10 Tweets That Prove Stephen King Is a Master of Sass

We all know Stephen King is a master of horror. With more than 85 books under his belt, film adaptations and some of the most iconic frightening scenes in history created in his mind, there is no question he is the epitome of the horror genre. Books such as IT, The Shining, The Stand, Carrie, Misery…all best sellers, and all topping the film charts thanks to King’s unparalleled ability to scare the bejeebers out of us.

But what many may not know, is that Stephen King is also a sass master. His unique ability to bring humor to a subject, but also his no holds barred, straight talking when it comes to politics and the current state of America, have quickly made him one of our favorite follows on Twitter.

Here are 10 Tweets that prove Stephen King is not only a master of horror, but also a master of sass and setting the record straight.

10. He is a fan of Game of Thrones…just like us!

Leading up to the end of the Game of Thrones phenomenon, King made sure to tweet his praise to those who created a show that, regardless of your feelings of the final season, is unmatched in its fantastical ability to draw us into the world created. George RR Martin built a world unlike any other, and sometimes even NYT Bestsellers like King need a moment to fanboy

9. He joins in pop culture, just like us.

He may be known as the king of horror, but Stephen King apparently is also a Riverdale fan. In the lead up to the royal baby of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, King decided to place his own bets on the latest little royals name, while also showing his Riverdale pride

8. He loves his pets…just like us!

Despite his past history of turning lovable pets into the things of nightmares (Cujo, Pet Cemetery), he has a soft spot for his fur babies. Especially when carnage is unleashed, even he has to show Twitter the aftermath.

7. Everyone loves predictions.

Back to his love of GOT, even Mr. King ventured into the realm of speculation when it came to how the final Game of Thrones season would end. But unlike the majority of the fandom who seemed dedicated to either Jon or Dani holding the throne in the end, King went for the underdog.

6. He falls into the Twitter trap just like the rest of us.

It’s a safe bet that there is no one who hasn’t experienced this. The intent to just check one little thing on your phone, only to end up three hours later, scrolling through all your social feeds, and suddenly researching why mayonnaise is white. Well, Stephen King is no different, and it turns out even NYT bestsellers have Twitter regret.

5. He throws shade…and we love it.

To say Stephen King isn’t a fan of Donald Trump would be a massive understatement. Most of his best tweets are direct, unrestricted bashing of 45, many that have us loling at the accuracy and mastery of the insult. And we live for it, especially when he makes spot on comparisons that leave you thinking ‘huh…’

4. Even his tweets are the stuff of nightmares.

As if his novels weren’t enough to make you sleep with the light on, sometimes King transitions that talent into his Twitter. This particular gem had us rubbing our eyes for a few days afterwards.

3. He pulls no punches.

If anyone was to suggest that Stephen King censors his thoughts, they would be wrong. The man is a legend, and when his tweets poke fun at 45, everyone wins.

2. Insults with epic sass…

This particular tweet needs no lead up. It is pure gold, and a good reminder that this too shall pass.

1. He joins in the proverbial collective ‘WTF’ that followed Trump’s July 4th speech.

There are endless other options of hilarious, sassy and down right awesome tweets courtesy of the master of horror himself. If you aren’t following him already, we suggest you rectify that asap.

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