‘Dynasty’ Casts It’s Dominique Deveraux

One of my guilty pleasures is spending every Friday night with Dynasty. I can’t help how much I love this show. It’s got ridiculous drama, intrigue, and it makes me appreciate how fucked up my life isn’t. Seriously, if you have family issues, watch this show.

You’ll feel better!

I also have sentimental attachments to the show, because I used to sit with my Grandma and watch the original. But, in a world where you just kind of expect people to fuck up the good stuff, for once The CW has done it right.

They have added Michael Michele to the cast, to play the illustrious Dominique Deveraux.

She’ll join the cast towards the end of this season, with the possibility of being a series regular in season three.

Dominique is Blake Carrington’s half sister. She is described as a, “fabulously elegant, self-made woman, known for her outrageous fashion sense and penchant for drama. Dominique will return to Atlanta after a long stint in New York City where she spent the past several years seeking fame and adulation… to no avail. Now Dominique is home to reconnect with her estranged children, but does she really want to be part of their lives, or will she just disappoint them all over again?”

Dynasty airs Friday’s on The CW.

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