‘Elementary’ 7×02 : ‘Gutshot’

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary.

When we left off last episode, Detective Bell dropped the bomb that Captain Gregson was shot. There wasn’t much detail of what happened, and this just moments after Sherlock decided to reach out and make amends. Now obviously, we have the dilemma that Sherlock cannot go back Stateside, since you know, he confessed to a murder he didn’t commit.

*cue theme song* Bum bum, ba da bum, bum BUM.

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New York State of Mind

The first scene that we see appears to be the happenings of a car crash. Car wreck to the side, injured man crawling to a stop, and (not so innocent) bystanders who argue about calling 9-1-1. Based on what we see from Detective Bell’s secondary questioning, there isn’t much to go on. It makes me wonder, how they’re going to play this out, and how many episodes they’ll drag the story line out.

Joan heads directly to the precinct and the 11th, directly seeing Detective Bell. She offers her services, and rightfully so. Did we really see another way? Joan says she will keep Sherlock apprised of what’s going on, and he will do what he can to help from across the pond. But we haven’t seen Sherlock yet, and I’m getting suspicious of how he’s going to insert himself in this episode.

And as I’m typing this, we see Joan walk through the doors of the familiar, yet empty brownstone. And surprise, surprise, enter Sherlock Holmes.

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Homegrown Bully

Without a doubt, Sherlock wouldn’t miss an opportunity to help solve this particular case. And in true Elementary fashion, it isn’t just as simple as solving who shot the Captain. As both Sherlock and Watson retrace the Captain’s steps, they are brought to a baseball field and discover a hidden body in the snacks stand. Records show that the body belongs to a missing son, Tim Beldsoe, from 8 months ago. This was a case that was dismissed previously, and the Captain took an interest in.

The son was a delinquent, bullying his way through life protected by a Police Sargent as a father. He fell in with the wrong crowd and all signs and ingredients of domestic terrorism.

And as each clue is unveiled, and each suspect turned over, they get closer and closer to solving the mystery. Just not the mystery of who shot Captain.

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Prognosis: Pretty Grim

When Joan visited Captain Gregson, we see Paige by his bedside! We haven’t seen Paige since season 5. And as we saw Paige on screen, it gave a sense of extension due to not having the Captain. Those episodes from season 5 were some of my favorites, and this was just a great way to pay tribute to her for the last season.

It was tough seeing the Captain on that bed, but this plot device has changed the overall feel of these moments in the episode. I mean, really, last season why they have to amp up everything, right?

From a push by Joan, Sherlock visits the Captain in the hospital. Still unconscious, Sherlock says out loud everything that we felt watching the screen. The Captain jeopardized everything last season, protecting who he felt was more important. Sure, we all knew that the Captain would choose Hannah, but why do it himself? And you know that Sherlock would voice out why didn’t the Captain ask Sherlock for help? Why ruin everything by a rash decision?

Heading Home

Jason Mears confesses to the murder of Tim Bledsoe and shooting Captain Gregson. He lays out his story with full details, nice and neat. He apologizes for hurting the Captain, and is ready to go to jail. Great, tie it all with a nice bow. But is it really that simple?

The confession doesn’t sit well with Joan or Detective Bell. Bledsoe was lying, taking the fall for something he obviously didn’t do just himself. Sherlock thinks it’s a bigger domestic terrorism group or cause, and urges Joan to stay in New York to make sure everyone here is safe.

The last scene we see is Sherlock turning himself in to the FBI. What does this mean? I think this is the only way for him to stay in New York.  How he’ll get out of his murder sentence? Who knows. I enjoyed this episode for  the relationship arcs, but the actual mystery wasn’t on my top list. I do feel the seeds being planted for a bigger story line, and that is what I’m ready for.

What did you think, fellow sober companions? Tell us in the comments below!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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