‘Elementary’ 7×07 – ‘From Russia with Drugs’

With only 6 more episodes to go to the series finale, I am expecting that everything will be amped up to 11. It has to be if they want to give what the fans want. Will they bring in more familiar faces from previous seasons? So far, we’ve seen at least one familiar face each season, so I hope so. And since there will be 13 episodes this season, does that mean that episode 12 will be a Part 1? Only time can tell, right?

Well, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. Ready?

The opening sequence for this week’s episode,  ‘From Russia with Drugs’ is a quick set of scenes from a summary of events with Captain Gregson, a Russian spy named Olga Verishnaya, Patrick Mears, and a rundown of events from last episode. They stressed the last scene with the NSA Agent’s threat to Sherlock. Interesting.

Episode 7 begins with acting Captain Dwyer giving a speech for Captain Gregson. There is a quick story and sentiment from Dwyer, but there’s a part of this scene where he singles out someone. And I already feel the spidey-sense tingling. As Gregson resumes leadership of the precinct and returning to duty, a problem arises. One of his best detective has given notice and Gregson suspects it has something to do with Dwyer. Of course, Gregson isn’t happy.

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For the current mystery, it begins with a man calling his girlfriend, Janice. He leaves a message saying he “crushed it” and they have some celebrating to do. Janice heads home, welcomed by a trail of 100 dollar bills towards the bedroom, where the robber is laying down. As she greets him, he of course is dead.

I think that killed the mood.

*cue theme song* Bum bum, ba da bum, bum BUM.

Scrooge McDuck

Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus are at the morgue, meeting their latest victim, Ridley. With a history of petty theft, misdemeanors, and assault, but what makes him interesting was a round of robberies only focused on drug dealers. His girlfriend said he had a hot tip about a stash house flush with cash.

His cause of death is from a contact high from fentanyl, a synthetic opiod, on the cash he stole. It looked like an overdose, suggesting that since the cash he stole was laced with it, that was the clear cause. But according to Sherlock, that’s improbable because it would take a long time to get an overdose through contact. Although, the real issue is the potency of the fentanyl, which causes concern.

Gregson and Joan question’s Janice and Ridley’s death. She said that Ridley never used drugs because of his brother’s past. She shared that before they got together, he made her get clean when she was on meth.

Sherlock and Marcus go through Ridley’s apartment to find more clues. Sherlock comments that there is a huge amount of

Marcus brought up that they missed Gregson’s welcome back party at the precinct. Sherlock didn’t go into more details about what they did, only that they were finishing up for a private client. I wonder how this will bite him back.

Puff, Puff

In private, Gregson asked Joan what her thoughts of Dwyer was. He relays that Detective Bree is leaving the department, and his feelings about Dwyer. Gregson relays that Dwyer has a reputation, and that if Gregson files a complaint, Dwyer is done for.

Joan tells Sherlock about Gregson’s concerns about Dwyer. Sherlock said that he didn’t think about him any particular way. Dwyer steered clear of them, so he did the same.

Joan catches up with Sherlock about Ridley’s apartment. She brings gifts from the lab and a report from the ME’s office. They still don’t know who he shot, and the tox screen revealed that the drug that killed Ridley was fentanyl. They talk about the girlfriend’s meeting with Gregson and Joan, and talked about how Ridley was allergic to cats.

Hmm, see? Clues.

With the new finding, Sherlock brings Marcus back to Ridley’s apartment. He finds Ridley’s inhaler that he noticed earlier, and inspects it. Whoever planted cat hair all over his apartment, did so to ensure that Ridley would have a reason to use it. And lo and behold, the inhaler tests positive for fentanyl. Ridley’s death wasn’t an accident, he was murdered.

But we knew that, didn’t we?

Marcus and Joan tell Gregson about the way Ridley was murdered. The lab ran tests on the inhaler, and came to the same conclusion that Sherlock did. Joan says that the killer could be the same person who tipped Ridley of the stash house in the first place. They tell Gregson of their theory that Ridley could have been a spy, and the Russians may be involved because the same strain of fentanyl may be the same one used from a massacre previously.

Sherlock visits a school where a previous contact is currently working as a teacher. She is a spy from Moscow that he helped. He asks her to find out about Ridley and how he is involved. Well, asked is a nice word for how Sherlock did it.

 Stash House a Go Go

Gregson and Dwyer meet at a pub. He confronts him and asks about Bree. Dwyer is defensive and angry that Gregson has asked him about it. Dwyer said that he didn’t do anything wrong and leaves. Marcus calls and tells Gregson that he is at the morgue. He found Cecil, the man that Ridley shot. He isn’t anything that they would suspect. Marcus went through Cecil’s house and didn’t see any clues.

They found Cecil near the stash house Ridley robbed. Maybe Cecil was a target that Ridley was hired for, and the stash house was the reward for payment.

Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus meet with Cecil’s colleague. Both she and Cecil are chemists who came up with a solvent to clean museum textiles without any damage. They work with international agents, and questioned why a foreign government would want him dead. Sherlock finds a burner phone without a call history, but a lot of texts filled with addresses.

They head over to the latest address that was sent on the day of his death, and find Ridley’s foot prints. The address is the stash house, and the text from Cecil was for Ridley, who sent him there.

Turns out that Cecil didn’t just send Ridley to the stash house, he owned it. Sherlock finds out that both Ridley and Cecil knew each other as young children. They grew up in the same block.

Airing out the laundry

Sherlock meets with Olga about any information she can find. She tells Sherlock that Cecil doesn’t have any connection with Russian intelligence. She glances to a window and says that the apartment belongs to Pasha, who is a chemical weapons scientist in Russia who immigrated to New York. He helped created the dangerous strain of fentanyl, and is rumored that he recently cooked up a batch of it.  She makes it clear that they have no further information why he synthesized the drug or who else was invovled. She makes a signal and the apartment blows up.

Hmm, I wonder if this is a clue for a Meers plot to come.

Gregson meets with Bree. She’s bringing him aprise of her cases before she leaves. He talks to her one more time about her decision to leave, and asks if it is about Dwyer. Bree admits that Dwyer is a problem but thinks that it won’t change anything. It will happen again. But she’s been a cop for 17 years, and says that Gregson is an exception and not a rule. If she goes after the department, she won’t be friends with cops. She lays out everything that could happen. She didn’t have a choice with what happened between Dwyer and her, but she would rather move on.

Joan and Sherlock collect their thoughts, trying to figure out where to go next. Ridley was robbing storefronts that belonged to the Russian mob. The chemical weapons scientist was snuck away to New York, and when they needed to get rid of Ridley, they hired him. They go to the DEA to help weave Cecil into the picture.

After seeing the documents from the DEA, she may have the answer. They head back and surprise Cecil’s colleague. They confront her that her and Cecil were behind Ridley’s death. They reveal that their company won the bid from the DEA to launder seized money. But there was a concern about drug laced cash, so when the DEA sought a vendor. But since fentanyl can’t be contracted by contact alone, they pushed the hand. They came up with the plot to make an example of Ridley so they can guarantee their bid.

She tries to blame Cecil. And let’s not forget that she has a cat.

Bree comes to Gregson. Dwyer found photos of Bree from her past. Dwyer emailed it to people and made comments. Bree filed a complaint against Dwyer to the EEO. Gregson tells her that he is her friend, and will be to the end.

This was a good episode, but it strayed away from the hearty time line. I’m sure that was on purpose, to prepare us for the insanity that is about to come. I wish there were more tidbits about Reichenbach, or even Meers, but who knows, there could be and I missed it.

What did you think, fellow sober companions? Tell us in the comments below!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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