Get Ready! #RenewBlindspot Campaign

Blindspot has the best fandom in the world! It’s a fact. May is approaching and with it comes the channels announce the renewed and canceled shows for the next TV season. All the shows have to go through that test of fire and our favorite series is no exception.

But the fans are here. And we want to make ourselves known so that those who make the decisions – those managers that only see numbers and dollars – know and take us into account. So that they know that Blindspot has followers all over the world and that we want to see more adventures of Jane, Kurt, Patterson, Rich, Reade, Tasha and company. We want many more team adventures!

The mobilization of fans is very powerful. It’s enough to name recent examples with the series Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both were canceled by the cruel directors but both were saved thanks to the support and mobilization of the fans.

Blindspot is not bad at rantings but we never know and help is never bad, so don’t hesitate, an hour before the episode, join us in the #RenewBlindspot campaign! Make a lot of noise, Blindspotters! We can do it!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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