Meet the New Faces on ‘Titans’

The new season of Titans is coming Sept. 6, and it will have plenty of new faces added to the cast. We caught a glimpse of some of them in the trailer last week.

Since there are often many versions/stories of every character in comic books, I thought I would share a little bit about each of the newbies so you can have a little idea of what to expect.


While we have seen MANY versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman on screen, I was excited to see Iain Glen cast in the role. I loved him on Game of Thrones, and I think he is perfect for the vigilante billionaire.

Now, IMDB only has him listed as appearing in only two episodes. We won’t see him a lot, but it will be nice for him to interact with Dick Grayson. We have only seen Dick’s take on the relationship and bitterness for being raised in the crime-fighting lifestyle. It will be refreshing to see another side. And it will be great to watch the dynamics of their relationship play out on screen.


Probably one of the biggest additions to the cast is Joshua Orpin as Connor Kent, AKA Superboy. A relative newcomer to acting (you may have caught him in an episode of Preacher earlier this year), Orpin appears in 12 episodes and will be a major player this year.


So, what do we know about Superboy? While there are versions of Superboy in the comics that are Clark Kent/Superman as a teen and another as the son of Superman, the one most of us are familiar with – Connor Kent – first appeared in 1993. A clone of Superman, he also is called Kon-El and has been featured in both Teen Titans and Young Justice.

An interesting story arc for him included him being a sleeper agent for Lex Luthor, which he was eventually able to overcome. I don’t know if they will have time for that storyline this season since they are just introducing the character, but it may be fun to explore in the future.


In the trailer, we saw a few glimpses of Ravager/Rose Wilson. She is slated to be in nine episodes this season. Ravager will be played by Chelsea Zhang, who you may recognize as Brittany from the Disney Channel show Andi Mack.


Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. If you are a fan of Arrow, Isobel Rochev is a version of this character. Ravager has also been a title given to Grant Wilson (also a child of Slade) in the comics. Grant was given the assignment to kill the Teen Titans by H.I.V.E., so I’m wondering if maybe some of that storyline will be merged into Rose’s in the show?

Rose’s Ravager oftentimes is an anti-hero in the DC Universe. She has been a villain, but has also, at times been a member of the Teen Titans. She has a complicated relationship with her father (who seems to be the big bad of the season), and in the comics received some of her training from Nightwing (AKA Dick Grayson).

She fights with two katanas and has an eye patch. It will be interesting to see if her alignment is ambiguous for most of the season, and which side she lands on by the end.

On a funnier note, while I was reading up for this article, I learned that she is married to Beast Man (Gar, or Beast Boy) in the New 52 series. While I don’t think they are going with that storyline, the idea of a love triangle with them and Rachel amuses me.


Chella Man makes his debut performance as Jericho. He will appear in eight episodes this season, so will also be a pretty major player. The deaf and transgender actor will embody this character, who is also known as Joseph Wilson, and is the son of Deathstroke. Jericho becomes mute when one of his father’s enemies, the Jackal, slashes his throat as a child.


There is a story arc in which Jericho warns the Teen Titans of his father’s plans, and he eventually becomes a member of the team. I’m guessing we will see a version of this story this season. In some versions of the character, Joe is a tech genius and has the ability to possess other’s bodies. In DC Rebirth, the character is bisexual.


Deathstroke, a common enemy of the Teen Titans and of Dick Grayson, will be in eight episodes this season. He is played by Esai Morales, who I can not look at without hearing him yell “Ritchie” over the bridge at the end of La Bamba (he played Ritchie Valens’ brother Bob Morales). He will appear in nine episodes.


Again, if you are an Arrow fan you will probably be very familiar with Slade Wilson. Season 2 is my favorite from that series, and it was probably because he was a compelling and terrifying villain.

Slade Wilson in the comics was a soldier who served in both Korea and Vietnam, where he learned guerilla warfare and was trained in many fighting forms by Adeline Kane (who later became his wife). An army experiment gives him enhanced physical abilities. He lost his right eye and wears an eye patch.

In the comics, he first encounters the Teen Titans when he takes over a contract to assassinate them that was originally given to his son Grant. This could be the storyline they are going with, but there are endless amounts of Deathstroke villainy plots to choose from.

Mercy Graves

For four episodes this season, Natalie Gumede will play Mercy Graves. Her acting creds include Free Rein, Dr. Who and Coronation Street.

So, who is Mercy Graves? She is commonly known as the right hand of Lex Luthor. In some story arcs, she takes over running of his businesses when needed. She has also been his head of security.

If you are a fan of the Supergirl show on CW, the character appeared as part of Project Cadmus. This group is centered around cloning and genetic engineering. If you will remember, the post-credit scene at the end of Titans Season 1 featured Project Cadmus and Subject 13, AKA Superboy.


Drew Van Acker will appear in two episodes as Aqualad. You may recognize this actor from his time on the show Pretty Little Liars. Although he will not be in that many episodes of the season, he was in the trailer a few times as a member of the original Titans team.


There are two versions of Aqualad in the DC Universe – Garth and Kaldur’ahm. The latter can be found in Young Justice, but it seems that Van Acker will be bringing Garth to the screen. Garth was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, so it makes sense that we would see that character this season.

Garth is an adopted prince of Atlantis and has most of the same powers as Aquaman. The real question is – will he have the same purple eyes as he does in the comics?

I suppose we will find out the answer to this and all our other questions when the show premieres on The DC Universe streaming channel in September.


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