‘Sweetbitter’ 2×01: “The Pork Special”

Sweetbitter is back and I am happy.

The obsession is real with me and this show. Maybe it’s my obsession with New York (I live here, I love it here) and seeing it through the eyes of someone who isn’t jaded by the overwhelming city. I think that when people think of New York, they think of the glitz and glamour, the city that doesn’t sleep, the celebrity of it.

But New York is more than that. New York is home to so many people. It’s a city that we all live and exist in. It’s a city that we all love in. It’s a place where we’ve built lives.

So watching a show that is about people building their lives in the city – I am here for it.

New York is competitive.

New York will keep you alive.

New York will crush you and build you back up at the same time.

And that’s part of the beauty of it.

Sweetbitter returns with a trip to a farm and the first time that I ever puked watching television and then got up and threw away the bacon in my house.

The synopsis of the show doesn’t say much, but trust me when I tell you it says a lot, “Howard takes his staff to learn where their food comes from; Tess learns information that makes her wonder whom she can trust.”

Let’s talk about it.


I grew up on a farm. I’ve had to pluck chickens and in all honesty, that made me stop eating chicken for over 2 years. But one thing I made sure I never saw – killing of cows and pigs.

Look, I will be the first to admit that you should know about what you’re eating. If you’re in a restaurant you should know what you are serving. All of this is super important. But it doesn’t mean that I want to see it when I am trying to watch a television show.

Howard (restaurant manager) summons the staff at 7am to New Jersey to learn about where the food that they serve comes from. You’re sitting there, you’re watching a pig walk into the room and you’re like yay – how cute. And then the trauma of it sits in. You see the pig get killed, strung up, and then bled out.

And I straight up puked, pressed pause, and then walked in the kitchen, and then threw away all the pork in my house.

Tess just stood there watching the pig bleed out, in awe. And I am like what the actual fuck. Everyone else is walking out, puking, and she’s staring like she’s planning someones death and taking notes.

If my boss took me to a farm to watch something die – I would straight up quit. There would be no second thought about it. I’d be like peace out bitch. Nope.

This pig is an important part of the episode – because to Tess it is about trust. Did the pig know that he was coming in to die? Did he know that shit was going to happen to him? Did he trust the person walking him in to take care of him?


Sasha, who is one of my favorite characters in the show, has returned to work. He’s not okay – he should be on workers comp – but he can’t be. Remember – it’s not the 2000’s in this show, and Sasha is afraid of loosing his job.

But the restaurant is a family. They are close and when they love you, they are going to be there for you. This staff is close. They’ve got a plan to make Sasha take his breaks. They’re giving him all the drugs. But they aren’t helping him and they don’t see it.

Tess gives him a break and she goes to run and get ice, where she runs into Jake. Now, let me be honest – I would let Jake bend me over an ice machine – I think most of us would.

And here we’re getting into a thing about trust again. Jake may trust Simone, but no one else does. Tess tells Jake about Sasha, thinking that he’s going to be able to keep it to himself. BUT HE’S NOT.

Does anyone want to help me understand what the fuck is going on between Jake and Simone? What the fuck are their co-dependency issues? Is this some shit we’re gonna wish they get therapy for? Me thinks – YES.

Jake tells Simone. Ugh Jake, I have such high hopes for you and you keep fucking this shit up. Like your body may say “you wanna fuck me” but your lack of discretion makes me want to slap you silly.


Tess has had enough that day and that night at staff drinks, Sasha is trying to be carefree and act like nothing is wrong. Everyone else is trying to be supportive of him. BUT Tess doesn’t like the fact that she’s teased. She doesn’t like the fact that they don’t pay enough attention to her joy and put her down. So she snaps back at them, when Sasha calls her “baby monster.”

It may be a term of endearment for him, but for her – it’s like a big fuck you. So she snaps and tells him not to call her that.

So he calls her “adult monster.”

Tess is in a rock and hard place. Here’s the thing – New York will jade you. New York will tear you down if you let it. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.


We all have a Simone in our lives. We don’t have to like her, hell – we probably don’t. I don’t like the Simone in my life. But she’s a necessary evil.

They all are.

Simone and Howard’s relationship is something that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why Howard seems intimidated by her, but yet she seems fearless when it comes to him. It feels like they’re hanging shit over each other, but I almost think to a point that these two were sleeping together and he can’t fire her cause of it.

Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Simone was his dominatrix.

Simone tries to talk about the trip to the farm that day and I think that they both get each other, but I also think that Howard will take so much, before he pushes back a little.

Here’s my thing about Tess and Simone. Simone didn’t defend her when she failed her trials. She was like bye bitch, basically. And Tess doesn’t want to believe that Simon would betray her like that. But she did. SIMONE DID.

Look, we’re all blindsided by people in our lives. If you say that you aren’t – you’re a liar. Someone you think you know, someone that you want to have faith in – that person isn’t the best person.

Simone is that shitty person.

Simone takes Tess to a bath spa and Tess tells her to her the pig was about trust. Tess wants to trust the people in her life. I get that. But Simone is not the one.

Yet in an act of being able to trust and wanting to trust Simone, Tess looks around in the spa, and opens her towel, to be naked with others.

Look – I think that we all need to take our own roads and we’ll get to where we need to be. I understand all of that. But Tess trusting in Simone is a wrong choice and that scares me for her.

New York, like any city, you can be led astray by people. I am praying that Tess see’s sooner than later that Simone is not the one to trust.


One of those stand up and cheer moments for me last season was when Tess and Jake made out up against the wall. I was like YES GIRL, HAVE YOUR HOT ROMANCE.

And yet, I shoulda known that shit would get destroyed. Tess confronts Jake about telling Simone. She is innocent and believes that Jake should have told her earlier, because – you know they made out.

Side note women of the world – no man owes you anything. No one owes you anything. Just cause you made out with someone – doesn’t mean shit.


But what Jake does – the words that says made me wanted to fly through the TV, smack him in the fucking face, and tell him what a piece of shit he is. He tells her that if he wanted her, he would have had her that night, but he doesn’t want her.

When she walks off, looking defeated, he actually looks like he regrets what he said.

And I don’t think for a second that Simone didn’t have some shit to do with this.


  • Howard is a piece of shit. I can’t believe – well I can – that he’s fucking the girl that he drove crazy and out of the restaurant. Howard is a dick.
  • Wil looks like he really likes Tess and personally I like her with him. Ugh Tess, see a good dude.
  • Simone is trash.
  • I hate Simone.

Sweetbitter, Season 2, airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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