Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson To Star In ‘Marry Me’

I love a good romantic comedy. I mean, I am jaded as fuck, don’t believe in love, and would rather pull my toenails out then allow anyone in – but I think that is besides the point. I just don’t miss an opportunity to say it.

My bitterness aside, my love for romantic comedies is strong. Jennifer Lopez is starring in another one and so I am like just take all my money.

Jennifer Lopez (Second Act) has teamed with STXfilms in the romantic comedy Marry Me.

The movie is described as The Proposal meets Notting Hill. Being as both of those are movies that I can watch over and over again, I am like throwing my wallet at them.

The movies is about a pop music superstar, moments before marrying her rock-star fiancé at Madison Square Garden, finds out he was cheating with her assistant and spontaneously melts down onstage and picks a random math teacher (Wilson) out of the crowd to marry instead. What starts as a goof ends up becoming an exploration of relationships, expectations and destiny.

Yup, take all my money.

Owen Wilson is in final negotiations to star.

What do you think? Is it a movie that you will watch?

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