Anna Kendrick’s Twitter Understands Us All

I love Twitter. I love some Twitter I should say. Celebrity Twitter always entertains me. It always makes me laugh or scream or honestly, try to find ways to be more witty.

Over the years, one person that continues to up her Twitter game, even though she doesn’t tweet a lot is Anna Kendrick. Sure, for me everything goes back to Twilight, because it’s always going to be my first fandom that really changed everything for me.

But as the years have gone by, Anna Kendrick, has become so much more than Twilight. It isn’t what defines her – but it never has. She is full of humor, wit, and joy.

And I am breaking down some of my favorite tweets, the ones that I relate to and the ones that make me laugh out loud.

When She Get’s My Flakiness

When She Understands Label Maker Love

When She Gets Not All Medication Is Good Medication

When She Understands The Need For Pockets

When She Gets Fandom 

When She Remembers EGBTT

When She Rally’s Like A Champ

When Her Body Is Reactive Too

When She Wants To Protect The Things She Loves At All Costs

When She Communicates In GIF, Just Like All Of Us 



When Saunas Make No Sense To Her Too 

When She Relates To Us… Even If It’s A Fucking Ad

When Truffles A  Passe To Her Too


When American Girls Dolls Are Bitches To Her Too 

When The Sun Is Pointing Out Her Flaws Too

When Museums Are A Sport To Her Too

When She Doesn’t Give A Fuck What Someone Is Saying Either


When She Gets The Meaning Of Friendship

When People Are The Fucking Problem

Ya, Anna Kendrick gets us.

What celebrities do you enjoy following on Twitter?


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