17 Time We Fell For The Character of Michael Guerin On ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

Heart don’t fail me now. It tends to go into overdrive when I am looking at the Roswell, New Mexico god that is Michael Vlamis.

Sure, you know who he is too. If you’re smart, you’re all up in his Instagram stories, drooling over the food that his Mama makes him and the laughter that he provides. You’re also currently doing laps around Amoeba music to see if you can spot the Roswell, New Mexico star walking up and down the street in hopes of being recognized.

But like most of you we fell for him because of the character that he plays on TV.

If you haven’t watched Roswell, New Mexico (which if you haven’t – I don’t know why we’re friends, cause that show is life) we’re breaking it down to you pretty easily why you should be drooling over Michael Guerin in Roswell, New Mexico.

That Smolder of Annoyance

That Brotherly I’m Gonna Protect You Vibe

That Moment Of Letting Someone In

That Moment When You Need To Love Him Because He’s Not Loving Himself

That Moment of Vulnerability

That Moment Where You Can See That He Wants To Let Someone In

That Hair That You Just Wanna Run Your Fingers Through 

That Whitty Sense Of Humor

That Gaze From Across The Room

That Look Of Pure Passion

That Complete Smartassness

That Thing That Makes You Want to Stop And Look

That Moment Where Feeling Show

That Sense of Comfort That You Crave

That Look Up & Wanting Him To Look At You That Way

That Ya, I’d Let Him Tap That Too Vibe¬†

That Friend That Doesn’t Know How Special He Is

Roswell, New Mexico is currently streaming on Netflix.



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