Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

Lyra: All the women of Whiskey Cavalier. This show continues to put women’s stories front and center without sacrificing the stories of men. It’s a delicate balance that this show KEEPS killing it with. Frankie is kind, badass, and on a path of growth despite that other TV shows with characters like her dictate her journey should be like. Susan breaks the mold with the emphasis on her relationship with Frankie that has nothing to do with her BFF Will. And even though we haven’t gotten the amount of Susan time I desire, she’s getting way more development than I expected for a character that is supplemental to the female and male lead. Susan matters, has her own struggles that define her, and continues to be an integral part of the Whiskey Cavalier family. Even Emma and guest character Tina have enough backstory to set them up as more than current booty call and badass that catches knives during missions and you’re half in love with her from that. Looking at you Standish. All of the women on Whiskey Cavalier matter and it shows it in their storytelling, arc development, and every episode that airs, week after week.

Lariel: She’s not the traditional badass, but for me this week it’s Mona from Legends of Tomorrow. First she stood up to her overbearing parents. Then she triple-whammied Gary with the memory gun he’d planned to use on her. Next, she gave an impassioned defense of the escaped Kaupe, convincing the Legends not to turn him back over to the Time Bureau’s internment camp… er, prison for magical creatures. And then that surprise transformation at the end of the episode! Mona may not be a trained fighter like Sara Lance, but she was a warrior in the best sense of the word, using the skills she had to fight for what she believed in.

Gillian: Shay from The Last O.G., also not a traditional badass. We really got to know more about her character in the season premiere and all that she’s been through. While having to raise twins on her own because Tray is in jail, she also had to kick out her drug addict mother for stealing from her and juggle working as well. It was really beautiful and I appreciate the show for taking the time to round out her character more.

Mimi: The OA, for being her usual badass self. Britt Marling who plays The OA, with sick and compassion is highly underrated and should be nominated for an Emmy. For God sakes she wrote, produced and created this phenomenal show that is amazing and breathtaking taking. She’s a badass and I love her.

McKenzie: Lisa Davis from Seal Team. This week she finally got over her fear and went to OCF (Officer Candidate School). She has had a fear that Bravo team will look down on her for going to school. She decided to go for her own dream and leave the Seal Team as her role as a support specialist. Bravo team acted like I knew they would, they wholeheartedly supported her. She is a badass to me because she went for her dream, even with fear that she would be looked down on for it.

OTP of the Week


McKenzie: Sabrina and Nick from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Season 2 premiered this week on Netflix, and it was glorious. Nick accepts and supports Sabrina for what she is, half mortal and half witch. He never falters in offering or wanting to help her in anyway. He is very understanding and wants to learn about her mortal life. Not every relationship is like that these days, let alone teenage ones. They were goals for me this week.

Lyra: Without jumping into spoilers, Sabrina and Nick Scratch from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are my OTP of the Week. When he appeared in season one he definetly had the bad boy witch thing going for him. And when him and Sabrina would eventually hook up, because the tension was real and you could see it a mile away, I thought that I knew what kind of man he’d be with Sabrina. I’m glad to say I was wrong and my “bad boy” notions of him were not even close to capturing the kind of young man he is and how much he cares for Sabrina. He’s got her back, no matter what, and has a storyline of his own that isn’t completely drowned by that of Sabrina’s. He’s her partner, her ride or die, and so damn respectful/kind/honest that I want to protect them both from the world.

Gillian: Randall & Beth on This Is Us are okay everyone! Oh my God, that was stressful. I loved that they still wanted to work on their issues instead of giving up. And that Deja pitched in to help all on her own. It was moving to see how Beth didn’t just roll over; she found a path for the two of them to achieve all they wanted. It’s honestly more #relationshipgoals for me than Rebecca & Jack.

Lariel: I didn’t have one this week. But can I plug Lizzie’s “13 Couples We Wish Had Happened?” So much love for her choices, including my forever mourned OTP, CaptainCanary from Legends of Tomorrow. Get a box of tissues and GO READ!

