‘The Rook’ 1×05 Review: One Step Closer to the Truth

The Rook’s fifth episode shocked and delighted with revelation after revelation that really set the scope and scale of how big this Myfanwy conspiracy truly is! And we’re here for it! We’re here for being surprised that Myfanwy has a sister trying to free her from the Checquy. We’re here for Myfanwy and Monica being friends and talking about something more than boys. And we’re here for Linda being THE BIGGEST BADASS OUT THERE!

Myfanwy and That Revelation

Am I the only one that didn’t see this coming? Someone, tell me. Because I feel like the storytelling on The Rook is so spot on that I A) didn’t see this coming and B) it makes perfect sense now that I think about it and everything that has happened to lead up to this point.

Family is a powerful thing. It moves walls and changes the world. And now that we know the truth of this woman being Myfanwy’s sister, the more it makes sense that she would go to powerful lengths to get her family back. This concept of family could also be the reason why Linda kept Myfanwy away from her sister. Linda cares for Myfanwy and when you have someone threaten to tear your little family apart, well…anythings possible.

Back to the Myfanwy having a sister thing. My mind is still cycling through this revelation and I can’t help but think that EVERYONE knew. Everyone knew that she had a sister. Everyone knew that she was estranged. Everyone knew that she was being kept at the Checquy without the whole truth known to her. And I thought we couldn’t trust anyone in the first episode.

Now it’s become abundantly clear that NO ONE can be trusted. Cogs and parts are moving all around Myfanwy for her benefit or for benefit of those that care for her without taking into account what Myfanwy wants. And I think that time is over and Myfanwy is finally going to unearth what the hell is going on!


First of all, I’d like to say that….JOELY RICHARDSON IS A GODDESS AND I WORSHIP HER BADASSERY TIL THE COWS COME HOME. *clears throat* Now that we have that out of the way and you know where my allegiances are when it comes to the actors on The Rook, let’s talk Linda’s everything.

She was badass in the scene pictured above. So damn poised, elegant, and sure of herself and what she was doing. I feel like if I even had 10% of that confidence I would rule the world or just get out of the crappy living situation I’m in right now. And I see it in Joely and her character Linda. There’s strength, determination, and a “I got this shit” vibe coming off of her that I can’t help but loving.

The fifth episode of The Rook felt like Linda’s defining episode. She was suspended, sent home, and expected to sit back and do nothing while everything she cares for goes to shit. Nope. Not on Lady Farrier’s watch. And the fact that she went against her own agency to get Nazim, it speaks volumes of how her agenda and goals are vastly different than her organization of the Gestalt.

Personally, I can’t wait to find out what makes Linda tick, why she stole Nazim, and how powerful she truly is! *stares off into distance thinking about badass women giving my queer little heart everything it needs*

Myfanwy and Monica aka the Team Up I Never Knew I Wanted

This right here is what I’ve been missing on The Rook. Girl time. Female friendships. All that jazz. I’ve been needing it and now that I’ve had it, I want moreeeeeee. I want to see where this friendship between Myfanwy and Monica can go and will go. And I’m super afraid that Monica will connect the pieces to Marcus’s death and blame Myfanwy.

But before we dive into that mess in the next episode lets break down why I loved the scene pictured above and the moment of honesty in the car. There was no belittling between them. No, “My agency is better than yours” or “You’re useless.” They acted as partners, as companions, as people who just wanted answers.

The scene in the car where Monica correctly guesses that Myfanwy’s memories are completely gone was a wonderful moment because there was no judgement to Monica’s question. There was no, “Tell me the truth and now I’ll go and do secret evil stuff against you now that I know your secret.” Monica was matter of fact and blunt in a manner that made it easy for Myfanwy to confirm that her memories were gone.

This is what complex female relationships looks like and this is what I’d like to see more of in the content I consume, especially when women are involved. And now that I know what I want and what it could look like, there’s going to be no backing down! I know what I want and complicated female relationships that have nothing to do with men, are my bread and butter!

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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