‘This Is Us’ 3×18 Review: ‘Her’

The third season of This Is Us has been a roller coaster of emotions. We’ve been up and down and sometimes all over the place but the season finale finally took us to where we’ve been dying to go since the season started: the future.

We’ve known that “her” was Rebecca for a while. That was not much of a mystery about halfway through. However, that does not mean that the writers of the series didn’t have some last minute secrets to reveal in the final moments of the season.

Let’s dive right in!

Randall and Beth are gonna be alright!

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In the weeks leading up to the finale, the show had been teasing a possible separation or divorce from everyone’s favorite couple. I am happy to report that this was all a red herring. Right before it looked like all was lost and it really was the end for R&B, Beth found the “door”. That was a metaphor for the very obvious obstacle they’d been facing in their marriage.

While Randall was contemplating resigning from being councilman to  save his marriage, Beth decided that she was going to open up her own dance studio- in Philadelphia! Randall and Beth are moving the whole family closer to his base, which means he will finally be an official resident of the district that he represents. With Beth’s support totally and completely behind him and her finally getting to live her dream without having to bend, it looks like there’s nothing these two can’t overcome.

Beth is the #1 wifey and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of my girl. She’s the real MVP and damn it, Deja was right! Randall hit the lottery twice in his life. He really shouldn’t throw that away. I can’t believe how close he came to letting that happen! I’ll never stop rooting for these two. I’m glad to know that I’ll never be given a reason not to. This is what love is supposed to be!

The Zevin Ship has officially sunk

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This is actually the most devastating thing that happened in the finale for me. I have been rooting so hard for these two from the moment they met at Kate and Toby’s wedding last year. She’s been through a lot with him this entire season. She was by his side when he went to Vietnam to chase down the truth about his father’s past. She stuck with him even after he fell off the wagon and started drinking again. I really thought she was going to be the Rebecca to Kevin’s Jack. It breaks my heart that she ended up not being able to stick around in the end.

The deal breaker was kids, of course. Don’t get me wrong. This is a legitimate excuse to break up. If one person wants kids while the other doesn’t, that relationship is destined to fail. If there’s ever something to be on the same page about with your partner, it’s this. I guess I just really believed they were paralleling Jack and Rebecca from season one. But I can see why they wouldn’t. It’d be way too predictable if they went that route.

Fast forward to the future and it was revealed that Kevin has a son! We still don’t know who the baby mama is but I’m going to go ahead and guess that it’s not Zoe. I’m not sure what emotion I am feeling right now. On the one hand, I am so sad because one of my favorite ships on the show is officially dead. On the other, I’m also happy because it seems that Kevin is doing really good. He’s got a kid and he’s sober.

Still, you know what they say about hope. It’s the last thing to fully die. And I am still holding out hope that Kevin is a single dad in this future and Zoe is somehow still in his orbit because she’s Beth’s cousin. Maybe her having kids was a hard no but her being someone’s step mom might not be. What if they parallel Miguel and Rebecca instead?

Rebecca’s diagnosis is revealed

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As I stated earlier, we’ve been knowing that Rebecca was the mysterious “her” Randall and Tess were discussing at the start of the season. I’m sure most of us figured she was sick but we just did not know with what yet. The finale finally confirmed that Rebecca is suffering from Alzheimer’s in the future.  We still don’t know the extent of her dementia but if the entire family is gathering all around her, it looks pretty bad.

It’s no surprise that she’s getting at home care and that she’s living with Kevin. He’s the most well off financially of the Big Three and he could definitely afford it. What was surprising was that instead of Miguel, Nicky was the one sitting by Rebecca’s bedside.

I do love how they revealed future Rebecca by paralleling it with a car accident she had in the past. Due to the severity of her injuries, she was kept overnight in the hospital. So Jack and the kids all went to be with her in the middle of the night because they couldn’t sleep knowing that she was in the hospital. Young Randall walked toward his mother’s hospital room in a similar fashion to older Randall walking toward his mother’s death bed.

It kills me that Rebecca is suffering from this so that means that she forgets a lot about her life, including her kids. My best friend’s grandmother suffers from dementia and I love that woman like she was my own grandmother. I know exactly what the Pearson family is going through because I see it with her family and I feel it whenever I go visit her. This is one of those things that is going to hit close to home for a lot of people and I am just so glad that this show always handles such tough subjects with care. It’s okay that it makes us cry because it hurts as long as it never makes us angry because it’s offensive. So I’m very grateful to the writers for that.

A lot of questions still left unanswered

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We knew that they weren’t going to be able to answer everything before the season ended. Right now, we still don’t know a lot. Where is Miguel? Did he die or did he leave when Rebecca got sick? I can’t imagine that they worked overtime to make us like Miguel only to make him a douchebag in the end so I’m betting he’s gone-gone.

We also don’t know what Kate and Toby’s relationship status is. All the signs still point to divorce or separation for those two, which is sad. I was finally on board with them and it looks like they didn’t even make it. That really blows. But that’s also life. Sometimes love just isn’t enough to conquer all.

But Jack is still alive and well so that’s great news! The first few weeks of his life were tough but he’s finally breathing on his own and by the end of the episode, he was allowed to go home with his parents for the first time. I can’t wait to meet him in the future. I’m sure we’ll find out who they cast for that role soon enough. Am I the only one who really hopes that whoever gets cast bears a close resemblance to a young Milo Ventimiglia? In my mind, I picture Jess Mariano but that could just be my love for Gilmore Girls coming through.

And I really, really need to know who Kevin’s baby mama is. I hope it’s not Sophie. That’s a dead horse they need to stop beating. It’s over. Let’s move on. You’re not supposed to marry the girl you dated all through elementary, middle and high school. They’re not Cory and Topanga! That’ ship is dead in the water so just let it stay dead.


Source: http://livelovecaliforniadreams.tumblr.com
  • “We don’t work when we’re apart but together… Baby, we set the world on fire.” Beth and Randall have the best one liners to each other. They are the epitome of relationship goals for me. I want that kind of love where we set the world on fire like that. Man, that was a great line!
  • “Blockbuster’s not going anywhere.” Oh Jack! If you only knew how wrong you were. This one felt like a gut punch.
  • Zoe and Kevin’s very amicable break up was bittersweet. It was still a break up but it left me with some hope in the end. I guess I really couldn’t ask for more.
  • Rebecca is the best mom ever and I’m so glad her kids know this now that they’re adults and have their own kids – especially Kate.
  • Nicky is back! I have so many questions that need answers!
  • I’m actually worried about Miguel. I can’t help it. This season made me give a shit.
  • Deja’s EPIC speech to Randall about winning the lottery twice! She’s 100% Randall’s daughter and I don’t care who hears me. You can fight me on that! Also, where the hell are Deja and Annie in the future? They better be there next season!
  • Kevin flirting with that blonde nurse killed me. That was hilarious. Jack was mortified!
  • I loved Jack’s speech to the nurse. He called Rebecca the engine of his family and my heart melted. I love their love.

This Is Us will return this fall on NBC. We have the whole summer to marinate over what we just learned and what we still don’t know! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s theories while we wait for season 4 to start in September! Make sure to drop some of those theories in my mentions on Twitter! You can find me @LilyMiranda07!

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