Celebrity Doppelgangers We Love to Mix Up

Rumor has it that there is a doppelganger for everyone in the world. That somewhere, who knows where, there is someone who looks just like you. Well, in Hollywood, where everyone knows your face, it makes finding your own personal look-alike a little bit easier.

Check out some of our favorite celebrity pairs we love to get mixed up!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bella Hadid

It is easy to see the striking resemblance between the runway queen and the Oscar winning actress. The pair have been told of of their similarities before, and it seems that Hadid is quite pleased with the comparison. “It’s funny people say we look like each other. But I really admire her as an actress because she has so much range.”

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

Bright blue eyes and sleek dark hair is just the start of the similarities between the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer and New Girl Actress. It seems that even some of Deschanel’s friends had trouble telling them apart, passing Perry, a California native, and thinking it was the actress.


Leighton Meester & Minka Kelly

The Gossip Girl alum and Friday Night Lights starlette are well aware of their look alike nature. The two even shared the screen in the 2011 thriller The Roommate.


Karen Khacharov & Liam Hemsworth

Right down to the facial hair and jaw line, these two would be twins! Russian born tennis star Khacharov made it to the quarter finals of the French Open this year, while Hemsworth tied the knot with longtime love Miley Cryus on New Years Eve. It would seem that both are having a pretty good 2019!


Nina Dobrev & Victoria Justice

These brunette stunners could be sisters with their lovely tresses and killer smiles. Stars of mega hit The Vampire Diaries and Nickelodeon fav Victorious respectively, both actresses have plenty of credits under their belt as well as their doppelganger status.

Did we miss anyone that you think is a striking resemblance to another Hollywood hit maker? Let us know in the comments!


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