‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: Stephanie Pratt Made Me Not Like Her

Sorry about last weeks The Hills: New Beginnings, I was out sick. But I am back and pissed off as ever. I love this show, I really, really do. But every single time that I start to like someone – I really feel like MTV is like well lets change that really quick.

This episode did just that. It made me really, really dislike Stephanie Pratt. She was my favorite, but after this episode, I have no respect. None. Can’t stand her.

Here’s the thing – Steph is going around and is like Audrina is assassinating my character. No. She’s not. She is hurt and she thinks you betrayed her. There is a difference. Hell, most of us believe you betrayed her. You’re being shady and you’re being sly.

When your friend is in love/like/lust with someone – you tread on the side of being there for them. You put that friend first. You make sure that you are there for them.

But you worried about yourself too fucking much and showed your true colors.

Let me be real right now. It wasn’t the only time that you made yourself out to be a bitch yesterday. Your confrontation with Audrina was just a tipping point. But you asking if you’re going to all be beating a dead horse when talking about the Malibu fires? Ya, no. You’re a straight up selfish narcissist.


I feel like in life, people always show their true colors, and Stephanie showed her true colors bright, front and center. You made it known that you’ve got a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality.

Sure, I still can’t stand Speidi, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Let’s break it down.


As we knew, everyone was heading to Vegas to see Brody DJ. Now, this I find to be a really great show of support and that’s what friends are for.

Let me start this by saying that Brody and Kaitlyn do not end up coming for good reason. They live in Malibu and their house is in the path of the fire. They are getting out everything that they can, they are worried about their lives and honestly, I would too. I feel for them and cried during this entire episode when Brody puts up his home movies.

So Frankie, Justin, and Steph arrive in Vegas together. Of course. Even Frankie notices that there is something going on with Justin and Steph. They head in to eat/drink and of course, Frankie’s gotta tell them about Audrina’s BFF Joey and her talking shit at the crystal party.

I will say this, no one ever has to justify a relationship/friendship to anyone. But the way these two wouldn’t be open to other peoples feelings and the fact that what they do can hurt others – well, 🖕🏻.

Frankie tries to be the voice of reason and tell them that they should just have a conversation with Audrina. That’s it. But Stephenie is like blah, blah, blah and Justin is like meh, meh, meh. I feel like the two of them are stupid. Literally dropped on the head and good friendship goes out the window.

Stephanie says she’s going to confront Audrina.


Mischa is in a weird place. I have learned to love Mischa so much. She’s got this good heart and she’s got this heart to want to do good, be good, and make her life better. And for that – I will always appreciate and I will always think she deserves better.

She’s been friends with Stephanie for years and she’s growing her relationship with Audrina. This whole thing with Justin and Stephanie is putting her in an odd position.

She doesn’t want to be there.

I feel sorry for her in the sense that it is hard. It’s hard when you want to be a good friend and it’s hard to be a good friend.

I feel like though – how can you remain neutral with what happened at dinner? Stephanie was way the fuck out of line with the way she decided to come at Audrina.


I get it’s TV and it’s drama and they are probably like confront her on TV. But you wanna be real? Joey had every right to say what she did. Why? BECAUSE SHE’S PROTECTING HER BFF. But Audrina has every right to stick up for her friends too. Stephanie looks like she’s straight up possessed.

I wanted to like you Stephanie.

But what you are doing is some shady shit. Just clarify and talk it out and discuss shit with your friends. I get that Justin and Stephanie can be friends. KUDOS TO THEM. But like be honest that you are in that friendship when it affects the people around you. Because people hurt. And you need to be honest with them. Pains of relationships stay with a person.

Honor that and don’t be a shitty fucking person.


Everyone has that friend that they grow out of or that time pushes apart. We all have it. Don’t deny it. Spencer and Brody may just be that.

But I feel like Spencer is playing this card to the end of the earth. Respect that your old friendship died and if it’s so important to be friends with that person – then build a new friendship off the people you are now. If you can’t – then it’s not meant to be.

However much time has changed you – doesn’t mean that you were a bad friend at that point or are a bad friend now. Doesn’t even for a second. But harping on a person’s change when you, yourself have changed? Get the fuck out of here. It doesn’t mean that people don’t appreciate the past, that it hasn’t affected them or they haven’t grown from it.

People change.


  • My heart breaks for Kaitlyn and Brody. I can’t even imagine
  • Brody staying behind to protect the house – I get it – but I wanted to whoop his ass. His wife was probably freaking out inside. Like WTF!
  • Spencer will always be a douche
  • I wanna see more of Brody and Brandon’s friendship – I like Brandon Lee.
  • Stephanie saying she didn’t want to talk about the fire (basically what she said) – someone slap her.
  • Ugh Stephanie – we were all rooting for you.
  • Justin sitting there silently at dinner and watching them fight it out? Fuck you Justin. You’re an asshole.
  • So proud of you Jason and I want them to dive more into your story. Like really, not your story with Heidi and Spencer, but who you are.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs on MTV.


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