‘Eleanor & Park’ To Be Developed For Film By Picturestart and Plan B

Rainbow Rowell’s books are life changing. The affect your heart, hit you right in the feels, and make you stop to think about everything in your life. They are relevant, the are inspirational, and they are just the type of book that I never knew that I needed. But trust me, when you read them – you will fall for them too.

One of her most epic books, Eleanor & Park has been optioned for film by Picturestart and Plan B. The two are working together to bring the book to life.

The book takes place in the 1980’s, but it focuses on some very real topics. It’s about two friends – while their friendship is blooming – that find love while dealing with body image issues, domestic violence, and bullying.

The books has created some controversy, but also has won several awards, including – ALAs Michael L. Printz award and YALSAs Odyssey Honor.

To be honest, a little afraid to get my hopes up over this one, as Dreamworks had originally optioned the rights in 2014 and well… they seemed to have slept on this. Rainbow Rowell will be writing the script and executive producing. Eric Feig (who hey, we remember from Twilight – cause hey, everything goes back to Twilight) will be financing through Picturestart.

Are you excited for Eleanor & Park?


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