‘This Is Us’ 3×15 Review: ‘The Waiting Room’

Last week’s episode left us with the cliff hanger regarding Kate’s pregnancy. This week, we jump right in to the aptly named episode that takes place entirely in the hospital’s waiting room. I’m a big fan of these bottle episodes because they always seem to have razor sharp focus on one thing. This week’s hour was no different. Let’s dive in because this one was a real emotional roller coaster.

Drama… drama everywhere….

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I’ve seen some complaints about this show’s bottle episodes where fans have said not a whole lot seems to happen in them. They’re not entirely wrong because a whole lot doesn’t happen but the one thing that always does is usually super important to the overall story.

In this case, the family was waiting on pins and needles to find out about Kate and the baby. While they were cooped up in a tiny hospital waiting room, they unleashed a lot of pent up frustration on each other.

The whole family is now aware of Kevin falling off the wagon. Randall and Beth let it slip that they’re having issues getting on the same page about their careers. Rebecca and Miguel revealed that they wanted to move to California to be closer to Kate and the baby.

It seemed like they would literally tear each other apart but like they always do, they came together to be there for Kate. Because in moments like this, the most important thing is family. And that’s the one thing they’ve never forgotten.

Madison deserves better

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If there is one character who has come a long way, it’s this one. She truly is Kate’s best friend and we can all use a Madison in our lives because she’s amazing. I want to protect her from all this Pearson drama at all costs. Save yourself, Madison! You deserve so much more!

Rebecca remembers the day Jack died vividly

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This wasn’t much of a shock but hearing her describe that day with so much detail was overwhelming. I don’t blame her though. Kevin and Randall were being super annoying with their fighting. Kevin was also drunk so that didn’t help. But yeah, the moment Rebecca told everyone off, I couldn’t help but applaud her badass momma moment.

They also revealed that the last time she was hungry in a hospital and went looking for food, Jack died. That broke me. It’s why she hadn’t eaten since she got to the hospital. She didn’t want to leave and come back to find out that the worst had happened again.

I love when this show brings back moments like that because I had completely forgotten that she’d gone to get a snack while Jack was dying. It really makes you think about how much that affected her. Also, it looks like she’d never told anyone that except Miguel because every time someone tried to get her to leave or eat, he deflected them on her behalf. He did it even though it meant that he had to take the brunt of the animosity being dished out in the waiting room. And once again, Miguel was a complete angel in this episode and I find myself liking him more and more. His waiting room game was also kind of fun even if it was a bit difficult to play properly.

Kevin needs to get his shit together

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I usually give Kevin a pass because I love him as much as Kate does. He’s the one brother that doesn’t have his life completely in order. I want to baby him most of the time just like Kate does but it’s about time he gets it together. He’s going to lose Zoe if he keeps drinking and I’m going to have a hard time forgiving him for that. I also saw that his ex is coming back next week and if this show is going to try to sell me on that endgame, I do not want it. The only Endgame I care about in 2019 is Marvel’s. Thank u, next.

Meet Baby Jack

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We all knew that Kate was going to name her son Jack. This was not much of a surprise. However, the final scene in this episode where she asked Toby if she could name him Jack was emotional as hell. First, she talked to her dad’s spirit and introduced him to his grandson. Then she introduced her son to the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Basically, Kate is me and I am Kate because I, too, would want to introduce my son to RBG so he has strong female influences from day one.

But it was the moment she held her son’s hand for the first time that really got me. Baby Jack was born at 28 weeks and he is extremely premature. So he’s going to spend a lot of time in an incubator. That means that his parents won’t be able to hold him for at least three months, if not longer. The most Kate and Toby can do right now is touch him softly because he is so tiny. That’s heartbreaking. But I believe he’s going to be okay. I hope we get some more flash forwards quick though because I want to see Baby Jack a little older in the future. I need confirmation that he survived as soon as possible.


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  • “Thanks for putting up with us.” This episode didn’t have a whole lot of highlights but this one line felt so completely meta. Randall says it to the nurse in the waiting room and Miguel says it to Madison. They’re saying it to people outside of the family’s orbit but it almost feels like the writers are saying it to us too. It’s as if they’re showing us gratitude for sticking around the last three years. I honestly can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be on a Tuesday night though.

As we get closer to the finale, it looks like the next episode will be a real doozy. Baby Jack is still struggling, Zoe and Kevin reach a fork in the road and an old flame returns. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9PM on NBC. Check out the trailer for the next episode here:


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