Sabrina Carpenter To Star In ‘The Distance From Me To You’

Sabrina Carpenter is fiercely talented. She is a talented actress and a talent singer. She’s just talented.

We’re excited when we get to see anything that she is in. We feel like her career is just beginning and there is so much more to look forward to seeing her in.

The actress is returning to YA book to movies with her role in the upcoming adaptation of The Distance From Me To You. She will not only star in the movie, but will produce.

It will also reunite Carpenter with her formally Girl Meets World co-star, Danielle Fischel, who will also be producing.

Let me be blunt – the book is deceptive as fuck. Why? Wild-meets-Endless Love  is what it’s described as. When you start the book, you think – oh, romance. Ya, no. This shit is a thriller and well…

McKenna is 17 and sets out on the Appalachian Trail shortly have high school graduation. Not how we’d wanna spend our graduation, but ok. McKenna is ready to take it all on herself, even though her BFF backed out of the adventure (THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A SIGN). Along the way she meets Sam, a boy who is hiking on the trail. Sam is fleeing from his abusive family. It will take more than love to save them once they get off the trail and McKenna will have to use every skills she has  to get them out alive. Don’t doubt those outdoorsman skills McKenna – you’re gonna need them.

Ya, we’ll be seeing this one. Will you?



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