The Season 4 Trailer For ‘Queer Eye’ Made Me Feel Some Shit

I think in today’s world, we all need someone or something that is going to make us smile, feel positive, and feel hope. So many things are negative in the day to day, and I sometimes struggle to find hope.

Queer Eye does that for me.

Since the premiere of the Netflix show, the Fab Five have taken the world by storm. At least my world, and the world of a lot of people that I know.

This season’s trailer has stuck in my mind lately, because of all the negativity in the world, the fear of what is happening in America, and just personal reasons.

How can you not cry over what you’ve seen above? The show continues to break barriers, move mountains, and change lives.

Particularly moving: Jonathan. I can’t wait to see the episode with his teacher.

“You have literally saved people’s lives — mine included,” Van Ness said, through his tears.

I know I had a teacher that made a huge impact on my life and would want to make sure that she knew. I admire him for going back to the people that changed his life and making sure they knew.

I burst into tears over this trailer.

Season 4 of Netflix’s original series, Queer Eye, will be available for streaming on July 19, 2019.

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