‘Younger’ 6×06 Review: It Was About Damn Time, Charles!

A new episode of Younger is here! Again, it has basically been a transitional episode, not one of my favorites to tell the truth, since dream-based situations are not to my liking. That said, the episode titled “Merger, She Wrote,” made me scream “it was about damn time, Charles!” and left us with some clues about where they are heading this season. Of course, the episode ends at its zenith, leaving us wanting more. Let’s comment everything! Here we go!

It was damn time, Charles! He finally rips that blindfold off his eyes and admits that what he is doing hurts Liza, and the rest of his family. In fact, it was tearing them apart. And it just isn’t worth it because they are not, at all, just business, as he claimed. He may have Liza and he may be an important place in his own company, but he could not destroy his family and Liza for it. Really, I’m glad Charles noticed. I’m glad they stopped destroying his character.

That was really what they were doing. Charles has never been a special saint of my devotion, much less for Liza. However, if there was a trait in his character that I loved was that his family was above everything, and he never hurt them, much less intentionally, in fact, he many times put them above himself.

Throughout this season we have witnessed the destruction of this character, so much that they have led him to lie, to keep secrets and to harm the people he loves, also disregarding the consequences of his actions. It was really sad, and I’m glad they stopped destroying the character. At the same time, the destruction of the character of Charles was coupled with that of Liza herself, who has not really asserted herself before Charles at any time, and has forgiven all the lies and secrets and their consequences. So, along with the end of Charles’s destruction, I hope Liza’s is over too.

Although not all have been good things. In this episode they have been about to give the coup de grace. It has been quite silly to repeat the premise that Charles goes again for a book that Millenial wants and, on top of that, with the intention of doing it because “he needs it.” Did he really need absolutely all the books that Millenial was betting on? (Insert blank-eyed emoji here).

That gets worse when he dares to throw in Liza’s face the decision that he himself made (and that Liza never asked for), while again trying to make her decide between her friend and him, as if that were not enough, excusing himself by saying that she will understand. This is a great WTF?! It doesn’t make any sense, look where you look.

Charles’s decision was something he did, he chose Liza, but that doesn’t give him the right to throw it in her face and to imply that she owes him something for it. That is one of the problems of giving up something defining and important in your life for another person: that in the end you always end up throwing it in their face, because it is impossible not to think “it is because of you that we are here.”

Again, Charles makes one of his serious mistakes and puts before Liza an impossible and unfair decision. No one should choose between one of her best friends and her boyfriend. Charles should never have put her in this situation. An unfair, painful and cruel situation. He offers her work, yes, but at what price?

Charles sees everything under the prism of his own point of view, up in the clouds. But if we go down to the real world it is clear that Kelsey would not understand, much less support Liza’s decision to leave her in the lurch to go to Charles’s company. I would see it as what it would be: a betrayal of their friendship. Let Charles tell her that if Kelsey is her true friend, she would understand it is the height of nonsense. Because she doesn’t go from one company to another, from one business to another without more, it is not so simple, because, as personal relationships and feelings are involved, they are not just business, no matter how much Charles insists on seeing it that way.

Fortunately, Charles has finally seen the light and has taken an important step to repair the damage he has done to everyone, a step that both Kelsey and Liza and Diana have accepted. It was damn time. Finally this vicious circle is over.

Now, where does this leave Charliza as a couple? It is clear that Charles’s decision has alleviated the great problems this couple had. But, and it is a great but, they still have serious problems. Charles’s lies and his secrets are still there, they have existed … that inevitably undermines the trust in each other that is basic in a couple. Now everything seems fixed … has been about to explode, but it seems that we have avoided the countdown. And I say it seems … because I really believe that only the couple’s problems have been delayed in time and that they will reappear sooner rather than later.

It is not a good sign for Charliza fans that they have patched up the relationship without a breakup or a clear crushing problem. As I mentioned on one occasion, if they had broken up or had a very serious problem at the beginning of the season, it would have been fixed at the end of the season. However, they have had problems, obstacles, but the real explosion has not arrived … delaying it and making a reconciliation at the end of the season very difficult … and bringing the possibility of a change in love interest, especially if we look at the fact that they are leaving hints of Josh’s increasingly clear and strong presence in Liza’s life.

After Charles finally returned to his senses and his problems with Liza were palliated, a great elephant remains in the room: Liza’s feelings for Josh. If something makes this episode clear to us, it is that Liza still has very important feelings for Josh. So much so that when she has let her imagination fly she has seen Josh next to her ,and not Charles. Afterwards, she was somehow debating each other, as a reflection of her internal debate.

It is a widespread saying that drunkards and children always tell the truth. I think that Liza’s most uninhibited state has given free rein to her true feelings, to those feelings that were somehow covered up or deliberately ignored by her: she loves Charles, but still feels something very strong for Josh.

Josh and Liza’s relationship started as something casual, she wanted to have fun and live new experiences. However, what was fun became very serious. It became real. Josh became THE ONLY ONE. Something that Liza didn’t expect, and that challenged both what she expected for herself and what she began to feel for Charles, someone who matched the idea she had for herself.

The story between them has been important, but the story of Josh and Liza is there. It’s always there. Even now that Liza got the supposed perfect person for her. It looked like it was going to be so perfect … but nothing real is. Apart from the problems that exist between Charles and Liza, her feelings for Josh emerge. It is impossible for her to unconsciously deny herself the obvious: she still feels many things for Josh. That where leaves her? Divided … very divided. Divided between what she feels for both and the denial that Liza will inevitably feel about what she really feels for Josh, even though her subconscious has spoken loudly and clearly. What will be Liza’s final decision?

Kelsey and Zane have begun to get their relationship on track. There has been a camaraderie between them that has reminded them of mischief and the tug of war of yesteryear … but nothing is as before. This time, Zane has gone way out of line and, although they can recover for a moment that camaraderie, the memory of what has happened comes back, because it weighs too much. Zane, instead of learning from his mistakes, has returned to play the whole for the whole by putting things, or trying, between Kelsey and Liza and that job offer from Charles.

Divide and conquer Julio Cesar said, this is what Zane has tried to do and it seems to me a very low blow, too low given the situation in which he is with Kelsey at this time. But Zane takes everything with a game … without realizing that the game ended long ago.

Charles’s latest offer and the change he has made is a handicap for this couple. Where is Zane now? Will he work side by side with Kelsey again? It would be the most logical … that perhaps gives them an opportunity to reflect and surely that peculiar mischief between the couple returns and they will move forward.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with 6×07.

Younger airs on Wednesday, at 10/9c on TV Land.

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