FEELS OF THE WEEK: March 24th – March 30th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Isobel Evans, on Roswell, New Mexico. I’ve become a fan of Isobel, I really have, and I like that she wasn’t just content with not knowing and brushing off what happened with Rosa, and she wasn’t just content with believing that she was okay and she wasn’t going to do anything ever again. I also like that she finally, finally came clean with Noah. Honesty is sexy, what can I say?

Lyra: I’m with Lizzie on this one. Isobel was adulting hella hard during this week’s Roswell, New Mexico. She knew what was important, what had to be done, and she went after it. That’s what drove Isobel to tell her hubby about her alien genes and to continue testing her body via Liz and her magic skills.

Gillian: Margo on The Magicians. I never expected her to become one of my favorite characters on this show but each season, I grow more and more in love. She’s been dethroned but still works hard on her quest to discover exactly who she can be. She is such a badass and I can’t wait for the rest of her arc this season.

Lily: MACY! MACY! MACY! She spent most of this week’s Charmed episode thinking her demon side was coming out and thinking she was actually going crazy. All because of Charity. And yet she was able to save herself and find out the truth on her own. That’s my girl! She’s an underappreciated badass and I am proud.

Jasmine: I agree with Lizzie on this one. Isobel from Roswell New Mexico definitely was my choice this week. She got out of that pod and was ready to get shit done! She made sure she told Noah the truth about her and she stood her ground on trying to figure out what happened between her and Rosa.

McKenzie: I have been doing a rewatch of Game of Thrones to prepare for the upcoming season. This week to me is Dany. She fights her wars and it helps that she has three dragons.  She is prepared to fight alongside her own people and die if need be. A lot of people wouldn’t do that. *cough* Cersei *cough*.

Erin: Well, I think that for me – it has got to be Fallon Carrington. Now Dynasty is my guilty pleasure and I make no excuses for it. This week Fallon tried to clean up the “mess” that she made. And sure, shit went wrong. But she came out like a champ and she wasn’t about to let the world get to her. So she took the bull by the horns and made shit happen for herself.

OTP of the Week


Lizzie: This week I’m going with Malex, on Roswell, New Mexico, because holy fuck, sincerity is sexy. And you know what’s also sexy? Alex wanting to know who Michael is, not what he is. These two still have a way to go, but I believe they can get there, and I really want them to.

Gillian: Come on, Rebecca has to pick Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! I’ll be okay if she decides against none of them or even Nathaniel, I guess but GREG IS IT FOR ME. I like that they couldn’t handicap him but he was still nervous and tried to do something so out of his wheelhouse for her. And it didn’t even happen but she stayed and he made his declaration and it was perfect. God, this show kills me.

Lily: Maria and Michael shared a moment in this week’s episode after Maria found out about Michael’s relationship with Alex that had the OG Roswell fan in me screaming for a couple days. I know there’s a very strong possibility we’re heading into triangle territory and I’m not usually a fan of that but I’ll allow it this time because the hurt will be so good. I know it!

Jasmine: Toby and Kate on This is Us episode “The waiting room” (Just watched) the way they support each other is so beautiful to watch. When baby Jack was born, and they were in the NICU together basically keeping each other from falling apart, it was so touching.  

Erin: Beth and Randall on This Is Us. Here’s the thing – they fought like crazy this week and it was hard. It was hard and painful to watch. It tore my heart out and made me cry. These two have endured so much and they have been through the ringer, but they have made it. You don’t fight that passionately unless there is something that you don’t want to loose. You don’t fight that passionately unless there is still love there. So hey – I am holding out hope for these two.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Gillian: This week’s This is Us was a whole hotbed of emotions. Randall & Beth are my favorite couple on the show and I loved every second learning about their relationship. I loved their wedding and their vows! But the episode also delved into the negative aspects of their relationship and it hurt so much. I still think they belong together but they definitely have some issues to work out. But which couple doesn’t?! I have hope they’ll work it out but what a rollercoaster that episode was.

