5 Things We Learned from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Week 2

There’s an awkward transition between the end of summer and beginning of fall, especially for this school teacher. But Bachelor in Paradise makes it a little less painful.
After Blake stole the drama — and title of man whore — in the premiere week, there was more drama in Paradise surrounding Blake and his relationship with Hannah, who apparently is older than the time they’ve known each other on the show.
Some important notes:

  • Blake is still an asshole
  • Hannah is also getting there
  • Dylan is too pure for this shit
  • So is Dean, and he lives in his car now
  • Caelynn somehow likes Dean more than Mike
  • There’s a lot of hostility on the beach
  • Nicole is The Bachelorette
  • Jordan has become the voice of reason on this show, and I don’t know how I feel about that

Let’s recap Week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

1. Hannah is part of the problem

While Blake deserves every bit of criticism that’s been directed his way this season, it’s about time people start recognizing that Hannah is also part of the problem in this whole mess. Yes, Blake is a man whore that’s bouncing from one girl to the next. But Hannah is allowing it to happen. She’s stringing along poor Dylan, who like a couple other guys on this show, don’t fit your typical Paradise guy stereotype. These are guys that want to pursue one woman and one woman early. Then you have Blake. And then you have Hannah, who has every right to explore relationships with other guys. But she needs to communicate with Dylan — because he thinks they have something exclusive going on. Oh, and there’s the fact that Hannah failed to mention Blake came to see her in Alabama a couple of weeks before the show. Seriously? Girl, be honest.

2. There’s more to Demi than meets the eye

Demi has been one of my favorite contestants since she was on The Bachelor. Despite the fact they tried to set her up as the villain, it never really worked because she was too likeable. And being honest doesn’t make you a villain. She’s been one of my favorites to watch on Paradise, and the recent revelation of her sexual fluidity made for an interesting development. She had been dating a woman before coming on the show — but was up front about it, unlike some — and she has been getting cozy with Derek. If previews are anything to go by, there’s a woman that’s about to arrive that’s likely to cause some trouble for that couple.

3. Nicole is a hot commodity in Paradise

This might be Bachelor in Paradise, but it also might be The Bachelorette. I’m really not sure, because Nicole has gone on three straight one-on-one’s over the course of two, maybe three, episodes. She is certainly a hot commodity among these guys, which is good for Nicole who hasn’t really gotten that in the past. She’s fully embracing this journey — exploring different avenues with different guys — but I still believe that all paths will lead her to Clay. Because they have that personal connection that’s lacking in the other relationships — even if they’re hot as hell.

4. Mike is too good for Paradise

Mike’s Bachelor audition began in Paradise, where the lovable and fine-as-hell fan-favorite arrived in Mexico. From the instant he stepped on screen, his signature smile stretched from ear and ear, and I’m sure there was a collective sigh from women and men watching from their couches. It was the same reaction when Mike walked down to the beach, where the girls smiled like school girls and the guys were noticeably sweating. Everyone knows Mike is one of the franchise’s hottest commodities right now, and that much was evident. While Mike ended up taking Caelynn on a date — and it appeared they hit it off — apparently the connection wasn’t strong enough. Caelynn found herself infatuated with Dean, leaving Mike to find another suitor. Hey, Big Mike, there are millions waiting for you.

5. Clay is too nice for Paradise

I can’t believe there are two great guys in Paradise this season. Like, how? Not complaining, because I’ll totally take it, but I’m not used to this show not having complete dumpster fire guys. Which is certainly true this year (*cough* Blake *cough*) Just like Mike, Clay doesn’t feel like he belongs in the traditional Paradise setting. Like he said, he’s a one-woman-kind-of-man. And that woman happens to be Nicole, who is the show’s residential Bachelorette at this point. Watching Clay watch Nicole go on date after date — and watching that hurt puppy dog look — hurts. If Nicole can’t appreciate how great of a guy Clay is, can someone else please do?

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.


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