‘Siren’ 2×08 Review: “Leverage”

We have reached the end of the road, sort of, for Ryn and her family on the spring season of Siren, and they have left us with one doozy of a cliffhanger too! So much to wrap up and explore, but so little time. Bristol Cove is still the place to be if you like mermaid sightings and dig three ways. Not so much if you want the government to stalk you, drill for oil beneath the ocean floor, and plot to kill your family.

Ryn has agreed to work with Nicole and the Navy in return for her family’s safety. Ryn, never trust a lying bitch! Come on! I need you to be able to smell danger, girl! Anyway, Ryn is lead into a lab and is regarded as a “test subject.” Never a good sign…. We all remember last season when the government was using mermaids as test subjects! Ryn’s sister was seriously injured because of it. The mermaid DNA has potent healing properties and can regenerate, which is very valuable to the Navy. I don’t like Ryn putting herself in this much danger with no way to escape. Nicole might have a soul deep down but so far she has shown no remorse for anything she’s done or about to do to Ryn and the other mermaids.

The gang has to work together if they want to save Ryn and Bristol Cove from becoming entangled in “Clesco Oil’s” trap. The oil company is working with the navy, on a huge project that involves a.) Drilling for oil and killing all the marine life b.) creating sonic booms that also kill all marine life. Who cares though? Certainly not Ben’s mom or dad they are all for making money and putting Bristol Cove on the map as the nation’s top oil producer. Ben and Maddie have to think fast and come up with a plan to destroy the drill and stop the Navy in the process. Xander agrees to help them and of course Helen is the mastermind. They come up with a plan to have Ben dive to the bottom of the ocean with the help of the mermaids and cut the drill. They have to do it at night, so none will see, problem is, the Navy has set a camera up next to the drill to record ocean life. Damn it! Mermaids are not supposed to be real and Ben and Maddie don’t want them exposed to the world so they need a plan b. Who has ideas? Anyone?

Everyone gathers at Helen’s to spend one last night together before shit hits the fan. Ben, Maddie and Ryn embrace and Helen and Sarge share a sweet moment with Helen giving him her necklace so he will always remember her. Everyone agrees on the plan to destroy the Navy’s drill or “cannon,” except Cami who wants revenge on Xander now that she knows he killed her mother. Uh Oh! Stick to the, plan Cami! Do not get side tracked now! The gang is on board Xanders boat and is in the middle of the sea when Cami attacks Xander with an axe just as the Clesco Oil drill goes fucking bananas after the mermaids tear it apart. Damn! The ship is on fire and is sinking! Sarge gets to be a hero one last time, and saves his mermaid sisters but in the process his throat gets slashed by a fishing line from Xanders boat. Shit is bonkers and no one is safe and the credits roll until July! WTF.

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