Season 3 Of ‘Designated Survivor’ Gets A Premiere Date

Look, Designated Survivor used to be my favorite thing. It was one of those shows that I felt like – well, for a period of time – I was always going to be on the edge of my seat and it was unpredictable.

Then it wasn’t.

When the show was cancelled – I felt a sigh of relief. Because I felt that it went stale. Truth be told, I watched to see if the hair department would stop using so much gel in Aaron’s hair. Seriously, that shit looked as though it would never move.

But then there was the other part of it – Italia Ricci is on it and we all know that we’ll follow her anywhere. Is what it is.

Netflix picked up Designated Survivor for Season 3 and finally gave us a premiere date.

June 7th.

Look, I love me a Netflix show, so I am hoping that Netflix does that right. Makes the show more interesting. Designated Survivor will have a 10 episode run on Netflix.

Are you excited for Designated Survivor?

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