‘Sweetbitter’ 2×02: “Equifax & Experian”

It was a double helping of Sweetbitter tonight, because Starz knows how to treat us right.

I’ve anxiously been awaiting the return of Sweetbitter, because it’s a show that I relate to. It’s a show that excites me. Because it showcases a city I love.

The first episode of the season may have made me puke, but the second episode of the season made me cry. I think that is the sign of a good television show though – it makes you so invested that it keeps you on a roller coaster of emotions, but you are willing to go on them, because it just gets you.

The second episode, we finally get to see Tess let down some walls and I am living for it.

Tess’ bad credit score reveals something about her past; Sasha is accused when Santos’ new shoes go missing.

Credit tells way too much. Let’s break it down.


Hey, look – I don’t know about you – but when I get some new shows, I want to show them off. Sure, people may like them and people may not, but all I give a fuck about is that I do.

Santos was able to get himself a new pair of Jordans – 3rd person in line for them. He’s so proud of them and I have to say, I would be too. Tess compliments him, but then Sasha comes in and calls them ugly.

Oh Sasha. The shit you say is out of line.

I don’t think that Sasha is clear in his mind, but because of the shit he talks, people think he stole Santos’s shoes. And Tess tells him to give them back and I think Sasha is kinda hurt that Tess doesn’t believe him. But honestly, I don’t believe him either.

Will we ever find out what happened with the shoes?


We all know that Sasha has some issues. A lot of them. He’s dealing with his foot, his drug addiction, and so much more. We learn very quickly that Sasha has a bigger issue.

His visa is expired and he’s in the country and working illegally.

Sasha sets a lot of misconceptions about him straight – even though he’s a dick about a lot. He’s educated, speaks four languages, and he’s in a shitty situation.

I normally think Sasha needs help, but I realize quickly that he’s one of those people that brings meaning to the phrase that you never know the battle that someone else is fighting.

I may cut him a little break.


It feels good when you get to buy yourself something new. I just bought myself a Kate Spade canteen bag and I live with no regrets over it. It makes me feel good – even though it’s underneath my bed right now.

Tess and Ari are out shopping and Tess is trying on a leather jacket she wants. I can say this with certainty – getting a leather jacket is a right of passage in New York City. It’s something that a lot of people do. But Tess quickly puts it back, because it’s 500 dollars.

She says that she’s thinking of getting a credit card and Ari takes her to get one. Only when she goes to get one she finds out that she apparently has a few that are maxed out and never paid.

Here’s the thing – I grew to have mad respect for Ari for sticking up for her friend. She kept yelling at the banker that it was a mistake. That there was someone to talk to, cause it was a mistake.

Tess is like lets go, lets go. I feel for her, because it’s obvious that she’s upset. It’s obvious that she knows something. And it’s obvious that she’s hurting.


We all know that Howard is a piece of crap and basically only worries about a persons level of fuckability when hiring them. I personally think he hired Jake because of Simone. Once again – Simone has some fucked up relationships with EVERYONE.

Howard pulls Jake into the office and tells him that he hears that he’s having a relationship with the new hostess. It’s like a dog trying to mark his territory. Howard says that he’s going to change the handbook to say that if you are in a relationship with anyone at the restaurant you need to disclose it.

Oh Howard, how many vaginas must you try to control.

Jake calls him for what it is – Howard wants to know who he’s fucking. But Jake assures him he has nothing to report.


Tess is relatable. When I am upset I go into hyperdrive. She’s doing just that. She’s doing everything that she can to avoid the issue at hand.

She asks Howard to use his computer and finds out that her Mom, who she hasn’t spoken to in over 12 years. The bank told her that the cards we in Nevada. She see’s that her Mom is there.

Pain is a weird thing. It’s something that can control us, it’s something that can motivate us, it’s something that can tear us down or up.

For Tess, this tears her down. And one can’t blame her. Parents are supposed to protect and save us. Parents are supposed to be someone that we can rely on. But truth is parents aren’t always that nowadays. To know that your parents betrayed you is the worst feeling in the world.

But when you live in denial, pain can’t set in. And that’s what I get about Tess. She goes into overdrive trying to arrange the wine, because if she’s doing that, she’s not having to deal with the pain that is there. Tess doesn’t know how to let anyone in, because she’s always been on her own.

The only issue I have with this situation is that Ari told everyone about Tess’s situation. It’s like damn.

I was shocked that Simone was the one that finally convinced her to let people help her and let them in. One thing that I think about the people in the restaurant, as much as they talk too much, as much as they speak out of the side of their asses, I think it’s that they love each other and would do anything for each other that makes me love them.

But Simone breaking Tess so that she allows people in – I admit I have some respect for Simone now. But I don’t trust her.


  • Simone is still a manipulative bitch
  • Why is Jake trying to sleep with everyone but Tess?
  • Why is Simone so interested in Jake and Tess?
  • The group getting her the jacket from the Lost & Found made me smile.
  • The way the group segregates feels too high school, but I know that’s life.
  • I want Santos to get his shoes back
  • Someone explain to me Howard and Simone please
  • I don’t know how Tess will be able to deal with the possibility of putting her Mom in jail.
  • Why did Simone have to do something nice and make me want to like her?

Sweetbitter airs Sunday on Starz.


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