‘Elementary’ 7×03 – ‘The Price of Admission’

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary.  Ready?

We begin this episode with Sherlock in an interrogation room. He requested Assistant Director, Head of the New York field office, Egan, to make a statement. Sherlock blackmailed the AD for something that Egan did a long time ago in order to clear his and Watson’s name in Michael’s murder. Sherlock banked on his father’s connections and previous dealings for charges to go away and allow him to stay in New York.

It was an extreme measure, but it is evident that Sherlock means business.

*cue theme song* Bum bum, ba da bum, bum BUM.

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99 Problems until you die

While Sherlock is no longer in hiding, his father’s contacts has brought him and Watson to investigate a murder at a high end storage facility, Krypsona, in a foreign trade zone. Funny enough, Krypsona is for the “rich and shady,” that caters to wealthy clients who don’t want US Customs to know about certain items. *cue foreshadowing*

Well, it so happens that we see an original Lance Petra, or a huge neon pink art piece, on its side, as a dead body is underneath. Poor Virgil Gwynn.

The manager of Krypsona asked Sherlock for help with a “problem.” But seeing that there is a dead body, it isn’t as simple. Retracing what could have been Virgil’s death, Sherlock finds a dental crown. Everyone connected to Krypsona are now suspects. After ruling the death a murder, the NYPD are now involved.

Sherlock suspects that Virgil was possibly seeking secrets or information, and bringing the information to the clients to blackmail them. Unfortunately, the price must have been too high. Well at least Virgil couldn’t pay it.

He knew, didn’t he?
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Detective Bell and Watson discover more clues as they talk to different clients. And in standard form, they both follow the trail to uncover more clues. One think leads to another, and Detective Bell pulls a fast one on us.


Because he knew all along that Sherlock was back. What does this mean? Well, it’s an excuse for Sherlock to not have to hide anymore. But to give credit to Bell, he was trained by Sherlock. Of course he would find out. And besides, Bell deducted that Sherlock couldn’t stay away from the captain for long.

Speaking of the Captain, the 11th precinct has an interim captain. This captain sure isn’t Gregson, because this captain doesn’t care about details since he is a “30,000 feet man.” Is this a common phrase? Because I definitely have never heard of it before.

Diplomacy doesn’t save everyone

Sorting through the clients’ storage facilities leads Watson to the Swenson family antiquities. Sherlock isolates one primary suspect, Ms. Swenson, the heiress of the construction mogul’s estate, is a suspect. Stolen antiquities from the Ethiopian government are a huge motive for murder. But, coincidentally, a peace deal between the Ethiopian government and the Etrayan government alleviate their problems.

An appraiser, Mr. Florenti, that Swenson hired to appraise the collection distanced himself from Ms. Swenson and her collection. Ms. Swenson wanted him to forge papers.

It turns out, a journal from Ms. Swenson’s collection outlines disputed information of fossil fuel on the border, resulting in Ethiopia’s Prime Minister pulling out of the peace deal with Etraya.

Stop right there

This is the part of the episode where I started glossing over. While it isn’t abnormal for Sherlock episodes have multiple linear story lines, this episode bored me a bit. Aside from the plot of Sherlock’s freedom (and his unconventional methods to clear his name), I didn’t care about the actual mystery. There were too many twists and turns, and definitely too many details.

The appraiser did it. The Etrayan government hired an assassin to take care of Virgil. And Sherlock does what he does to get Mr. Florenti to confess.

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Episode 3 was just okay. After the momentum of the first two episodes, this one fell short and disconnected from what we’ve seen so far.

What did you think, fellow sober companions? Tell us in the comments below!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.


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