5 Things We’re Looking Forward to in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 3

On Monday, August 19th, Amazon Prime Video released the season 3 promo of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on the series’ twitter account after a teasing tweet the night prior got over 3,000 likes in less than 45 minutes. Based on the trailer, there’s a lot to look forward to in the new season, but here’s a personal top five.

5. Susie and Sophie

Last we heard, Sophie had “offered,” but really more demanded, that Susie be her manager and treat her in much the same way Susie treats Midge. We know that this is a recipe for disaster though because the reality is that Susie doesn’t believe in or respect Sophie the way she does Midge. Susie likely feels obligated financially to accept Sophie’s offer, so it’ll be interesting to see Susie’s head and heart pulling her in two different directions- her practicality project versus her passion project.

4. The Shy Baldwin Tour

This seems to be what the season is centered around, and for good reason. This is, as Midge optimistically predicts, “the first of a million tours,” but only if this one goes successfully. There’s a lot riding on it. Meanwhile, it’ll be fun to see all the places Midge goes, how her set will change in each place as things happen to and around her, the hi-jinx she’ll get into, and how her family will be involved. The family not only seems to hear tell of the content of Midge’s sets-Rose haughtily corrects either Abe or Moishe, “Well, it was your penis she was talking about, not mine.”-but also appears to follow her to at least one venue.

3. Midge and Joel’s Divorce

The first clip we see in the new trailer is of Midge and Joel in a courtroom affirming to a judge that they are both “okay with everything.” I have to assume that this scene is part of a divorce storyline, which is such a relief considering the last we saw Midge and Joel they were about to have sex for what was hopefully the last time. Midge’s divorce opens up so many possibilities for her as she goes on the road.

Amy Sherman-Palladino has said many times that Midge’s marriage falling apart in addition to her discovered aptitude for comedy will lead to her having sex with many fascinating men that she meets on her travels. It would make sense for that to begin now, which could explain the circumstances that cause Midge to make the one standup joke we see in the trailer, “In 1960, an unmarried woman will take the pill so she can have as much sex as she wants. And a married woman will just have a headache and call it a night.”

2. Sterling K. Brown

We may have only gotten one mundane yet smoothly delivered line-“Happy flying”-but that’s enough to make this This is Us fangirl very excited indeed. Can someone please ask Sterling if his This is Us costar and Sherman-Palladino universe alum Milo Ventimiglia gave him any advice about working with AS-P? The opportunity is right there and it’s killing me that no one seems to have taken it.

1. Lenny Bruce

This is a given at this point, right? Any confirmation that Luke Kirby’s (now Emmy nominated!) Lenny Bruce is welcomed and celebrated in this house. Not to mention that his one line, “I said I was drunk!” practically turned everyone I know who’s familiar with the show into the eyes emoji. Could it be that Lenny is one of the aforementioned men that Midge is now free to have sex with?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 3 is set to be released on December 6, 2019.

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