‘Elementary’ 7×05 – ‘Into the Woods’

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. Ready?

‘Into the Woods’ opening sequence is filled with clips of Patrick Mears. This is pretty exciting if this is the mid season shocker.

Episode 5 begins with Joan watching a man talking to a room of people on television. What is a tech symposium to Joan is a cocktail anecdote pandering to the masses. In a previous season, Sherlock started a gun buyback program on behalf of Joan and this caused tech billionaire, Oden Reichenbach, to make a huge donation. The donation came with an invitation to meet Joan.

Now to the mystery. At the finish line of The Greenbelt Adventure Classic, two friends are awaiting the arrival of their friend Isabelle. As she turns the corner towards the finish, Isabelle collapses on the ground, not from exhaustion, but from a knife in her back. Bloody hell.

*cue theme song* Bum bum, ba da bum, bum BUM.

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Mud is mud unless it’s Marsh Mud

Detective Bell arrives to the scene and speaks with Isabelle’s roommate.  Bell seems to think that she was attacked on the course, but it is an adventure race  without a real course. It appears that every inch of the forest, about 3,000 acres, is an active crime scene. And of course, Sherlock walks up and narrows down the location.

Sherlock and Bell walk towards Richmond pond. According to Sherlock, her left leg had mud smeared, but most of the mud was dry except for around her ankle. And given that the pond is surrounded by marsh land, they assumed that the area around the pond is where the attack took place. Clever, clever.

They stumble onto a creepy shack, one with it’s door off the hinges. After looking inside, they find remnants of items used for a bootleg distillery. There are blood drops, blood splatters, and two distinct sets of foot prints, but none small enough to be Isabelle’s. The splatter appears to be one from a shooting, making a claim that there is another victim. There are drag marks outside of the shed before he was dumped in the water.

Hog Tied

Meanwhile, Watson heads to meet Odin but is expecting her offsite, a park that he is permitted solace for an hour a day. He admits that he is skeptical about Joan’s buyback program but only contributed so he could meet her and Sherlock. He seeks to gain a favor from them with a problem. His sister was threatened that someone would kidnap her daughter, Abigail, if they didn’t pay up. He initially thought it was a cruel prank, but then the photos and letters started to show up. While he has people on payroll to handle this situation, he feels that someone who works for him is behind the threats.

When Joan approaches Sherlock, he isn’t happy with the dilemma that the billionaire admirer presented, but will help. Odin has given them access to the office after hours so they can find clues.

Marcus has news, and they head to the morgue. There were two bodies discovered from the pond. One of them being a hog. The body was ID’d as Reginald, or Renny, a bartender in Brooklyn who must have owned the distillery. Joan has a theory that a one of the victims was threatened in the shack into making moonshine. They tested it on the hog who made noise, just as Isabelle passed by. In order to hide the whole event, Isabelle was stabbed to keep quiet.

Marcus investigates the bar that Renny worked at, and tried to get information from his boss, Beau, but according to the bartender, he wasn’t there. Turns out he took a last minute trip. Marcus asks the bartender about the fight a few weeks back, and it was about Renny’s side business making moonshine and selling it at the bar. They fought over Beau taking too big of a cut resulting in Beau firing Renny.

Bell ran a fingerprint on a wine bottle that Sherlock pieced together, belonging to Tod Harris, a wine dealer. Bell and Watson meet the wine dealer, but he is barely alive after being shot. Whoever broke into his house wanted one of the wines in his collection. Tod never saw the killer’s face before he was tied up and brought to the wine cellar.

Goose Chase

Meanwhile, Sherlock and Watson are due at Odker to meet Odin, and he allows them access to his offices to do what they have to do to find answers. They go through all of the computers to find clues. They’ve looked through everything, and there are no clues that anyone is involved with the threats. But Sherlock stumbles upon a drawer of poker chips, and a checkbook with hints of gambling debt.

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From the clues, they deduce that the killer is trying to poison someone. Watson thinks of someone, Jason Woods, and Bell warns him. They plan to catch the killer at a wine event that night, and draws out the bartender from earlier. He confesses that he was obsessed with Jason’s wife, who met Mrs. Woods in high school, and was planning to get him out of the way.

After many hours and angles, Sherlock and Watson go to Odin to let him know that there were no threats to his niece. Odin put them through a test to see how far they would go to protect someone. It turns out that Odin has ties to Patrick Mears, most likely who Patrick was working for. Words were exchanged, and the gauntlet was thrown.

Oh boy, Odin is this season’s villain? I’m ready for it.

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Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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