‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Here’s the thing about The Hills: New Beginnings. I want to take this shit seriously, but I don’t trust everything that happens because of the way that The Hills ended. But I am 100% into this show, because drama is a drug and I love it.

Now sure – I may have developed a severe dislike for anyone with the last name of Pratt and want to slap them all into the face, but that’s okay. And like kinda painful because I was rooting so hard for you Stephanie Pratt. Sure, I get that it’s editing and that you may be not be the worlds biggest bitch, but if we’re going by this show – well, then you are.


Brandon… I don’t know why it is that I am feeling my inner cougar explode over you, but I love your ass so much. I feel like Brandon wants to stand on his own, not be defined by his parents. Brandon returned home from shooting his project to his home. It’s been hard for him to be away, because of the Malibu fires.

I can’t even imagine.

I really hope that this show starts to focus on Brandon more. He’s interesting and we’re all intrigued.

Brandon is getting a dog. I feel like this is a sign of growing up – and hey we all need to get there. He shares it with Brody. Brody invites him to Thanksgiving and I kinda love how he’s taking him under his wing.


So Stephanie and him are fighting and he snapped. Audrina told him about what happened in Vegas – which he had a right to know. I feel like sure – he shouldn’t yell – but when someone pushes you, you can only hold shit in for so long.

Thanksgiving at Brody’s is adorable. Brandon missed Thanksgivings as a kid, and for him he was sitting down alone at home. It’s good to see him with people.

Linda says that Caitlyn was always invited. But she didn’t come this year. Caitlyn went to his daughters.

Brody and his Dad never had his around. But the fact that the Jenner’s try to always be there for each other in this time and moving forward – I feel like that’s strength.

Brody and Brandon have a lot in common. I think that is why they get along so well. They understand this void in their souls. I feel like Linda – Brody’s mom – is literally the kindest person in the world. She wants to have everyone be there and be at peace. I feel like she is preaching great advice.

Brandon misses his Dad and it’s that conversation that sparks that want for forgiveness and a relationship.


Spencer and Heidi – I can’t stand them. They are legitimately in need of some serious help. It’s Thanksgiving time and Heidi and Spencer are cooking. Who knows, Heidi could be a good cook, but I don’t even think so. Spencer and Heidi are having dinner at Frankie’s, it’s just about his parents coming over to their house.

Look I will say this – Spencer does love his wife and does want what is best for her. That’s his redeeming quality. BUT – Spencer creates so much fucking drama in the world, that I want to punch him in the face. He’s just gotta get his shit together and though I am fully aware he thinks it is together – it’s not.

Heidi thinks that her and Spencer are being the bigger people, but are they? Insert rolling eyes there. I know TV is just a persona and we don’t get to see everything about everyone, but I legit don’t want to know anything about these two.

I will respect the fact that they are always trying, but I just can’t.

Spencer’s parents call and say that they can’t come – which means shit is about to get real. He doesn’t know how to be civil to his sister. These two don’t know how to be okay with anyone. This family needs to visit a shrink.

Heidi is taken by the banana bread. It’s such an awkward thing to watch this family at Thanksgiving. None of them know how to act around each other.


I love the friendship unfolding with Audrina and Mischa. They are meeting up and talking about Mischa’s audition. She didn’t get it and I feel for her. She wants to do so much and I think that she is so talented – she’s gotta give herself time.

Mischa is so critical of herself.

Audrina tells Mischa about her meeting with Justin and how it doesn’t work out. Audrina is so hurt and I feel so bad for her. Loosing a friend is hard. She’s lost so much and is so distraught over how Justin is treating her. Justin is a douchebag and thinks more of himself than he is worth. He doesn’t deserve Audrina.

Friendsgiving will be weird. I wouldn’t go to Friendsgiving if the asshole who broke my heart was going to be there.


I really want to like her. But she’s fake AF. I mean she is just ugh.

She’s making banana bread for Thanksgiving. Justin comes to visit and they start to talk. Justin wants to talk about what happened. Stephanie doesn’t take anything seriously or recognize what she does wrong. She had no concern over the fire. She’s selfish and a bitch.

And how Justin can’t see that she’s wrong too… I don’t get it.

Stephanie doesn’t see what she does wrong and plays the fucking victim. And Justin protecting her – it’s a whole other level of WTF is your problem.

Stephanie doesn’t really care about anyone but herself and if she claims that she does – she’s a liar too. It’s so hard to accept, because I was rooting for her. But I feel like she doesn’t even know herself and doesn’t know how to do anything but try to be fake for everyone.

Stephanie tells Spencer about what happened with Brody, and though she claims that she is innocent – well, she did this shit on purpose. She doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. It’s a little disheartening to me that Stephanie is such a drama queen and takes no responsibility for herself.


Justin is an asshole. He does everything for a reaction and is so fucking calculated it is gross. He wants to shock people and have them talk about him – I don’t care what anyone says.

Frankie is a G, and I love him. He wants to be the best for everyone and when you see how hard he works and how much he wants to be everything to everyone. I look at him and I think the world of him. Don’t pull a Stephanie and let me down.

Audrina shows up first, followed by Mischa. I love how Frankie pulls everyone together.

Jason and his wife show up and I love how they all want to do good.

Everyone’s family is so fucking complicated. I know that people have opinions on each other and it’s not a simple thing to see.

Of course everything turns to the Justin/Stephanie situation. To be honest – I don’t care who is with Justin – that’s on them and their bad taste. But what I do care about is the code and how you treat your friends. But then again – do these people really even know each other? Justin is just a tacky piece of shit.

Audrina leaves the table and goes in to help with dinner. Everyone can’t stop talking about this girls boobs.

Speidi shows up and Spencer wants to figure out what happened with Stephanie and Brody. Yes, he’s all in the drama. Spencer of course asks Justin’s date how Audrina is treating her and is stirring up issues. It’s like legit trying to tell Audrina off.

Stephanie shows up and Spencer calls out what happened with Brody. Frankie and Justin tell him what happened. Spencer says it’s hard to hear – that it’s hard to hear what happened to his sister.

Stephanie goes inside and she wants to start shit, because that’s her. She keeps beating a dead horse, and you know, it’s all about her feelings.

Whatever. Like she doesn’t owe Stephanie any apologies. Like agree to disagree. Let shit go. Stephanie takes no responsibility for anything. She’s like ugh. She is out of line. Stephanie needs to stop playing a fucking victim. She needs to stop telling Audrina that she owes her an apology. She needs to stop insinuating things to people.

Stephanie is a drama queen and needs to be slapped the fuck down. Stephanie doesn’t know when to stop and shut the fuck up.

Oh The Hills: New Beginnings, you are amazing. I love you.



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