‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ 1×02: Family Drama

I think that the thing that is going to become more and more obvious to everyone is that I think Stephanie Pratt gets a bad rap and I think Speidi is bat shit fucking nuts.

It’s the second episode of The Hills: New Beginning and the one thing that I truly know – Speidi gives a shit about no one but themselves.

But The Hills has always been and will always be drama. Yet, that’s what makes it so damn good.

We pick up right where we left off – at Stephanie’s welcome home party and Spencer being the biggest piece of shit on the planet.


It’s always hard to come home. We all know it. Coming home sucks. Coming home is the worst, especially when you come home to people that don’t know how to treat you like a human being. They don’t know how to be kind.

Stephanie is home from London and she wants to be close with her brother, be an aunt to her nephew and just love the world around her. Frankie’s been a great dude and thrown her this party and her friends are showing up. Her brother does and makes everything bad with her by treating her like she doesn’t exist. So, like a grown adult she tries to talk to him and Spencer is a total dick, doesn’t want to hear anything, and just wants to be an all around shit head to her.

He tells her that she’s not family.

Here’s a thing I have learned in life, people can be assholes. No one worse than family. But you have the chance to be a better person and to make things better. Spencer preaches that he’s done all this internal changing, but he hasn’t.

Because if he had, he would have apologized to his sister and tried to make amends. But Speidi both thing that they are above reproach at all times. Yet, their hypocrisy is just too much.


Oh Brody, you kinda are just too much. You kinda are like “feel sorry for me I am married.” Ummm, dude – stop being an emotional ping pong. SO stop bitching when even you admit that you love being at home with your wife more than anything. I feel like sometimes you’re so wishy washy Brody.

But the thing is we learn a lot about Brody. He’s this person who is real and honest and he’s been through some shit. But that shit has made him who he is.

The thing that I left this episode of The Hills feeling about Brody? I feel like we all learn what love is from what we are around and see it as because of the people in our lives. Brody is doing the best he can with the life he’s had and the way that he’s learned that love is.

And he loves deep. And he loves hard. And he loves his wife.

We get it – you’re complex Brody.


I would like to say that Spencer and Heidi have changed. But they are just really shiity people who only care about themselves.

Spencer acts like the biggest travesty in his life is that he has a sister. But the biggest travesty in his life is that he doesn’t know how to just be a human being and relate to people. He doesn’t know how to allow anyone in on a real level. All Spencer wants to do is be famous, and he is – but I would think somewhere along that he also wants to be a GOOD PERSON.

But he’s just a shitty person.

And Heidi doesn’t have a mind of her own.

Speidi hasn’t changed. They haven’t even come close to changing. They’d like to believe that they have, but the only thing that has changed about them is that they have a kid.


I am not the biggest fan of the OC and to be honest, that’s all I have seen of her work. But I am a huge fan because she stood up for herself, which is hard AF to do. Who’d she stand up to? Well that would be Perez Hilton.

As many of you know – Perez made a name for himself by putting other people down. He tortured Mischa and of course Speidi (again, not trying to do anything but be selfish) invited Perez. He and Mischa had an exchange and he swore on his kids that he was sorry.

She wasn’t having it. And he got pissed that she didn’t believe him.

But like I don’t blame her. Forgiveness is something earned – not something sworn on other peoples lives.


Justin is like the one person I think no one can ever figure out. Like ever. Like if we’re lucky if he lets down a wall and lets us in. The man is like a fucking vault.

But he’s a good guy and always there for the ones that he cares about and loves. Though half the time no one is paying attention, I think that the thing about Justin Bobby is that he is always paying attention to everyone and truly wants happiness for everyone.

What annoys me is that the show is setting him up for a love triangle. I want him to just be like AUDRINA I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR YEARS LETS JUST DO THIS THING.

But nope – we’re gonna have to put up with this drama.

Lord help us all.


  • Please give Whitney a storyline
  • Please give the Wahlers a storyline
  • When are we gonna meet Frankie’s family?
  • Spencer Pratt is an asshole.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Monday’s on MTV.

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