Our 10 Favorite Beyonce Songs

Beyonce stole our hearts as a member of Destiny’s Child but she continued our love story with her vast and successful solo career. She has released album after album and song after song of solid gold never making a misstep in her career. So because I admire Queen Bey so deeply, I thought it was fitting to share my ten favorite songs from her discography.

“Crazy In Love” (2003)


“Crazy In Love” marked Beyonce’s solo career and her departure from Destiny’s Child and it became an instant obsession for me. I was deep in my Al Pacino phase when Bey dropped this track and I had this whole fantasy where I would perform the Beyonce part and he was in charge of Jay-Z’s. I can be a little much but that doesn’t mean “Crazy In Love” is not one of Beyonce’s best songs ever!

Favorite Lyrics

Look at what you did to me

Tennis shoes, don’t even need to buy a new dress

If you ain’t there, ain’t nobody else to impress

“I Was Here” (2011)


Oh man, if you’re looking for a song to hit you in the feels when you don’t really expect it this is the one. “I Was Here” is about mortality and what you leave behind. Not only is it a beautiful song with a deep ad meaningful message but Beyonce’s vocals are flawlessly creating the perfect storm of emotions.

Favorite Lyrics

I wanna say I lived each day until I died

And know that I meant something in somebody’s life

The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave

That I made a difference and this world will see

“7/11” (2013)


This is the ultimate song to dance to when you’ve had a little too much to drink. I am not kidding. “7/11” is about having fun and letting loose. It’s my go-to track when my week has been just a little too harsh and I need to let go of it all and just enjoy myself for a few minutes (which ultimately turns into a Beyonce dance party). 

Favorite Lyrics

Hold that cup like alcohol, don’t you drop that alcohol

Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol

I know I’m thinkin’ ’bout alcohol

“Formation” (2016)


I was not a fan when Beyonce originally dropped this song because, honestly, it wasn’t what I expected. After a few listens, though, I could not get enough. I love to sing along to “Formation” when I’m feeling a little bit (ok, a lot) sassy and I need to get out those feelings. Beyonce is literally the only artist who has a song for every emotion I feel because I can always find a song from her tracklists to relate to. 

Favorite Lyrics

You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

“Drunk In Love” (2014)


Beyonce and Jay-Z have been dominating the duet game for over fifteen years and they never disappoint. Their relationship has definitely had its ups and downs throughout the years but they always come back stronger thanks to that fiery chemistry they share (at least that’s how it seems). “Drunk In Love” is just another example among many others of the power that Bey and Jay have in the entertainment industry (let’s be real they have all of them).

Favorite Lyrics

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking

I get filthy when that liquor get into me

I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking

Why can’t I keep my fingers off you, baby?

“Sweet Dreams” (2008)


I relate so deeply to this song even though when I listen now I’m not sure I was right about the meaning. Who hasn’t had that crush that didn’t notice you or you were too afraid to talk to and you hoped to dream about them? That’s all you had and it was enough.

Favorite Lyrics

I mention you when I say my prayers

I wrap you around all of my thoughts

Boy, you’re my temporary high

I wish that when I wake up you’re there

To wrap your arms around me for real

And tell me you’ll stay by my side

“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”


This song was a bop on its own but it launched so many other wonderful things that it’s a moment in history now. “We’re the dancers.” If you weren’t singing this song and moving your left hand as Bey does in the music video then you weren’t living your best life during the Sasha Fierce era because it was everything. Take a look at the video below when Beyonce was on Saturday Night Live and prepare to laugh because it’s excellent! 

Favorite Lyrics

I got gloss on my lips (lips), a man on my hips (hips)

Hold me tighter than my Deréon jeans

“Naughty Girl” (2003)


“Naughty Girl” was that song that came out right when I was really starting to listen to the songs for more than just to enjoy them. I picked a great one to really start focusing on lyrics because Beyonce definitely was a part of me growing up. Like with so many of her other tracks, she has this ability to innocent at the exact same time she’s being aggressive and I have always respected her immense talent.

Favorite Lyrics

I’m feelin’ sexy

I wanna hear you say, my name boy

If you can reach me

You can feel my burning flame

“Dance For You” (2011)


“Dance For You” is hands down one of the sexiest songs created of all time! It’s a perfect blend of subtle and specific that it makes it just the right amount of sultry. Beyonce’s vocals are flawless throughout the entire track and if this one doesn’t put you in the mood then there might not be anything that will. Songs like this are why I am such a fan of Queen Bey because she knows how to work any song about any topic.

Favorite Lyrics

Boy look into my eyes

While I’m grinding on you

This is beyond sex

I’m high on you

If it’s real then you know how I feel

“Dangerously In Love” (2001)


In my eyes, this is one of the best love songs ever! I loved it the very first time I heard it on the Destiny’s Child album Survivor and then Beyonce released an even more seductive version on her debut solo album sharing the same title of the song. The lyrics are mesmerizing and exactly what a young girl wants to imagine for her future and that is something Beyonce has always done for me. She makes the songs my heart wants to sing.

Favorite Lyrics

Later on in my destiny, I see myself having your child

I see myself being your wife and I see my whole future in your eyes

Honorable Mention

“Daddy Lessons” (2016)


Favorite Lyrics

Daddy made me fight

It wasn’t always right

But he said girl it’s your second amendment, oh, oh, oh

He always played it cool

But daddy was no fool

“Sandcastles” (2016)


Favorite Lyrics

And your heart is broken ’cause I walked away

Show me your scars and I won’t walk away

Alright, Beyhive, which songs would you pick in your top 10? There are so many to choose from that it’s really hard to pick ten. I did a lot of writing and crossing out trying to narrow it down. So, shout out your choices in the comments or on social media!

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