Our 10 Favorite Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer Lopez has been dominating the scene with movies, music, and television for the past twenty-plus years! We love her because she’s a fierce performer (even when she was pregnant with twins) and because all of her movies just catch us. In honor of J Lo and her greatness, we’d like to share our favorite ten tracks performed by the diva! 

“Jenny From the Block” (2002)


This song remains a favorite of mine among all music because it had an excellent video and let Jlo shine. She served us the reminder we didn’t know we needed! I spent well over a year (alright, I’ve wanted this since the video premiered) looking for the outfit she wears in the above gif. Someday, I will find it and I’ll go to the gym religiously so I can rock it! 

Favorite Lyrics

From In Living Color and movie scripts

To On the 6 to J. Lo to this headline clips

I stayed grounded as the amounts roll in

“All I Have” (Feat. LL Cool J) (2002)


This is the breakup track of the 2000s and LL Cool J mixed so well with Jennifer on it. “All I Have” is basically flawless! Jennifer Lopez sings the lyrics that any of us who have been in a relationship have felt before making it instantly a song we want to sing along with. But what makes “All I Have” so special is the fact that we get both sides of this breakup story (which is rare because most artists want us to take sides). Jlo lets us pick which one of them is in the right and which is in the wrong. 

Favorite Lyrics

The nights I waited up for you

Promises you made about coming through

So much time you wasted

That’s why I had to replace you

“Dance Again” (Feat. Pitbull) (2012)


“Dance Again” makes my list purely because of the amazing dance-break she performs with her (then) bf Casper. These moves are timeless! This track is about letting go of inhibitions and going with your gut (that may not always yield the best results) but every now and then, it’s necessary. Jlo has always known how to select the best songs for the time period and the atmosphere to maximize its relatability to her fans. 

Favorite Lyrics

Baby your fire is lighting me up

The way that you move boy is reason enough

That I love to make love to you baby

“Do It Well” (2007)

It was a toss-up whether to include this one or “Get Right” because both have outstanding dance-breaks, but in the end, this one has more soul. I also think the lyrics play a big part in why I love “Do It Well” more than “Get Right” because I’ll be honest, the cane dance is extremely hard to top. But “Do It Well’ just has an awesome vibe going along with it making it impossible to leave out. 

Favorite Lyrics

No need for false pretenses

Think you just shocked me to my senses

Everything that you do feels right

“If You Had My Love” (1999)


Jlo’s first single belongs on any list ranking her work because “If You Had My Love” is where it all began! I have been singing this song since the first time I heard it in the fourth grade (I’m 30-years-old now) and it never gets old. She has touched on so many pieces of relationships throughout the years that her songs are forever relevant! 

Favorite Lyrics

You say you want my love and you got to have it all

But first, there are some things you need to know

If you wanna live with all I have to give

I need to feel true love or it’s got to end

“I’m Into You” (Feat. Lil Wayne) (2011)


This one might not have performed as well as the others but it’s catchy (like, in my head all day if I hear just a bit of it) and the lyrics are fun! She performs it during her Vegas show so she must like it too! I find “I’m Into You” to be one of those songs I just can’t skip. I have to sing along and I don’t know which part of it makes me love it so much, but it’s just stood the test of time as one of THOSE songs! 

Favorite Lyrics

I’m strong baby I bring the fire on

Sharpshooter, you can call me the Zion

I’m not the one easy to get to

But all that changed, baby when I met you

“Ain’t It Funny” (Remix Feat. Ja Rule) (2001)


Jlo and Ja Rule ruled the radio waves until she took up with Pitbull and, though, most fans would say “I’m Real” is their ultimate duet, my heart always favored “Ain’t It Funny”. She released a version without Ja Rule on her album and it’s great but the remix just gets you in the zone. 

Favorite Lyrics

I remember how you did me wrong

And now you’re hurtin’ ’cause my love is gone

“Limitless” (2018)


Do you remember the days when musicians starred in movies and released the title track for that film? Some stars have abandoned this practice (I”m looking at you, Will Smith, in MIB3) but Jennifer Lopez never stopped. That’s magical, in my opinion. 

Favorite Lyrics

I am a woman who roars

Nobody opened my doors

Yeah, I am a woman saying I want more

So give me what I’m asking for

“Baby I Love U” (2002)


So, we all remember Bennifer part one and how he was in her video for “Jenny From The Block” but this song truly shows how much she loved him during their storybook romance. I love her and Arod but sometimes I think, if Gigli hadn’t happened, these two would still be a pair. 

Favorite Lyrics

There comes a time in everyone’s life

When you know that everyone around you knows

That everything has changed

Your’re not the same, it’s a new day

“Same Girl” (2014)

Beyond Beautiful Jlo

Jlo came back again to remind all of us that she has not changed no matter how big of a star she’s become and I am here for it! This song is the perfect track for you to belt out when someone does you wrong. “Same Girl’ is the ultimate diss track for anyone who makes you feel inadequate, which no one should be able to do. But, if you have that feeling, then sing this one on the ride home because I promise, you will feel 1000x’s better!

Favorite Lyrics

They want me to lock down

They want me to crawl

They want me to cry now

But I’ve never fallen off

What do you think of my list? Share your favorite Jennifer Lopez songs with us in the comments or on social media!

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