‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: Spencer Is Worse Than A Toddler

Oh my, how the tables have turned. Well some of them. Heidi and Spencer Pratt being two of the most narcissistic and straight up assholes – well, that’s still going strong.

But here’s the thing about The Hills…. you really NEVER know what is happening, what is going to change on a dime, and what is going to make you love or hate a character. But I’d like to take a second right here to publicly admit, I was wrong about Brody Jenner. He’s not a douche. He’s misunderstood. And he really just wants no drama, because that is all that there has been in his life. He wants to chill and move forward and expressing emotions may not be the best thing for him.

But I digress.

Let’s dive into this weeks episode of The Hills: New Beginnings.


Trust me when I say this – as you get older you will realize, you don’t want to. Sure, there are advantages, but you realize that there are things that you didn’t treasure as much as you should have. And one of those things is friendships.

Brandon decides to have a pool party to celebrate a new role and invites the guys. Spencer comes over – acting like he’s 18 and like everyone should realize that he’s the shit. But when Brody shows up and doesn’t want to drink – Spencer jumps into “I miss the old Brody.”

Here’s the thing Spencer – HE IS 35!

No one is the same as they were when they were 18 and if they are – well, they need to get some serious help. Like you do Spencer. You crystals aren’t helping you with shit, except making you think you’re sane, even though you’re a whiny baby.

Spencer blames Brody’s changes on his wife. Ummm… then honestly, let’s fucking throw Kaitlin a party, because GIRL GOT HER MAN GROWING AND LEARNING. Unlike Heidi, who plays into Spencers idiotic ego. Like good for Kaitlin that she’s trying to focus Brody and help him grow as a human being and to consistently be a better person.


I don’t know, I think that Spencer is on this pity party, trying to get the world to feel sorry for him, rather than just going – well shit, I should adapt with the times, and appreciate that my friends are different and evolving, as I think I have with these stupid fucking crystals.


Now, I am going to apologize for every thinking that Brody was bring a douche. He wasn’t.

I didn’t stop to think that we all become who we are because of shit that has happened to us, around us, and to those we love. Brody hasn’t seen the most positive things – he’s never known love that lasts. Kaitlin has her work cut out for her, reminding him that she’s there no matter what.

And it’s not that I think that Brody doesn’t know that. I think that Brody just expects the worst to happen, because that’s been what has happened to him.

I think when Kaitlin starts talking to him about kids, you see his demeanor change. But I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want kids. I think it’s that he’s thinking – well, fuck, can I be a good Dad? Can I be the man that my Dad wasn’t for me? He has talked about his Dad not being around for him and we all can relate to Daddy issues being a hard thing to make it through. So one can’t hate on that.

But on the Spencer note – Brody, he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Like he’s had exes, they’ve been jealous and they’ve been on his shit, but Spencer takes it to a whole new level. Brody is bothered by it, but I don’t think even he knows how to deal with Spencer about it all.

Kaitlin may not like Spencer, but I think she has good reason to. Spencer isn’t doing anything positive for Brody. He’s weighing on his heart.


So Audrina and Justin. I thought I wanted them together, but I also thought that Justin would never be a villian. But dude is sinister AF and shady. He’s charming, but like – woah.

He’s also a liar.

So him and Audrina kissed. No we didn’t see it, but we all know that Justin is one person when everyone else is around and another when it’s just the two of them. So, Audrina and Stephanie are handing out and she tells Stephenie about the kiss.

No big deal right?

Only Stephenie is jealous, you can see it. So she mentions that Justin came out of his way to check on her. Lets be real here – there was some sinister shit there. Stephenie, I love you – but like marking territory that wasn’t supposed to be yours – well, that’s breaking girl code.

Steph tells Justin that she knows about the kiss and he straight up denies he did it. But no one believes him. We all know that he’s lying. He’s trying to play the field.

Here’s the one thing that I can respect about Justin. He’s honest enough to tell Spencer that he can’t get close to Audrina, because of her daughter. Because he doesn’t want to come in and out of a child’s life. Like I can respect that.

But you owe Audrina that conversation. And you owe everyone else honesty – you charming man. Cause right now, I don’t like you at all. And I never thought I could say that about your Justin.


So Justin has a show and everyone goes. Kaitlin and Brody have invited everyone to Vegas and of course, Heidi says Spencer wasn’t invited. But Kaitlin insists he was.

Heidi can NEVER BE WRONG. Like just go, oh okay, we’re invited? We’ll be there.

But nope, this has to turn into intense drama. Cause Spencer Pratt is involved. Somehow his issues with Brody, start taking a deeper dive. But what we learn is Spencer’s upset that Brody never showed up to the hospital to see Gunner and that’s why he is upset. And Spencer tells Brody that he would have moved heaven and earth to be there for his son if Brody had one.

Brody tries to explain to Spencer he was hurt by him too, but Spencer is having none of that. He can’t accept responsibility for anything.

Ugh the hate for Spencer remains strong.

Will Speidi go to Vegas? I hope not. But who knows.


  • Heidi talking about her plastic surgeries made me feel bad for her, I admit it.
  • I like Ashley Wahler
  • I wish they had more of Frankie in the show. I wanna get to know more about him
  • Steph breaking girl code is not a good look on her
  • I don’t even know what to say about her breaking girl code
  • I miss Whitney
  • I can’t stop thinking how much I miss Lo and Kristin and Lauren.
  • Heidi thinking her and Spencer’s relationship is the most solid is comical thing I have ever heard

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Monday nights on MTV.

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