The Gotham Group Options ‘Stay Up With Hugo’

Now you know we love a good book and love a good movie. We’re always full of hope that the book will be adapted with love, care, and respect. We’re always hopeful that the adaptation will be as the book.

Stay Up With Hugo was a book that we recently read and loved. The book, follows June Bloom, a cynical writers assistant on a late night television show. Hugo, the night time TV host that she works for unexpectedly retires. At a dive bar June prepares to return to her anonymous comedy lifestyle, she doesn’t realize that Hugo is in the audience. He invites her to his house for the weekend and as the weekend unfolds, he gradually reveals himself. Their relationship is complicated and less predictable than imagined.

It’s a great book and the story is not everything that you think it will be. Written by Erin Somers’, the book was released by Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster.

The book has been optioned for film by The Gotham Group. It’s no secret that we’re fan of The Gotham Groups films, so we are excited to see how this one unfolds.

Have you read it yet?

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