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Michelle: It was inevitable that I would choose this week’s This Is Us. Not only does this show bring me to tears every episode, but the looming doom of the season finale was above my head. Leading up to the season finale, Beth and Randall’s relationship was on the forefront. And near the end of the episode, Randall inquires on the ramifications of giving up his newly appointment position. And up until this moment? I thought R&B was done. But in true Beth fashion, she does what most strong women will do: she finds the right answer for bother herself and Randal.

Gillian: The series finale of You’re the Worst was perfect. Every single part of the episode made me laugh and cry as it was supposed to. Gretchen and Jimmy are not role models in a relationship but they managed to figure out how “forever” works for them. Every scene with Edgar after last week’s blow-up also killed me. I’m going to miss these misfits so much. And that the flash forwards were all misdirection! Seriously, the show will be deeply missed by me.

Lyra: American Gods and it’s unapologetic stance on giving people of color a stage to tell, live, and breathe their own stories. There’s no white savior waiting on the side, looking at you Mr. Wednesday, ready to save these people and Gods of color. They fight for their own future, know what’s holding them back, and what can liberate their people. And honestly, we could use more moments like this where minorities get to let it all out when it comes to their experience in today’s United States. Wait, correction, we NEED more moments like this on TV when it comes to the American experience while being black. It’s essential and dear God I am so ready for more of it.

Quote of the Week


Lariel: “Where’s my nipple?!” – Agent Gary Green, Legends of Tomorrow

Michelle: “Well, guess it will be much easier to find you then. We don’t work when we’re apart. But together, baby, together we set the world on fire.” -Beth, This Is Us

Mimi: “Do the work! Get help!” -Meghan Hunt, Greys Anatomy

Lyra: “I don’t hate babies. I just…fear them.” Jai, Whiskey Cavalier

WTF Moment of the Week


Lariel: Again, I turn to Legends of Tomorrow. Not because of what so many people have been claiming was a change in Ava’s personality. She just reverted to the person she was in 3×01. And not because of the AvaLance breakup; I’ve been anticipating it. (I feel the “I hate you” chemistry between Jes Macallan and Caity Lotz is far better than their “I love you” chemistry has ever been.)

No, it was this little “gem” from Ava: “If Hank has to experiment on a few creatures to find a better way to fight them, then so be it!” Top that off with an interview with showrunner Phil Klemmer in which he notes an argument in the writers’ room about the rights of magical creatures: “Magical creatures as far as I know aren’t real, but we did have a pretty bitter split in the room between people. And I personally take Ava’s point of view in that.”

WTF? Ava’s endorsing experimentation on… should we call them the enemy? I don’t think so; even when they got loose in the Thanksgiving episode, they were merely hungry, not murderous. The magical creatures can be seen as an allegory for Supergirl’s aliens, or migrants in the real world. Which casts the Time Bureau’s internment camp in a troubling light. That, combined with the dialogue and the showrunner’s statement, is a bit stomach-churning for me to see on what used to be my favorite show. Maybe I’m over-thinking here. But people were so disturbed about Nazis as bad guys in the 2017 crossover. No one seems to be disturbed by human supremacists as good guys here.

Michelle: In the many years of Grey’s Anatomy, and I’ve watched all of them, Owen’s storyline has always been questionable. First with Christina, then Teddy, then Amelia. He has never had a happily ever after, but then again, who on that show does? This week, his sister visits, and lays it all out that his relationship with Teddy, their future child, Amelia, and their foster child is ridiculous. And I agree. How many seasons do are we going to see poor Owen get hurt, again and again?

Mimi: The OA, season 2 finale. I’ve been told not to divulge anything for those who haven’t tuned in, but for those who have a big WTF??!! Can we discuss? Can you inbox me your theories? Gahhhh!! I need to process my feelings.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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