‘Elementary’ 7×06 Review: “Command: Delete”

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. Ready?

The opening sequence for this week’s episode,  ‘Command: Delete’ is a recap of what happened last episode. Odin Reichenbach sent them on a wild goose chase last week, and Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson are pretty miffed about it.

Episode 6 beings in an immediate continuation. Sherlock and Joan are still with Reichenbach. Now from last episode, he admitted that he told Meers about information that ultimately led Meers to taking action. To me, it doesn’t add up, but I’ll wait to make judgment.

Reichenbach presents a problem that he needs help with. As of late, he has been using his platform to weed out criminals and wrong doing, ultimately breaking his terms of service. He nudges others in certain ways, to right the wrongs without going through the proper channels. Reichenbach feels guilty that it was happening on his platform, and even more so that he didn’t see anything coming.

He justifies breaking his terms of service and privacy of the users because he feels that he is helping the greater good. By nudging certain people, decisions will be taken and will save hundreds of lives. Reichenbach approaches that they help him refine the system to prevent more tragedies.

Meanwhile, Detective Marcus Bell is at the home of a friend, Davis Whitmark, who’s wife has a feeling that something has gone wrong. Davis has gone missing and his wife reveals that his PTSD has flared up recently. They go inside the garage and see his work area, only for Marcus to find the makings of a sniper rifle.

Here we go!

*cue theme song* Bum bum, ba da bum, bum BUM.

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The writing is on ruled paper

Sherlock destroys all the tech to prevent Reichenbach listening and racking their movements. Joan and he mutually agree to not bring this to Captain Gregson or Marcus for the time being. They don’t want anything to jeopordize what they plan to do, and also, they don’t want to put others at risk. Sherlock decides to go to his contact at the NSA, bringing the evidence to him. Funny enough, Sherlock writes it out in long form.

No tech, so old school eh?

Sherlock’s contact at the NSA thinks that Reichenbach has a lot of gall admitting what he did. Sherlock believes that the NYPD can touch him, or even give the information to a reporter. But he believes the NSA can help more than others.

Marcus and Joan go to  Davis’ work and sort through his computer. Joan easily finds his password, and they discover porn. They discover  that the woman in the bondage videos may be a target. Due to a balance sheet that they found, she owed Davis a lot of money to shoot and edit the videos. Specifically $50,000. It turns out that the woman was working on a new kink site, cutting a deal with Davis that would give him a share in the site, making him more money than she had owed him. She believes that he wouldn’t want to kill her because of the amount of annual payouts that she would owe him.

Birds of a feather

With the Richenbach matter at an impasse, Sherlock diverts his attention to track down Davis. He watched the videos that Davis worked on, and figured out that a call previously made by Davis had background noise. From that, Sherlock was able to deduce where Davis was located.

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Davis was brought in, and while in the box, he explained his motives behind the videos, and the story behind the sniper rifle. He said that he was blackmailed who had seen him in the videos. He, with his rifle, were instructed to go to near the Warford. He were just to wait for a signal. He was still on the rooftop without a signal when they found him. While in observation, Sherlock calls the hotel of where they found him to find out more information. They discovered that there was a man, Boron, a sport entertainer, inside the hotel that was under protection by AS Safeguard.

Sherlock deduces that it wasn’t Davis that was to make the hit, but because AS Safeguard knew a sniper would cause alarm and a relocation to a safe house , the victim was vulnerable for a surprise attack. When they follow the trail, they find out that everyone is dead.

Baby Mama

Marcus, Joan, and Sherlock retrace steps and discover that Boron’s apartment was broken into previously, and a drugs for a pancreas disorder was found on his body. They visit his doctor who stated that Boron was being studied because of his muscle mass. More questioning brings to light that Boron’s medical records were stolen, and they think that whoever killed Boron were trying to develop a drug from Baron’s DNA.

Marcus briefs the acting Chief with pictures of Baron. Sherlock has a friend who identified the foliage in the photos and tells them they were taken in Guatemala. Baron apparently was to inherit some land, and now they think it’s for land and not his DNA. But since he is dead, the consulate will have to wait for someone else in the bloodline. Luckily, Sherlock knows where there’s an heir already.

They bring in the doctor’s nurse. She knew about Baron and also is having his child. She had seen Davis in a video, and blackmailed him to be the fall guy for the deaths.

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Out in the Open

Sherlock goes back to meet with Reichenbach and tell him that Joan and he will work with him if only they can vet the cases 100%. Reichenbach says no and tells him it’s 80/20 instead.

Sherlock brings the information to his contact at the NSA, and reveal that the NSA is also in Reichenbach’s pocket. But before Sherlock can get away, the NSA agent says that he has a folder of everyone that he knows. He threatens him, and everyone’s safety that mattes to him. Sherlock is ordered to stay out of his way to keep everyone safe.

Sherlock heads back to the brownstone and and keeps it all from Joan. He tells her a lie that the NSA opened a case.

Oooohhh! Reichenbach finally is the villain we’ve been waiting for. Last episode I still wasn’t sure, but he revealled his cards this week. And I’m not surprised that Sherlock chose to keep it a secret from Joan. He will always protect her.

Now I’m curious to see how they’ll wrap up the season and how Sherlock will go after  Reichenbach. If I know Sherlock, he will do whatever he can to bring down the those who threaten the people he care for.

What did you think, fellow sober companions? Tell us in the comments below!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.


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