Lizzie: That whole conversation between Frankie and Will about how they can get ice cream with anyone, they save the world together? GAH. It feels like this show is going a mile a minute, and yet nothing, absolutely nothing feels rushed, and I already not just ship this people, but cherish them and want them to be happy forever. So good job, Whiskey Cavalier. Good job.

Sam: Aram and Samar are the best couple on The Blacklist and seeing Aram’s reaction when he realized he would never be able to see Samar again was heartbreaking. The final scene when Aram confronted Red and burst into tears while talking to Samar on the phone is the first time I’ve cried while watching The Blacklist and it’s going to stick with me for a while. It was a one two punch of pain as Mozhan Marno’s character Samar was going into hiding and it meant she was leaving the show for good. The Blacklist will never be the same without her.

Lily: The entire R&B episode of This Is Us slayed me and for the first time I am legit worried about my otp. I don’t think they’re gonna make it.

Jasmine: Watching Billy Russo in The punisher episode “My brothers keeper.” (Just watched) Ben Barnes is a phenomenal actor and is really nailing it in season 2. Seeing him break down at Krista’s apartment because he couldn’t remember certain things about his relationship with Frank was sad. I know Billy did horrible things to land him in his current situation but, he could only remember that Frank and him were like brothers so he couldn’t understand why he had done what he did to his face, nor why he was pointing a gun at him.

Erin: Please see Lizzie’s answer.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “Although, If this were back in the day, I would’ve been godlike.”


“Two spirits in one body, both masculine and feminine. It’s considered a gift from the creator.” – Sam Black Crow and Shadow Moon, American Gods

Lizzie: “I can get ice cream with anybody. You and me, we save the world.” – Will to Frankie, on Whiskey Cavalier.

Sam: “Who’s gonna take care of you if I’m not there?” – Aram to Samar on The Blacklist

Lily: “Abuela! Maybe your dead husband’s coming back too!” – Jane Villanua’s entire 7 minute monologue on Jane the Virgin that Gina Rodriguez filmed and directed in one shot was a masterclass in acting and directing! I heard it was the longest monologue in the history of television too!

Jasmine: “He’s still President?”- Isobel, Roswell New Mexico

WTF Moment of the Week

Lyra: Emily Bett Rickards leaving Arrow and Felicty Smoak. Just…WTF? Does that mean that Felicity is going to die? Go missing? Or leave her kid and Oliver to deal with shit by themselves? This smells like when Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries and I don’t like it. Not one bit! Imagine if it goes back to MORE brooding Oliver or the Oliver from the first couple episodes of Arrow right before EBR hit the scene? Nope. Do not like.

Gillian: As usual, Riverdale. While I’m glad to find out what’s going on with the Farm for real, talking to dead people? REALLY? Why? I’m ready for this storyline to end.

Lily: Lex Luthor as Power Girl’s savior on Supergirl has me seriously all over the place. I don’t really know how to feel about it yet. Is it me or is he actually in love with her? I know there’s precedent for that in the comics. Or is Power Girl falling in love with Lena? Honestly, this entire episode was so good and yet so wtf. But it’s the first time that I’ve wanted to really talk about this show all season so I guess that’s a good thing. Also, kinda surprised that Jon Cryer is actually killing it in this role. He’s pretty great.

Jasmine: Isobel’s memory of the night Rosa died in Roswell New Mexico. That moment had me stunned because it was obvious something was controlling her, but now I’m like, ok… so Isobel did kill Rosa????

McKenzie: When Maya from The Fix was talking about wanting her revenge against Sevvy.  Maya, listen, he might of killed his wife and was found not guilty for a brutal double homicide, but he might not have killed Jessica.  We don’t know for sure and you are ranting over here about wanting revenge. You are sounding like you are going to make sure this falls on Sevvy regardless. Use your head. Be smart. Be better.

Erin: Every flashback on Roswell New Mexico that Isobel had. Like WTF.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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