to eat decomposed bodies? Isn’t that why the mob always dumped people in the ocean? He died months ago right?  I digress, that small detail is neither here nor there. The writers don’t care! Lets dive in shall we?

You know who is one sneaky bitch? Nicole. Xander is always going to irritate me and now I have another reason to hate him! Xander’s fake girlfriend, is trying to figure out what, who, Ryn is and she tries to trick her, telling her she isn’t safe, and tells Ryn she has friends, “powerful” friends that could help her and her people. I seriously hope Ryn can smell Nicole’s bullshit, but I don’t know? Do mermaids have a 6th sense? Ryn tells her that they should make a deal, she will help her and the Feds, if Nicole will help get her mermaid sisters and brothers to safety. Oh Ryn, don’t be so naïve. I don’t know what will become of this alliance?  Ryn does need some leverage, Ben and Xander need to be busted out of jail and yes her family does need to be safe, but at who’s expense?  This storyline will play out, into season 3, but as of right now, I can’t keep track of anymore characters at this point. Please stop introducing new one’s to me. I need to writers to concentrate on what and who is already in Bristol Cove.

Ryn and Katrina have officially joined forces to help the mermaid clan, for the greater good. Katrina takes no bullshit, so I’m glad she is on Ryn’s side, she is a tough opponent but better ally. Ryn’s niece, Cami, is getting worse, and the tank Ben built is not helping, because the water is not “living water” it’s stagnant. The mermaids need the real ocean water that moves every day to survive. This is going to be harder than we thought guys. A lot harder. Speaking of Ben, he is in a lot of trouble with the Feds, they are asking all kinds of questions about the body that washed up, they bring in Ben, Xander, dumb Chris, and that other guy whose name I don’t know. Okay, real talk, how did they track down Chris? He is so stupid and as usual fucks up the situation even worse by being there.  All of them have a different story, and all of them crack under pressure, oh and all of them are arrested. Sucks for them, Xander might have been starting to come around to the mermaids, Ryn was even going to take Cami to meet him, so she could have some closure. Now what? Someone needs to make that one call to Maddie’s dad, and someone else needs to call Ben’s dad so he can make this go away. No one cares about this b plot story line! Ugh! I’m only here for the mermaids!

Katrina and Helen work together to keep the other mermaids safe and get them out of Bristol Cove before the Feds find them.  Katrina, makes herself useful and  leads them all  to a cave where ancient mermaids left their mark. The cave drawings show everyone, that humans and mermaids once lived peacefully together, We live here in harmony, tribes of land and tribes of sea. Interesting indeed! We will find out more next week about this cave, why it’s been hidden for so long, and what the future holds for our group of mermaids and humans. Next week is the spring finale of Siren, so come back here so we can discuss and rant about the episode.

Siren airs Thursdays at 7/8EST on Freeform

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